Actor Ben Affleck dislikes Republicans; defends Islam

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ben-affleck-batmanFirst view of Affleck as the new Batman, sure to be a flop

Yesterday, actor Ben Affleck tweeted that “I do not like Republicans.”
This is conservative blogger KLSouth‘s response:
Ben Affleck
Today, Affleck’s tweet has disappeared from his Twitter account.
That means not only is Affleck intolerant, he’s also a coward.

Two Fridays ago on Bill Mayer’s show, Affleck ferociously defended Islam.

As recounted by the New York Daily News, Mayer was calling on liberals to defend liberal (i.e., freedom-loving) principles. He said, “Freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities, including homosexuals, these are liberal principles that liberals applaud for. But then when you say in the Muslim world this is what’s lacking, then they get upset.”

Smugly claiming that he understands “the officially codified doctrine of Islam,” Affleck insists that radical Islamists are NOT the majority of Muslim views, and calls “gross, racist, and disgusting” any conception of Islam that is otherwise.
Hey, genius Affleck!
There is no “officially codified doctrine of Islam” because Muslims are bitterly divided between Sunnis and Shïtes. And because every 2-cent Muslim “teacher” can declare himself an imam.
Then there’s what the Quran says:
islam Religion of Terror
Affleck is out promoting his new flick, Gone Girl.
Make sure you stay away.
H/t Rebel Mouse

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0 responses to “Actor Ben Affleck dislikes Republicans; defends Islam

  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  2. I have another word to use rather than coward, but I’ll just keep that to myself 🙂

  3. Liberalism IS a mental disorder

  4. MomofIV;
    And the PROOF of that just keeps stacking higher….

  5. I just added Affleck to my personal DO NOT PATRONIZE LIST! I just hope enough other people will also.

  6. Make sure you don’t get face to face with me in a Walmart parking lot Ben,I have a large can of whip as to open for you.Girlieboy.

  7. Here’s more of what the Quran says for Ben:

    • This is quite a fabulous contribution in as much as it clarifies what is going on with Muslims. Thank you for posting! And thanks to Dr Ewoyn for bringing this vital information to us!

  8. Pretty much what one would expect from Been Afflicted.

    • When Good Will Hunting came out, a friend of mine and I got so sick of the hype around Matt Demon and Been Afflicted, we named it “Bad Swill…(fill in the blanks).
      So, no I have never given a Shiite about Mr Afflicted. He can go stick it when the Sunni don’t shine!

  9. Leeann Springer

    Ben Afflicted (good one Dave). His middle name is actually “Geza” look it up. He is Ben Gaza the Coward. He shouldn’t be playing the role of Batman, he is more suited for the “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”. He is everything that ISIS and Islam detests. Let him schmooze it up with them and they will serve his head up on a platter. What a coward! Can’t tolerate cowards and butt kissers. Leeann

    • When they put his head on a platter with an apple stuck in his mouth, it should have a sign reading, “How do you like them apples, Ben?’

  10. I realized Ben was an idiot when he was dating John Kerry’s daughter during Kerry’s run for the white house. But this is crazier than I expected.
    Hey Ben! If you can’t stand all of the law abiding conservatives in America, I suggest you move in with your muslim brothers in Assbackistan!

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Clearly, Ben makes idiotic comments, void of thoughtfulness and intelligence. I will remember his dislike of truth and will avoid attending any of his movies.


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