Account Overdraft Notice

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United States of America
c/o Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., President
Washington, D.C.
January 12, 2012

Re: Your account is overdrawn

Dear United States of America:

We regret to inform you that your withdrawals exceeded your deposits last year by $1,600,000,000,000 ($1.6 trillion), including your “supplemental appropriations” spending.

Your account does have an overdraft protection, and so bonds were sold to cover your $1.6 trillion overdraft. While we value your business, we feel obligated to remind you that this is the third year that your overdraft protection exceeded 10% of your gross national product (GDP), and it seems your account is on course to register yet another $1.6 trillion overdraft in fiscal year 2012.

Currently, your overdraft account exceeds your GDP of $15 trillion.

Quite frankly, we are worried that you have become dependent on extensive overdraft protection–a feature designed to tide the account holder over for a short period of time in near-term expectation of higher deposits or lower withdrawals–and that relying on large-scale overdraft borrowing to cover your basic expenses is now your standard operating procedure.

This violates the intent of the overdraft feature, and as a result we must seriously consider modifying the terms of the overdraft protection on your account.

Yours truly,

The Global Bond market

H/t Charles Hughes Smith

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0 responses to “Account Overdraft Notice

  1. This is another fine mess you have gotten us in Skippy! You can’t get better by cutting spending, you have to STOP SPENDING, what part of that statment NOT REGISTER in your little pointed head? All these government jobs have to come to an end, paying these people unemployment in these ONERPAID JOBS would SAVE US BILLIONS! Wake up Skippy, a third grader would tell you how to balance the budget but all your smartest morons hasn’t a clue! Semper Fi

  2. Thanks. I saw this title in my email in box… and was like “What??!!!”… then I saw it wasn’t a notice from a bank. Thanks. Thanks a lot. LOL

  3. Skippy and company in DC don’t care. Not THEIR money they are spending.
    Idiots couldn’t hold a job in the private sector with these lack of math skills.

  4. Remember the good old days of 2009 when the budget was only 13 Trillion?


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