Actor Ben Affleck proclaims Obama has already won the election

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Yesterday, our Terry did a snarky post, “Thursday’s Headlines Today,” predicting that on Thursday morning, all the alphabet media will be crowing about the POS winning tomorrow’s debate with Romney — irrespective of how the POS actually performed in the debate.

I’ve got an even better post! (just kidding, Terry)

Are you planning on registering to vote? Did you get your Sample Ballot and have you diligently read it, marking how you would vote on November 6?

Don’t bother.

One day before the first presidential debate, and one month four days before the Nov. 6 election, actor Ben Affleck is declaring Obama already has won!

Breitbart’s Big Hollywood reports, Oct. 2, 2012, that according to actor/director/prognosticator Ben Affleck, Obama already has won a second term.

This is what the brilliant college-dropout* actor says (note his use of the past tense “has cost him“):

“I think Republicans really had a chance to win. And they kind of ended up with like a sort of Mike Dukakis, Al Gore, Bob Dole type – who just couldn’t get people to see him as a real person somehow. Romney just had such trouble coming off as just like the kind of person you see at the grocery store. And I truly believe that has cost him the election.”

Ben Affleck has an estimated net worth of $65 million; his wife Jennifer Garner’s net worth is $35 million. Together, this Hollywood couple’s net worth is a whopping $100 million — definitely not “the kind of person you see at the grocery store.”

*According to Wikipedia, Affleck attended Occidental College in Los Angeles — the same Occidental College that Affleck’s idol, Barry Soetoro, had attended! — as well as the University of Vermont, and majored in Middle Eastern affairs. No mention of Affleck ever having graduated from Occidental or U of V.

See also my post “Why we shouldn’t believe the presidential polls.”


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0 responses to “Actor Ben Affleck proclaims Obama has already won the election

  1. You know Moochelle isn’t going to like him chowing down on that Big Mac! Hopefully he’ll be eating these words, too.

  2. I think its great so much of hollywood have shown their true selves as the communists they are. Boycott these jerks! They all need to move to communist Countries.

  3. Nice picture! I figured him for a non-fast food guy.

  4. His new movie Argo opens next week, all about Americans making a daring rescue in Iran…I’m expecting more riots, flag burning and murders. I’m surprised his buddy hasn’t banned it from theaters yet.

    • Another movie I won’t see. I have so much more respect for the soldiers that ACTUALLY serve than any liberal-hack actor portraying our true heros.

    • I wont be seeing any more of his movies~he can shove that!!!!

  5. Eo, I think I may have mentioned before that your graphics/images are absolutely brilliant! I don’t know where you find them as they always relate accurately to the topic at hand plus you have produced some of the most unique and beautiful pictures I have ever seen!

    I suppose Affleck may have been looking for his best profile shot here? Of course, no one can take actors seriously; after all, they only impersonate real people and they should never expect to be taken seriously (outside of Hollyweird). 🙂

  6. They’re all a bunch of libtards. The shortbus makes plenty of stops in Hollywood.

  7. But, then again, Affleck is an airhead…

  8. Ben Afflicted couldn’t find…

    Oh Hell, never mind.


  9. I have lost soo much respect for actors/actresses in the last four years had not idea so many people put them on pedestals thinking they were bright stars when in fact they really aren’t to bright!Anyone can do what they do and they really don’t care for our Country that has supported them for years but that will change now that people can really see who most of them are!

  10. What idiotic comments! It’s that same psychological warfare: tell John Q public what is going to happen and they’ll believe it. Such stupidity!


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