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  1. cannot find a contact button. Maybe the following will be of interest.
    The following is a tribute to my professor who had been employed by a FR bank and was teaching a graduate course in Money and Banking at a state flagship university 55 years ago.

    Is it of interest ??

    Olde Reb

    “How does the Federal Reserve rape the United States ??” you ask. Let’s keep it simple. They can use the same scheme the Rothschild banks 1 developed centuries ago but the methods of concealment are now much improved. 2

    The medieval Rothschild Bank would establish a line of credit for the King provided the King would issue a written promise to pay gold, with interest, to the bank at a time in the future. The book-entry Rothschild credit would be used to pay for obligations incurred by the king which could then circulate in the kingdom between merchants into perpetuity. The bank would sell the king’s promise of gold which would be held by purchasers as an interest bearing investment. The promise would be renewed on its maturing date and continue to be rolled-over.

    VOILA !!! The king made the suppliers of services happy with Rothschild credit; the bankers had the gold; the public had a promise that the king would eventually pay them in gold—which would probably never happen. Everything went smoothly as long as the bank could sell the promise and the people did not demand the gold. 3 As Benjamin Ginsburg has lamented in FATAL EMBRACE; (bankers) AND THE STATE 4, eventually the schemes, which stole the wealth from the people, would come to a catastrophic climax. 5

    The Federal Reserve 6 does the same thing for the U.S. government’s deficit spending. Their wizard is hiding behind Frank Baum’s curtain to obscurant any public inquiry.7

    The Federal Reserve bank of New York will grant credit (not “create money”) in an account of the US government with an amount that the government will pledge. 8 The government will expend the book-entry-credit account (deficit spending) to pay for goods and services consumed by the government. The suppliers are content. Evidence that the supplier has received a credit voucher is obvious. The heading of the currency given to the supplier by the local commercial bank is Federal Reserve Note; i.e., a debt obligation of the Federal Reserve identified as a “tender” (substitute) required by law to be accepted for an imprinted number of dollars. 9

    To sell the pledge from the government (the Treasury security) at the highest price, the Federal Reserve will hold an auction but will camouflage it as an auction by the government. Acceptance of bids, determining the interest rate, and the amount of deficit spending permitted is controlled by the BOG.10 Government regulations clearly establish the funds from the auctions are controlled exclusively by the FRBNY. 11

    In addition to the approximate $1 trillion annually auctioned for deficit spending (new cash), the roll-over of approximate $10 trillion debt from prior years (publicly held maturing) is annually auctioned and disbursed by the FRBNY. 12

    The difference in handling of the two accounts is the supreme camouflage. Funds for roll-over securities are credited by the FRBNY to a government account. The FRBNY then pays the Primary Dealers (from the government account) for their task in collecting the maturing securities from the public. There is no increase in the National Debt nor is there any inflationary pressure..

    If the funds from deficit spending securities were to be used in redeeming Treasury securities in the market (i.e., paid by the FRBNY to the government), it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt. It would also eliminate any increase in money in circulation (inflation). That clearly does not occur.


    The only viable dispersal of funds identifiable to this writer is the funds are commingled with funds to select Primary Dealers. If the Primary Dealers include shareholders of a privately held incorporated Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, they would not have to reveal corporate records,13 The profit could be completely hidden from view. 14 The deficit spending amount 15 would be clear profit for the owners of the BOG.

    The statutory charter of the Federal Reserve stipulates profit of the operation belongs to the government. Concealment of funds that belong to the government appear to be embezzlement, among other crimes.

    Various theories abound on how the purloined funds have been utilized to the detriment of society. 16

    If the scheme is not exposed, Wall Street internal memos identify collection of the $20 trillion debt is the “ultimate goal” and would reduce the United States to the status of Greece. 17 Wall Street’s objective in Greece 18 is not to exploit, but is to destroy the nation. 19 Indeed, national sovereignty has been acquiesced by Greece to the Troika (financiers) as the terminal end of Goldman Sach’s “shitty” three billion Euro debt. 20

    The proposed Goldman Sachs government budget (whoops, Trump’s budget) includes huge deficit spending increases (increased military spending with cuts in social programs) with unrealistic increases in national productive/tax base.21 This is the same scheme Wall Street and the CIA have used to bankrupt other nations for four decades. 22 A humongous military budget is essential for psychopathic war-mongering. 23 The people will submit to anything if they are induced to fear a foreign threat,

    Get ready to kiss your 401(k), your government benefits, your pension, and your bank accounts goodbye, with strikes prohibited, health care costs escalated, and mass layoffs (including government personnel), and economic chaos among other things. 24 This will be the Utopian government, controlled by bankers, that David Rockefeller so proudly promised for the world in his autobiography MEMOIRS.

