Acid attack comes to America: Homeless man hurls caustic chemical at UC Berkeley janitor

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Acid and other corrosive chemical attacks are increasingly frequent in gun-control UK. See:

A victim of acid attack in Southampton, England, September 2015 (BBC photo)

Now acid attacks have come to America as well.
On April 3, 2018, at 1:35 a.m., a female janitor of the University of California, Berkeley, found a homeless man in a restroom in Wheeler Hall. She told the man he had to leave because the building was closed.
The man followed her out of the bathroom, then “threw a caustic chemical at her,” before fleeing the scene, according to a statement by UCPD (University of California Police Department).
The Berkeley Fire Department took the woman to a local emergency room for treatment of chemical burns.
Police searched the area for the suspect but could not locate him, said UCPD spokesman Sgt. Nicolas Hernandez. Hernandez declined to say whether UCPD has leads in the case or whether there might be surveillance video that could help detectives identify the assailant, also due to the ongoing investigation. Hernandez indicated that this type of assault is not a common occurrence on campus: “I’ve heard of it in my career before but I couldn’t tell you what the numbers are.”
According to recordings of police scanner activity that morning, paramedics said the bottle of fluid used in the assault was “essentially ammonia concentrate” and that the woman received burns on her torso.
The suspect is described as a white man in his 50s, 5′ 6″ to 5′ 7″ tall, with a white “scruffy” beard and white hair. He appeared to be homeless.
Anyone who has information about the crime is asked to contact the University of California Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Bureau at 510-642-0472.
Sources: Berkeleyside; CBS SF
See also:

Update (April 20, 2018):

The assailant is William Kearney, 62, a convicted pedophile. More here.
William Kearney

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0 responses to “Acid attack comes to America: Homeless man hurls caustic chemical at UC Berkeley janitor

  1. There’s too many sickos on this planet.

  2. Seems what happens on the other side of the pond comes here eventually and how long will the American people deal with the on slot of radical terrorist in this country. We can not tolerated it once you let them get a foot hold you have places like Dearborn Michigan. And there is a place in my state you do not go like no go zones in Europe. So how long?

    • Brian, because across the pond guns are banned, the acid attacks, stabbing and terrorism is the way to attack citizens, and so you are right, eventually we will have to deal with it “if” the left gets away disarming the citizens that have registered guns and the Second Amendment is stolen from us. WE HAVE TO DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION, THE MOST POWERFUL DEFENSE WE HAVE.

      • I believe “the Left” keeps forgetting that the registered or documented guns in America make up about two thirds of ALL the guns owned in America. They can MAYBE confiscate,if they bring a big enough army of Mercenaries,but they will NEVER disarm America.

      • Sadly, registering our guns is the first step in having them forcibly removed.

    • It’s all in The Plan!

    • the onslaught you speak of Brian, is being orchestrated by the NWO agenda crowd

  3. Homelessness is out of control in southern California where we live.
    Rents are skyrocketing due to unlimited immigration, free medical and
    welfare for all. Many landlords get extra rent for taking in so-called
    refugee families in one-bedroom apartments and for taking in
    sex offenders. (The neighborhood next to ours has the largest
    sex offender population west of the Mississippi.)
    Police are openly hostile to homeless. The police issue $400 tickets
    for each infraction of camping out in prohibited areas. $400 is
    taken out of their social security and/or welfare.
    Taught chemistry and physics for decades. Certain acids
    not only disfigure one for life but cause irreparable nerve
    damage and lifelong agonizing pain that can only be
    mitigated by constant use of opioids. Far worse than
    many gunshot wounds.

    • Many chronic pain patients are currently being denied opiates; I wonder if opiates will be denied to victims of acid attacks? (We wouldn’t want them to get addicted or overdose, after all. :/ )
      I can’t keep up with the countless outrages we’re facing: PC/Marxist culture, illegal immigration, terror attacks (whether by civilian or government), increased acceptance of sexual perversions, government overreach, diminishing quality of medical care, ever-increasing taxation, the likelihood of nuclear war, the even GREATER likelihood of economic collapse, race riots…
      I have a 20 year old, for heaven’s sake; I have three nephews aged 10 and under…what kind of world do they have to look forward to? (Rhetorical question)
      My heart breaks for the truly victimized. When will outrage be turned upon those who have stolen legitimate victimhood to use for their own political gain? I hope Alinsky is enjoying his stay in Hell.

      • It is troubling. It is not surprising. It is exactly what I would have predicted. What we do is a serious question. First, what doesn’t work is direct confrontation. Any group will be instantly infiltrated and co-opted.
        Popular politics, just like popular “music” is a waste of time. As long as some entity that works for others picks our “candidates”, we can’t get anywhere with that.
        That pretty much leaves making them irrelevant. I got there several years ago. They do pretty much what they do and I ignore them any chance I get. When I say “they don’t work for us”, I mean it. They don’t.
        Since I always vote, but not for any of them, they do not represent me in any way. If some opportunity develops whereby I can help, I will. Unless and until this dynamic changes, we’re stuck with them.

  4. California is becoming a sh*thole…

  5. We must keep in mind this happened in the Lawless West,so it’s unlikely any legal repercussions will come of this. If it happens that the perp is caught,the woman could file a lawsuit against him,but with him having nothing to win,what’d be the point. At least all her medical care will be free,thanks to the “Land of Fruits and Nuts”.

  6. With that description it could have been one of the professors.

  7. [April 12, 2018]: “Man’s Face Left Completely Disfigured After Acid Attack in His Tennessee Home”
    “A man in Smyrna, Tennessee, is in critical condition after falling victim to an acid attack which took place in his home.
    Christopher Phiouthong was attacked on April 5 with an “extremely corrosive acid” while in the shower. He has since been at an area hospital.
    “It appears to be a very quiet neighborhood. Very low crime; low crime to no crime,” Clarence Crawley, a neighbor of Phiouthong, told WKRN.”

  8. UPDATE:
    The assailant is William Kearney, 62, a convicted pedophile.


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