Actor James Garner was a flaming liberal

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James Garner in Feb. 2006James Garner in Feb. 2006 at age 79

James Garner passed away yesterday at age 86.
I liked James Garner.
Among the reasons why I liked him was that, unlike so many Hollyweirdos, he’d stayed married to the same woman for 56 years.
I liked James Garner until I read this morning that, in his memoir The Garner Files (2011), he admitted that he:

  • Smoked pot for most of his adult life.
  • Snorted cocaine with actor John Belushi who died from a drug overdose.
  • Described himself as a “bleeding-heart liberal” and a “card-carrying Democrat.”
  • Thought that Adlai Stevenson was “the most intelligent presidential candidate we’ve ever had.”
  • Regarded Barack Obama to be the second most intelligent presidential candidate the United States ever had: “I think Obama runs a close second” to Adlai Stevenson.

Here are screenshots I took from The Garner Files on
Amazon won’t allow me to take a screenshot of page 97 on what Garner wrote about Obama, but here’s the screenshot of my search result for the word “Obama”:
Garner also bad-mouthed Charleton Heston and other actors:
H/t National Enquirer

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0 responses to “Actor James Garner was a flaming liberal

  1. Oh well, another one falls from the pedestal…

  2. I liked his acting, but his liberal aspects truly suck. He acted in a great many movies that would otherwise convince you he was a conservative. But, like most actors, he could portray much of anyone or anything.
    If we didn’t watch bleeding heart liberals acting, we wouldn’t have much entertainment, short of just reading books … and half the authors out there are probably liberals, too. I, of course, read Brad Thor, William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone and am currently reading an autobiography of The Rogue Warrior – Richard Marcinko. So, there are indeed, many conservative writers available!!

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    • Very disappointing bit of news. Who would have guessed?

      • At least now I no longer feel bad that he’s dead.

      • I know. However, his mother died when he was 5, and he was beaten by his step mother and she forced him to wear dresses. He was probably no mentally stable from the get-go. Not that that is an excuse. Hopefully, he had time to repent of all his sins. Only God knows that. We must pray for the repose of his soul, and his family.

        • In his memoir, The Garner Files, Garner said neither he nor his Jewish wife, Lois, is “religious,” whatever that means. On p. 8, he wrote that as a child, his family took him every Sunday to a Methodist Church, but “they were fair-weather Methodists: if it was raining too hard, they didn’t go. I count myself lucky they didn’t jump all over me with Jesus, or with that hellfire and damnation crap. I had a lot of doubt. There was just too many miracles in the Bible for me. I still feel that way, and I hadn’t attended church since I was a teenager. I don’t like people who try to ram their religious beliefs down my throat.”

          • “I don’t like people who try to ram their religious beliefs down my throat.”
            This is one quote that I hear constantly and it makes me want to go for the juggler. What they really mean is that they cannot stand to even hear the word “God” spoken to them at all. Give me a break!!! Just how many people out there do you think that James Gardner has come across in his lifetime that literally spoke to him about God to the point of ramming it down his throat? Pure hogwash. People that say this are insecure and so frightened about their questionable mortality that they are petrified to even hear His name spoken since that would make them think about and face something that they really ARE afraid might possibly exist. Cowards…every last one of them.

            • Ditto that, swampy!
              In my entire life, I’ve NEVER had anyone “try to ram their religious beliefs down my throat.” As you pointed out, it’s even less likely that anyone would try to “ram their religious beliefs” down movie star Garner’s throat.

          • I bet James Garner, if he is in Purgatory sure wants us Catholics to pray for the repose of his soul. Funny how that works out. They need us to pray for them now, and after they die. Oh well. I liked his Maverick portrayal. So, I feel beholden to pray for him. I know God will take it from there.

  4. I also liked James Garner until I read this post. Perhaps Garner was a flaming lib but apparently he wasn’t the “in your face” flaming lib like so many others. I’ll give him credit for that.
    Just give us a good product with your acting skills and leave your personal beliefs out of the equation. Just because your puss is on the big screen doesn’t make you any smarter than me. A ferret’s ass could be up there right alongside your mug.

  5. I’ll always like his acting,and pretty much anything he was in,but I agree his political ideology is a real downer. I always figured he probably was a Liberal,just from the law of averages,but outside of his acting I didn’t follow him much. Enjoyed seeing him during his forays into racing,he was pretty good,too. His Liberalism didn’t stain any of his professional efforts. Though I can’t dispute the general scheme of this,REALLY?? Using the National Enquirer as a source to ugly-up his career? Come on-you’re better than that!

