Actor Christian Bale thanks Satan at 2019 Golden Globes

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During the Golden Globes last Sunday night, actor Christian Bale was awarded Best Actor in a musical or comedy motion picture for his role in Vice, the movie about former VP Dick Cheney which National Review calls an “anti-Bush” “anti-Conservative vitriol”.

In his acceptance speech, Bale, who sported a goatee like a caricature of Mephistopheles, thanked Satan.

He said (o:30 mark): “Thank you, Satan, for giving me inspiration on how to play this role.”

Gateway Pundit reminds us of this video of Bale raging, thrashing, and abusing the director of photography on the set of Terminator Salvation in July 2008.

Comments on YouTube say the video is a re-enactment of an actual Bale audio, which is why in the video re-enactment, the face of the actor playing Bale is blurred.

After the audio of Bale’s foul-mouthed tirade at Terminator Salvation director of photography Shane Hurlbut was released onto the internet, Bale spoke to Los Angeles radio station KROQ. He apologized for his rant, calling it “inexcusable” and said he had “acted like a punk”: “I was out of order beyond belief. I make no excuses for it.” (The Guardian)


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11 responses to “Actor Christian Bale thanks Satan at 2019 Golden Globes

  1. This joker is unbelievable! What kind of a human being acts in such a strident manner? The answer is “a follower of Satan.” The only reason he still gets work is that all the big wigs in Hollyweird are also followers of Satan.

    • Why does this pinhead think anyone wants his opinion on anyting, and the remark about Satan, it’s just beyond the pale.

    • That’s his job. That’s why they allow them to have all that money. They don’t work for us anymore than those parasites that get “elected” to official positions. The Odor uses these “celebrities” to push their agenda on the cattle, simple.

      Does he believe what he says? Probably not, but who cares. Who IS he anyway? He can go mate with a tuba for all I care. Then he can come back and brag about being a “horny f&*ker”.

  2. That’s Hollyweird for ‘ya…

  3. Bales’s strange nervousness from possibly overstepping by joking with that old man at the table, who I assume is a Hollywood ptb, and his unfunny joke about Satan reminded me of a few lines from Johnson. Bale’s appears sharp enough to realize that one day he’ll cease to please and all in the train of the ptb will take a simple nod from an old man like that as the sign to hate, leaving Bale broken, alone, and without a defender in the world.

  4. Here’s a Demonrat donor. He’s on his second death in his apartment during kinky (?) sex with drug overdoses. Because he’s a billionaire, he gets off Scott-free.

    All anyone has to do is look at this bunch of sick perverts. Do people really want to associate with this? I don’t.

  5. Too many people bow down to fame. The man being berated or someone else should have been willing to put him in his place or give him a black eye for acting like that. I don’t care one bit about contemporary actors, in fact I hold them at a much lower level of regard than someone who works at a 7-11 or Taco Bell. Guy really needs to get socked.

  6. How foolish and self destructive on their part!

  7. I suggest that ALL foreign movie stars who make millions off of movie-goers go home to their own country and try to make the millions that they make here, and shut your hypocrisy mouths shut.

    It’s one thing to enjoy our first amendment but I am tired of the abuse of our amendment by foreign actors, illegals, leftists, and foul mouth, ugly, nasty, Muslim women in this country.

  8. I liked Bale when he was a young actor in the movies, “Empire of the Sun” and “Henry V” before he grew up and joined the dark side. I thought his batman movie was awful. I’ll never watch another of his movies.


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