Actor John Cusack calls Obama “Ivy League A**hole”

The rats are abandoning the POS’s sinking ship. The Obama edifice is cracking, even in that bastion sinkhole of liberalism, Hollywood.

For Progressive left-wing actor John Cusack, the coup de grâs is the Afghan war. In an op/ed for, Sept. 1, 2012, Cusack calls Obama “just another Ivy League Asshole”:

[…] there are certain Rubicon lines, as constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley calls them, that Obama has crossed. […] When people die or lose their physical freedom to feed certain economic sectors or ideologies, it becomes a zero sum game for me. […]

Three markers — the Nobel Prize acceptance speech, the escalation speech at West Point, and the recent speech by Eric Holder — crossed that Rubicon line for me…

Mr. Obama, the Christian president with the Muslim-sounding name, would heed the admonitions of neither religion’s prophets about making war and do what no empire or leader, including Alexander the Great, could do: he would, he assured us “get the job done in Afghanistan.” And so we have our democratic president receiving the Nobel Peace Prize as he sends 30,000 more troops to a ten-year-old conflict in a country that’s been war-torn for 5,000 years.

Why? We’ll never fully know. Instead, we got a speech that was stone bullshit and an insult to the very idea of peace.

We can’t have it both ways. Hope means endless war? Obama has metaphorically pushed all in with the usual international and institutional killers; and in the case of war and peace, literally.

To sum it up: more war. So thousands die or are maimed; generations of families and veterans are damaged beyond imagination; sons and daughters come home in rubber bags. But he and his satellites get their four more years. […]

Under Obama do we continue to call the thousands of mercenaries in Afghanistan “general contractors” now that Bush is gone? No, we don’t talk about them… not a story anymore.

Do we prosecute felonies like torture or spying on Americans? No, time to “move on”…

Now chaos is the norm and though the chaos is complicated, the answer is still simple. We can’t afford this morally, financially, or physically. Or in a language the financial community can digest: the wars are ideologically and spiritually bankrupt. No need to get a score from the CBO.

Drones bomb Pakistani villages across the border at an unprecedented rate. Is it legal? Does anyone care? […]

One is forced to asked the question: Is the President just another Ivy League Asshole shredding civil liberties and due process and sending people to die in some shithole for purely political reasons?

There will be a historical record. “Change we can believe in” is not using the other guys’ mob to clean up your own tracks while continuing to feed at the trough. Human nature is human nature, and when people find out they’re being hustled, they will seek revenge, sooner or later, and it will be ugly and savage.

In a country with desperation growing everywhere, everyday — despite the “Oh, things are getting better” press releases — how could one think otherwise?

Just think about the economic crisis we are in as a country. It could never happen, they said. The American middle class was rock solid. The American dream, home ownership, education, the opportunity to get a good job if you applied yourself… and on and on. Yeah, what happened to that? It’s gone.

The next question must be: “What happened to our civil liberties, to our due process, which are the foundation of any notion of real democracy?” The chickens haven’t come home to roost for the majority but the foundation has been set and the Constitution gutted.

Don’t think, for even a moment, that Cusack getting disillusioned with the POS means that he’ll actually vote for Romney-Ryan. In the same opinion essay, this is what Cusack wrote about the Republicans:

“the Republican primary circus […] a revolting combination of con men & fanatics”; “the daily hypocrisies of Mitt and friends”; and “the Republican party does not deserve serious consideration for public office.”

After all, this is the same John Cusack who, two years ago, in a menacing malevolent Twitter rant, said he wanted “a Satanic death cult center” for FoxNews, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey, and “all GOP welfare freaks.”


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8 years ago

Easy to bash the war now that Bush is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan. Until this jerk signs up to serve or has a loved one in the sandbox, he can rant all he wants. Our soldiers still obey orders and try to win the mission.

Guarantee you he isn’t moving out of the US nor voting repub.

8 years ago

The big O was meant for nothing more than bloviating in an Academic setting. It’s just too bad that moron will still be out there with a mouth aready to indictrinate and brainwash young minds after he’s defeated.

8 years ago

And in the end, John Cusack still doesn’t “get it.” He opposes Obama mostly for the wrong reasons. He will not vote for Romney, therefore, his will be a vote for Obama by default. No different than the diehard Paulbots in this regard. The only positive thing about his rant is the possibility of it influencing others to abandon the POS with some small element of that number possibly voting of Romney.

Cusack is just another libtarded Hollywood type who thinks far too much of himself.

8 years ago

He’s only an Ivy Leaguer if he actually attended the classes and did the work.

We have little or no evidence that the Kenyan Muslim POtuS did.


8 years ago

This guy is almost…not quite…as arrogrant as the POS. But beyond his arrogrance, he told the truth about THE ONE. Maybe some of the other pigs who live in the swine pen will get their fire lit by Cusack’ vile remarks.

Steven Broiles
Steven Broiles
8 years ago

Despite his political beliefs, Cusack is a great actor. Now on to what really counts. Yes, despite his rant, which makes quite a deal of sense insofar as it goes, I expect Cusack to vote either for Obama or write in a third candidate. But what matters to us, I think, is that this is a peek into the quarreling going on in the left-wing camp that the left-wing media would not otherwise report on. Since the days of the Bolshevik Revolution, the left has always bragged about its ideological and political unity and purity, and about how morally superior… Read more »

Alice Wolf
8 years ago
Reply to  Steven Broiles

We are certainly facing the end of civilization if this guy is left in office much longer. Is Congress on a suicide mission? The election should be put on ice, and the real problem tackled on Constitutional lines. Prejudice, racism whatever you call it, has no place in this scenario. We have to look forward to another day, a brighter day, and the stumbling block needs to be turned into a stepping stone. We have to get over the fear of what will happen if we say “Enough” by realizing what will happen if we don’t. Sins of omission and… Read more »