    • “Using the National Enquirer as a source to ugly-up his career? Come on-you’re better than that!”
      I PROFOUNDLY DEEPLY resent your scurrilous accusation. I first read about this on National Enquirer‘s website, but I then VERIFIED everything by going to’s page on Garner’s book and painstakingly took notes and screenshots.
      You are no longer welcome on FOTM.
      ~Dr. Eowyn
      Owner, FOTM

      • How could anyone that has been on this site for any length of time not realize the time/effort and research that you do before sticking your neck out on any of your articles. And we all know that there are many out there just waiting for you to slip up. And as far as The National Enquirer goes, it IS considered a rag but they have also come out with some expose’s of their own that were in fact true and appeared first on their pages. The truth can sometimes be found in the oddest places.

        • Thank you, dear swampygirl. ♥
          When the MSM (including Fox News) refused to, it was the National Enquirer that alone pursued and broke the story of Democrat VP candidate John Edwards’ adultery and “love child.” For that the Enquirer has my respect.

          • They were also the first to talk about Anklepants and Monica but… with their owner and Cankles being good buddies-that was likely a calculated move.

      • Sorry you feel that way-I was only referring to the Enquirer’s questionable subject matter (UFO stories,undiscovered creatures from the sea,etc. ). I know you research your information thoroughly before posting it. I guess I was just surprised to see them referenced on a upscale website. It felt like reading,”According to ‘Mad Magazine’,the President’s policy….”.
        As swampygirl said though,the truth really IS found in the oddest places.
        I’m sorry for offending you. I guess I should have eaten lunch before looking at my email. I get a little snarky when my glucose gets low-just ask the EMT’s…

        • Your apology is accepted.
          Once again, I must emphasize that although I had first read this on National Enquirer‘s site, I VERIFIED the information by going to Garner’s book on In other words, my claims are now independent of this supermarket “rag” because they are confirmed by the original source, which is The Garner Files that contains his actual words.

        • “the Enquirer’s questionable subject matter (UFO stories,undiscovered creatures from the sea,etc. ).”
          You’re confusing the National Enquirer with Weekly World News. The former does mainly celebrity gossip; the latter is into UFOs and other woowoo subjects.

      • Good for you Dr. Eowyn! Even when you present scholarly work, which is obviously not recognized, you are insulted and misrepresented. Amazing!

  6. All I can say is . . . James, you are a BIG, BIG disappointment! And Dr Eowyn, thank you for digging up the truth of this matter.

  7. What a phony and a hypocrite to have even portrayed Wyatt Earp.

    • The most moving role I have ever seen him play was in a Christmas story movie by Hallmark. He played opposite Julie Andrews. It was a love story, I think they were both widowers. I really wanted to add it to my collection but it never was released in dvd. It was so touching and joyful.

  8. James Woods ( a conservative) was just singing his praises on Twitter. Dang, I thought Mr Garner was one of us. So disappointing.

    • Me too. I’m also very disappointed. 🙁
      But Sig94 has a good point: At least Garner never misused his stardom and fame to lecture us about his politics, unlike Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Alex Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Rosie O’Donnell, et al. and ad nauseum.

  9. Too bad, as Jimmy was among my favorite actors.
    I am too young for the first run of Maverick, but I grew up watching the Rockford Files to the point I still know most of the lines by heart.

  10. Like everyone else, this is a little upsetting. Looking back at the 60’s I truly don’t remember that much emphasis put on liberalism, it seemed we were either dem or republican. Gosh, have I lived in cave all that time? But, I do remember some things he was into that would put him into the latter category. Like following the race circuit, he was rabid about it. I have heard of few liberals that would admit that.
    Also, at what age was he when this book was written and I saw where it has a coauthor. How was his health and how much input did he really have input on?
    Was a lot of this simply from an imagination of someone wanting to sell more books thinking it the way to go or the imagination more to the coauthors liking.
    Just thinking back, he just didn’t fit the mold. Now that is an actor. Being married to the same woman makes me think he leaned right more.
    Anyway, another bubble busted.

  11. One last thought on the death of James Garner. He had a stroke a few years ago but I was not able to find the exact cause of death. Regardless, he more than likely had plenty of time to ponder. I think that there is a special measure of grace poured out upon people that know that the end is near. A lot of reflection goes on at that time. Although Garner never professed to know the Lord, he appeared to be a very righteous person so the ground work was there. There’s a very good chance that he was redeemed in the end. I often thought that when people are given time to die that this is when God has His biggest harvest of souls.

  12. I will miss “Ole Jimmy” and Rockford files is one of my favorite old shows. I’m sad to hear he died. Rest In Peace! James.

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this researched and thorough post about James Garner. I am most disappointed. Daily, we pray for the repose of the souls who are in Purgatory.


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