ACLU successfully gets “father-daughter” dances banned


Cranston bans ‘father-daughter’ dances as violation of state law

Providence Journal: In a move that has taken some parents by surprise, the school department has announced that it is banning traditional “father-daughter” and “mother-son” activities, saying they violate state law.

Supt. Judith Lundsten said the move was triggered by a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a single mom who had complained that her daughter had not been able to attend her father-daughter dance.

Lundsten said school attorneys found while federal Title IX legislation banning gender discrimination gives an exemption for “father-son” and “mother-daughter” events, Rhode Island law doesn’t.

The new ban was brought to light Monday by Sean Gately, a Republican running for the state Senate, who said if elected he will work to change the state law.

Is there not another male in her daughter’s life that could have attended the dance with her?  Why wasn’t her daughter’s father able to attend?

This single mom is a selfish woman.  Way to spoil the fun for so many others because of whatever choices in her life led to her daughter not being able to attend a dance.


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0 responses to “ACLU successfully gets “father-daughter” dances banned

  1. The many must pay the price for the few? What a world?

    • Welcome to the world run by left/liberals… it’s not fair, so nobody else gets to have any fun either– waaah!

  2. How about a grandfather? Why are these people brain dead?

  3. Here we go again!! Everyone else has to be penalized because of one whiney-butt. Sheesh, lady, don’t you have a neighbor, a boy friend, a brother, anybody? Or you could try explaining it to your daughter, that sometimes life just isn’t fair, but you had to get the ACLU involved. This whole town caved?? More stooopid!!

  4. Michael & Anita Inman

    Maybe this poor child should become an orphan instead!

  5. No father-daughter school dance, but no doubt the ACLU will sue to defend the right to father-daughter incest. After all, Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes says incest is just fine.

  6. Too bad the PsTB at that school didn’t have the stones to tell the ACLU to go pound sand, because that would be the first thing I would have said.

    Okay, I would have said something else, but you get the idea.


  7. I still remember my “father-daughter dinner” when I was in the 2nd grade in the early 1950s. My Dad worked nights and couldn’t attend so Grandpa took me. We had swiss steak, mashed potatoes and cherry cobbler for desert. Grandpa was a splendid ballroom dancer who taught me to Rhumba when I was about 10. He died in 1960. An indelible memory from more than 50 years ago!

    What could possibly be wrong with a little girl sharing a special occasion with her daddy or grandpa? The ACLU is just twisted!

  8. We have a Daddy/Daughter dance at our school but we label it Daddy or Special Guy/Daughter Dance. We understand that there are always unknown circumstances in everyone’s life. The school should reword the dance. I wonder why the lady didn’t send her with an uncle or grandfather? We have many guys that step in for the dads.

  9. Just the mom take her poor girl to the dance. What’s wrong with that?


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