Achtung! Seig Heil !!!!

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Didn’t we fight WW II to end this totalitarian fascist B.S.?


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0 responses to “Achtung! Seig Heil !!!!

  1. Utter madness…
    Who in their right mind would want to be a groper?

  2. cant you see the kid is a threat to national security? i believe total idiots run our government these days, sad thing is that we let this crap continue

  3. this is sickening! DEFUND TSA. Unconstitutional,straight up. Profile for crying out loud. They look MUSLIM,they go through the scanner and pat-downs period. Americans letting them do this-WAKE-UP. The Patriot Act-given to us by George W.Bush-written by none other than Joe Biden. Quit flying.

  4. People have to stop this. The only way is to stop flying for even a week and the airlines will put pressure on the government. Money talks. Nobody is groping me!

  5. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with safety from terrorists and everything to do with behavioral conditioning.
    When the european jews were rounded up during the Third Reich, for the most part they obediently waited in line to board the trains taking them to be “resettled”, waited in lines at the concentration camps, and finally, lined up going into the “showers”.
    When asked to define the warning signs of tyranny, Dr. Henry Feingold said it was the faceless bureaucracy and government use of “euphemisms” aka Orwell’s doublespeak.

  6. Well, we have given the enemy exactly what they wanted. They not only wanted to kill as many Americans as possible, but they wanted to disrupt our whole way of life-our freedom. We have let them. Our politically correct society is going to be our downfall. Did you notice on the video that there was only one race, so to speak, that was not shown being frisked? Kinda ironic don’t ya think????

  7. By the way, they are PROFILING. They are profiling a type of ppl that has lost the right to FREE SPEECH. Why? B/c of the color of their skin. Don’t agree…watch the dang video.
    Coincidence? Luck? Random Selection?………My Butt!

  8. Isn’t this just mainly about preparing the masses for the future Marxist / Communist Police State ? ….. First these searches at the airport , and then intimidating little children about their food inside their school box lunches ! This is psychological preparation by the govt to teach everyone to submit to BIG Nanny Govt because BIG GOVT is watching out for your safety and KNOWS what is best for you !! And it is also teaching the youth that BIG GOVT knows better than mommies and daddies what is best for their well being !!! I wish everyone in this country would wake up and smell the Marxist coffee before it’s too late !!! Other wise , I fear that we are in store for a lot more of these type of searches everywhere we go !! ….We will be carrying papers and subject to searches on the streets ….until they demand that we get the micro chips implanted underneath our skin, of course !!! And yet pResident Skippy and his regime could care less who is sneaking into the United States across the Mexican Border , and they seem to have more rights that American citizens !! IT’S ALL SO INSANE !!! Oh yes, I was just remembering the lady who was turned away from her flight because there were no female TSA agents to search her !! It’s all so crazy !!! We have been losing our rights and freedoms at a rapid pace.

  9. ^These Bastards need deported, they are worse than ANY ENEMY! They screw with the old and the young and think it’s funny. I quit flying, the bastards want to come to my house and there will be a few less! Last time I checked we kicked the SHIT out of the Gustopo, looks like we have to do it again! Semper Fi.

  10. Ver! Ahre yor paapers! Vee must! Hav yor! Paapers!
    You hav no paapers!
    Ve vill take youh to Der Comandant! He vill make you talk!!!

  11. Und ve vill give you a number for de verk camp.
    Arbiet Mach frie. To de showers!

  12. I am feeling curious to know just how many Muslim women who are wearing burkas are called aside for pat-downs ? I just noticed in the video that the agents were searching a Nun ! One time when I was at my airport, a Muslim woman in front of me (wearing a burka) was treated like royalty and allowed through without even so much as asking her a question ; while myself and a small child in line behind me were pulled aside for pat downs; and our little carry-on bags was searched, as well. Made me wonder if TSA agents are instructed not to search Muslim women, as not to insult them ?? I hope this is not so ! And if it is so, then.I am wearing a burka to the airport next time I go. Hey, perhaps Americans should open Burka rental booths at the airports ! Rent a burka at one airport and then turn the burka in at your destination…just like the movie rentals ! ….LOL ! Hey, I am just searching for some comic relief here regarding all this craziness !!

  13. That is exactly what I see too Annie! That is what I meant about the one race not in the video. Even Carlos Mencia, a famous Hispanic comedian, said on stage, that he would hate to be a white male in today’s society. And that outa of all the races in America, the white male has the least freedoms of all. He does not have freedom of speech at all.

  14. I can see some entrepreneur doing that Annie! Only to be shut down by the jack boots.
    The Overton Window…

  15. The fact that the stoopid sheeple parents of America will stand idly by while their children are molested by government goons, while government goons take away their kids school lunches (which has now happened for a second time at the same NC school – that we know of, as well as “redistrubute” their children’s school supplies, pretty much tells the story of America’s near future.

    • I think the same Dave. We don’t fly w/the kids ever b/c I would nail any person that tried to pat down my kids like this! They would have to drag my butt to jail. I promise the claws would come out on this Momma Bear.

    Read this for the truth about TSA.


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