    We can rest assured the same scheme is used by the ECB with the Euro.

    FOOTNOTES, including detailed analysis, are sometimes clipped by destination software. They can be sent to an email address.

    sorry–they appear clipped.


  2. I am not sure if anyone would give a shit but it is mind numbing that no one will put credit to the fact that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington we’re murdered. All of my scenarios are plausible from information I have scoured over for. Also with the little information about Chester’s death, the media usually beats a dead horse with all of the ‘ juicy details’ that we’re found, Everything is automatically and accepted that he killed himself. Both 911 calls are severely evident that these ‘Fixers’ don’t cover the details so much. Chris: If you are a paramedic, or a ‘hotel medic or doc’ you are calling 911 to try to save someone. Just walking into a dead body that can tell you nothing but during the call the person says ‘History of Depression’. Bullshit. Chester: Caller/Driver: The ‘housekeeper said he’s been hanging’. Ok, so you just keep working or whatever, do, Dee,do, do, do, dust around him and shit until his ride gets there?! Then you start crying and wailing then ‘call his wife’s, bullshit. The driver sounded so unaffected by what was going on. Just like, I don’t have any emotions about someone you r picking up that is now dead?!?!? What would I do you ask? Well, first off ‘FUCK, what the shit?!
    (Scrambles to get out of the vehicle)~} then run into the house to see if I could help. But that’s just me, I refuse to be a bystander. In addition, the ‘news’ said his band mates came to pick him up. Yet only a ‘driver’ was the person to call 911? So who was it? Which way was it? Then they say shortly later, after the cops showed up his band mates arrived and were standing out front. (Photo of this.)
    They actually had a photoshoot they were going to for their current album, One More Light. Watch the live version on YouTube. I have quite a bit more information on this but I have laid it out to virtually no response on social media quite a few times. So, if you care, I can lead you further down the path. ~If not, do a double take and open up your eyes. ☮🍀


  3. Dr. E.: is there a way to offer a monthly donation? I’d be happy to help with my “share” of your expenses (I didn’t realize how pricey websites were to maintain). I get a great deal of my news from FOTM (and have for years now), and I believe we all must support those who provide this valuable service.

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    • Thank you, Recynd, for your very kind and generous offer.
      Even if FOTM discontinues WordAds, I will never ask for donations.
      I’ve sent emails to WordPress, and its “happiness engineers’ claim to have fixed the very annoying video ads. If the problem nevertheless persists, please let me know and I’ll let WordPress know.

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  4. For a conservative Christian based website, I noticed you allow some pretty vulgar language in your reader’s responses. Specifically the article about Kellogg’s cereal. Also I was deeply offended by the photo you showed for your contest with a practically naked (ugh) Hillary Clinton. So over the top. Disgusting. I had to stop looking at your website for a week. Just saying, I hope you try to stay with decent yet interesting conservative Christian stories. .Thank you, a daily reader

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  5. Check our our channel on youtube channel at: youtube.com/watch?v=B3Do7Qfmde0 and our website at http://www.patriotfreedomfighters.com lots in common.


  6. Dr…This out today, 1-12-18 on Sandy Hook…..

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  7. Joseph Imani Hickman

    I am a Student In college, and I am having to right a paper on homosexuality. My professor is having us right down some questions, and I have questions that you could possibly help me with.
    1. Are homosexuals born or made?
    2. Is there a process that happens over time?
    3. Why would a man want to be with another man?
    4. Does the mind change?
    5. Does not having a male figure in the home have an affect?
    6. Does it start when thy are young?

    If possible, could you get back with me as soon as you can. I know you are a busy man, and there are things that are more important. But I would greatly appreciate it.
    You could get back me by call (336)-865-5444 or by email – josephhickman98@gmail.com
    Again thank you.

