ACORN Would be Proud

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Recount? 1 in 7 Illinois Counties Has More Voters Than Adults

Via One in 7 counties in Illinois has more voters on the electoral rolls than the number of adult residents the U.S. Census tallied, a new study has found. The state’s Board of Elections is trying to determine why the figures in 14 counties are so out of whack, according to the Quad-Cities Dispatch-Argus.
The northwestern Illinois paper, which covers two of the counties, reports that there are 125,875 registered voters in Rock Island County, but only 114,359 residents over 18.
Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney said there could be several reasons for the discrepancies. “People move out of Rock Island County, and nobody notifies us,” she said. “People die and no one notifies us.”
The report also shows Mercer County has 14,295 registered voters, while Census numbers show the county has only 12,714 residents age 18 or older. “We have to purge our records sometime this summer,” Mercer County Clerk Phyllis Bewley said. Ms. Bewley said the discrepancy doesn’t mean any foul play has taken place.
Riiiiight…..No foul play.  ACORN may not be involved but their track record might suggest otherwise. Coincidence? I’m sure ACORN would be proud.

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0 responses to “ACORN Would be Proud

  1. It’s time for each state to take stock, and clean up theri voter rolls. There’s been way too much cheating and fraud goign on for some time. AND liberals are the worst culprits, and ACORN had a hand in all of it, along with all their subsidiary organizations. OH yes! Did you think ACORN was it? Think again. They are like an octopus with many tentacles, under other names.

  2. For a list of interlocking ACORN affiliates, refer to the following web site. You wil be amazed!

  3. these people need to be stopped in their tracks. Just read a bill S.679 “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act” this was introduced by Schumer,a whole lot of RINO’s. Would give the President “Unchecked” power to appoint whomever he wants,whenever he wants to whatever post or position. Please e-mail your Congressman on this,NO,NO,NO.

  4. It’s not even 2012 but the vote fraud is already begun. Groan. This country is beyond redemption.

    • Eowyn,don’t let the bastards wear ya down! when the going gets rough-time for us to go day in and day out again. Awareness is key! 🙂 Oh yeah!

  5. Candance Moore

    Unbelievable. And it’s more amazing how the media don’t touch it.

  6. I know that there have alwasy been those who cheat, lie, steal and all the other things most of us abhor; but the fact is that the epidemic of unprincipled men and women is going to destroy us. I am sadder and sadder by the day. I hate what I am leaving my children and grandchildren with; nothing. All I have is hope for them to have integrity and love for God.

  7. Like Massachusetts, the Land of Lincoln has sunk far.
    Can’t say I’m surprised.

  8. corruption in Illinois is not a new thing. i remember watching jeopardy in the 1960’s and the answer was the state with the most convicted politicians and of course this was Illinois. and i believe this is still true.


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