ACORN CEO Calls Tea Partiers "Bowel Movement"

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In a speech to a group of young commies, Bertha Lewis, former head of the criminal syndicate ACORN, makes an astonishing series of utterances:

  • Like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), Bertha thinks socialism is just wonderful.
  • She demonizes conservatives as Jim Crow racists.
  • She uses fear tactics that conservatives will put blacks into internment camps.
  • She mocks the TEA Party movement, calling it a “bowel movement.”

Such ignorance and rank prejudice from a woman who once was the CEO of a sprawling organization with 400,000 members in over 110 cities across America, funded by millions of our tax dollars, is simply outrageous. So I looked up her credentials. The only education she claims is that she had “graduated from Hanover College” — an obscure tiny private liberal arts college in Indiana with only 1,062 students.
H/t beloved FellowshipOfMinds member Doc’s Wife!

Fmr ACORN head calls Tea Parties “bowel movement” and claims “they’re coming after you”

By J.P. Freire – Washington Examiner – April 21, 2010


Former ACORN head Bertha Lewis told a group of the Young Democratic Socialists on that they should “do everything [they] can” to build their organization, and then insisted that our times are worse than internment under the Japanese and the years of Jim Crow laws (h/t Morgan Richmond at BigGovernment):

Any of these groups that says, “I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,” is okay with me. You know that’s no light thing to do — to actually say, I’m a socialist. You’ve got to know, actually, we are living in a time that’s going to dwarf the McCarthy era. We are living in a time that’ll dwarf the internment era of internment during World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation.
They are coming and they are coming after you, and they are going to be brutal and oppressive. They’ve already shown it. … This is not rhetoric or hyperbole — this is real. … This tea party so-called movement — a bowel-movement in my estimation — and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism…

Bertha’s group lost its congressional funding after videos were released depicting actual ACORN workers offering advice on how to hide income from prostitution from the government as well as how to lie to get mortgages. This video demonstrates a contrast to rhetoric about alleged fear-mongering among Tea Party protesters.
Even more ironic is the explicit Democrat support given to the causes she lists. Liberal icon Bobby Kennedy played no small part in Joe McCarthy’s efforts to investigate Communist infiltration in the U.S. government. Internment of the Japanese came under the original New Deal Democrat president Franklin Roosevelt. The era of Jim Crow laws was governed by southern Democrats like Alabama governor George Wallace and Mississippi senator Jim Eastland.
Here’s the video of Lewis’ speech. Her reference to “bowel movement” begins at around the 1:15 mark:

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15 responses to “ACORN CEO Calls Tea Partiers "Bowel Movement"

  1. Bertha has a guilty feeling going on! Acorn is bigger than watergate and its got Barry all over it!

    • tina,
      I’m just amazed by the IGNORANCE and rank prejudice of this woman. To think she used to run the entire ACORN octupus with its many tentacles. You’ve inspired me to find out more about Lewis for an update to this post!

      • Go for it, Eowyn. She may not have even gone to college. Like Barry, her past may be smoke and mirrors.

        • DW,
          Wikipedia has only a short entry on Bertha Lewis. She claims to have “graduated from Hanover College,” a small private liberal arts college in Indiana with only 1,062 students.
          Most certainly, Bertha has neither an MBA nor an MPA, degrees that are usually needed to be the CEO of a large institution.

  2. Bowl movement? But Bertha seems to be suffering from diarrhea of the mouth with all the crap she spews.

  3. Speaking of bowel movements, we all know you would eat the corn out of Obama’s, Bertha.

  4. Racism….blah blah blah….Alinsky’s Rules are really not working for me any more. Keep it up Bertha, mock us all you want. Only makes us stronger.

  5. I am posting my NB comment on this subject verbatim:
    What? Bertha Lewis is a stinking, freedom-hating communist?
    LOL – Yeah, real shocker, there.

  6. So, where is Bill “we must take responsibility for our words” Clinton today? Oh, I forgot, it’s only the Tea Party people and the VRWC (vast right wing conspiracy) who incite violence. No news here folks, move along.
    Vox Populi

  7. Fat, ignorant and entitled… it’s a great day to be a minority leftist! Power, brother!

  8. I fired a weapon in Germany once called ‘Big Bertha.”
    This woman is still living in the Jim Crow era. I know many black people who are way above the stupidity of this gang. No one really pays her or her organization any mind. They work behind the scenes to destroy the country. They’ve been at it now since before Roosevelt. Even if they succeed I’ll never know it. I’m old enough now where It’s my kids that’ll suffer.
    Let’s just keep up the fight.

  9. go get her Eowyn! I’d like to see the scoop-this gal is a terrible actor,I remember her interview with Chris Wallace-she is a card.

  10. What a hate filled human being.
    Tragic and embarassing.
    She earns a living spewing & selling trash thoughts and words. A
    Paracite & looter of the spirit.

  11. The Angry White Woman

    Well, I gotta give the giant douche bag credit for one thing, she pronounced “hyperbole” correctly…must not have been reading from a prompter.

  12. I’m speechless. Does anyone take her seriously? And if they do, are there really people who are THAT stupid? Eowyn, I look forward to more ‘truths’ about this one.


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