Acme Foundry loves the Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner graffiti

Nobody likes graffiti.
Well, nobody except the graffiti “artists.”
But the owner and employees of Acme Foundry Company in Minneapolis really like the graffiti that some anonymous person left on their business building.
Mike Durkin reports for KMSP MyFox9 that Nov. 3, 2014, employees of Acme Foundry Company in Minneapolis showed up to work Monday morning to find some very appropriate graffiti on their entrance. Someone had placed cardboard cut-outs of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, from the old Warner Brothers cartoons, on each side of the front door.
Acme Foundry graffiti
Business manager Monica Sweeney said Acme’s employees all found it to be very humorous. In fact, they have thought about adding a roadrunner and coyote to their building for years, but a mystery artist beat them to it.
“We see and appreciate the humor,” Acme said in an email to Fox 9. “It is the best graffiti that anyone has ever done to our building.”
Acme Foundry produces gray and ductile iron pieces.
The company hoped to identify the artist to offer their thanks and have them help with the layout of some iron castings of the cartoon characters. Happily, the artist came forward, but would like to remain anonymous. He has added an anvil to Acme’s building and would like other companies to know there is more to come.
For those who need a reminder, in the old Warner Brothers “Merrie Melodies” Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons, the unfortunate but ever-persistent coyote would buy seemingly-ingenious products from the fictional Acme Corporation to capture the road runner. But all of the coyote’s schemes and contraptions inevitably backfire.
I’ve forgotten how funny and delightful those cartoons are. Enjoy!
H/t Consumerist and FOTM’s CSM

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Great! Now, let’s bet on length of time it takes a patent attorney to come forward and spoil good, clean fun.


Those cartoons were funniest before the do-gooders made ’em change to NOT show stuff like Wile E. Coyote hitting the ground,anvils falling on Wile E. Coyote,etc.-don’t want thee kiddies to think all this “violence” is okay,do we?


Dear Eowyn,
I find those old cartoons, most of them made way before I was born, to be the absolute best. Cartoons are not as funny as they used to be and I haven’t been following them anymore… the last one I really enjoy was Fairy odd parent and the Avatar series.


still watch bugs bunny from time to time….better than most of the junk on tv today