ACLU sues Montana sheriff for denying illegal alien bond and honoring ICE detainer

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Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe

From The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is currently facing a lawsuit from the ACLU and the ACLU of Montana regarding a current inmate at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

Agustin Ramon, a dual citizen of France and Mexico, was arrested on Aug. 3 for a criminal burglary charge and his bond was posted at $25,000.

The ACLU lawsuit says that when Ramon tried to pay his bond he was told that because of an ICE detainer Lincoln County could not release him. Once an immigrant posts bond the ACLU of Montana argues that the immigrant must be released according to state law.

They argue that Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe must act within state law and the ACLU of Montana hopes that the class-action lawsuit will end the use of ICE detainers in Lincoln County and around the state.

The ACLU also hopes that the lawsuit bring compensation for Ramon’s false imprisonment.

The Lincoln County Detention Center confirmed that they do have Ramon in their custody and that he is being held on a $25,000 bail for a criminal burglary charge and a border patrol hold.

Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe could not be reached for comment.

According to the Missoulian, the ACLU believes that Sheriff Bowe is overstepping his boundaries by holding the illegal alien on suspected immigration violations, which would be a civil matter. The bond for burglary is a criminal matter.

The illegal alien moved to Montana in April and married his wife in May. An immigration rights attorney is assisting the suspected burglar and his wife with their immigration options.


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8 responses to “ACLU sues Montana sheriff for denying illegal alien bond and honoring ICE detainer

  1. Hes a mexican….right?
    You commies need to change your name to the Mclu then.
    Cuz you sure as hell dont represent anything American

  2. ACLU should change its acronym to AALU = Anti-American Liberals Union.

    • Right, Dr E, and the ACLU’s behind-the-scenes very real partners at Conservatism Inc might be called AARP, for Annihilating America by Reliance on Principles, in the sense that the flesh-and-blood safety and welfare of Euro- and Afro-Americans, formerly making up about 99% of this nation, have been successfully subordinated to the paper rights of American-hating aliens and non-Christians who’ve been displacing and making war against us since the 1920’s at least.

      We see this behind-the-scenes alliance clearly in our supposed conservative FBI having allowed the supposedly leftist SPLC to assign domestic terrorist status to just about everything and anyone just yesterday thought to be wholesome and patriotic.

      These principles have obviously been applied in bad faith to disarticulate us as a people at every turn despite our common Euro- and Afro-American Christian faith, culture, and love of family and community—all sacrificed on the altar of constitutional rights that have been turned against us, made into weapons of war against us, for the primary benefit of the rootless cosmopolitans in our midst.

      The President ought to bear this in mind as rights designed entirely to protect us are being used to destroy us, and interpretations enabling the dissolution of our very sovereignty itself are, therefore, not only inadmissible but prima facia evidence of treason in the time of national emergency, from whatever source.

      • They’ve been at this in increments for a long time. It started seriously right after 9-11. They have advanced these Marxist notions and methods steadily ever since. They are obviously trying to define what is “normal” and “accepted” in a different way.

        At the end of the day it is much easier to simply subvert the country than to overthrow it wholesale. Their goal is to destroy it piecemeal so that most don’t even notice.

    • American Communist Lawyers Association

  3. Wow! Stop the presses, sheriff does job. That’s GREAT. Has anyone else noticed that we live in a place where many answer to “strange authorities”. Maybe the term is “illegal” authorities.

    We have, at least on paper, a government. If it starts to disobey the law and serve foreign interests, it is illegitimate. There should never be a situation whereby a portion of our country ignores its laws. In theory, these “officials” derive their authority from the will of the people, not from Georgi Soros and his little friends.

  4. Just goes to show that Illegal aliens & other criminals have more rights than the average American…


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