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    • Joseph:

      The answers to many of your questions are in “Studies of identical twins show homosexuality is acquired, not genetic,” Jan. 12, 2016. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/01/12/identical-twins-studies-show-homosexuality-is-acquired-not-genetic/


    • Unsettling to know this is what passes for an educational assignment.
      I remember when the argument gathering sympathy for the gay plight was “I was made this way” (nature – a victim of their genes – who could augue with that), most recently it’s become choice “kids get to chose their sex”. next step will be to sell the idea that adult sex with children is natural.- true progressivism. Young people want to be thought of as open minded (I know I did) – it was the older people that were closed and set in their ways – a natural instinct that the new generation knows better and we’re special. Not until 25 or so was the veil of thought manipulation lifted and I quit listening to NPR. My apologies Dr. Eowyn if I shouldn’t have interjected here but this is so disturbing.

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  8. Things just don’t add up. Who is this girl? https://youtu.be/x58j40CS6Vw “I didn’t hear the shooting. Well, I didn’t pay attention to it”. Here, @2:40 “So the gunman told him (another student) to run?” Girl said, “Yeah”. https://youtu.be/BdjahybIrzI


  9. Dr. Eowyn do you or your team have any knowledge of the true nature of this statue in Switzerland? In 2015 I’d have thought this was just an unusual relic in Europe but no longer. Nearly everthing I’ve found on the net is speculative and in fact tries to indicate that the Jewish ‘hat’ was an attempt at tarnishing their culture (victimhood). Thank you.


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  10. We need you on this one Dr. E. Try and read the Article first, then just watch the Video, it will tear your heart out. I posted it here because I don’t know any other way to contact you, I don’t want to create conflict by linking to another site on one of your current articles. I just happened to stumble into this just now and thought of you and your compassion, and your reach. This is one example of why they want us disarmed….I apologize in advance if I broke any protocol, I’m new at this…..Thank you.

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    • Just horrific. 😦


      • Thanks for your immediate response, I just emailed the Link to all of my contacts and asked them to please Pray for all of the innocent involved, this is really evil. This is one of many reasons why we should never disarm, those citizens were helpless in the video. Feel free at anytime, if you ever need anything from the East Coast, to contact me through my private email, thanks again Dr. I never met you, but I’ve followed FOTM for about 8 years, and I trust you.

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        • Thank you, Bob, for being such a loyal reader of FOTM, and for your very kind and generous regard.
          I will do my utmost to earn and live up to your trust.
          God bless you, my brother in Christ.


  11. I just added FOTM Notification to my email.

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  12. Just found your blog to look into Kalergi.
    Kinda surreal so far.




    EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Oregon County’s Biggest-Ever Meth Bust

    Will Racke
    Immigration and Foreign Policy Reporter 6:18 PM 03/29/2018

    Two men who were arrested earlier this month for transporting more than 70 pounds of methamphetamine through Oregon are Mexican nationals living in the U.S. illegally, The Daily Caller News Foundation learned.

    Israel Mercado Mendoza of Creswell, Ore., and Rigoberto Morfin Pedroza of Los Angeles were arrested March 17 following a traffic stop on Interstate 5 in Douglas County, Ore. During the stop, a police dog signaled the presence of drugs in the car. A subsequent search led to the discovery of 74 pounds of meth, the largest seizure in county history, according to the Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team.

    Mercado Mendoza and Morfin Pedroza are illegal immigrants, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. They were taken into custody and detained at the Douglas County Jail, where federal authorities placed immigration detention requests for both men.

    “On March 19, ICE lodged detainers on Israel Salvador Mercado-Mendoza and Rigoberto Morfin-Pedroza, both citizens of Mexico illegally in the U.S., with the Douglas County Jail after their arrests on local felony charges,” an ICE spokeswoman told David Olen Cross, an independent crime researcher based in Salem, Ore.

    Cross obtained the men’s immigration status as a part of his research into Oregon illegal aliens’ criminal activity, he told TheDCNF. On behalf of Republican state Sen. Kim Thatcher, Cross creates monthly reports using data from ICE and the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC). His reports are aimed at documenting the cost of incarcerating foreign nationals in the Oregon prison system, where one in 15 inmates is a criminal alien.

    Cross’ research has shown the vast majority of criminal aliens in Oregon’s prison system are serving time for what the FBI defines as violent crimes — murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault — or sex crimes under the Oregon criminal code.

    Of the 975 Oregon DOC inmates with active ICE detainers as of February, 744 have been convicted of those violent crimes or sex offenses, according to Cross’ latest report.That compares to about 60 percent of “domestic” inmates who were convicted of the same offenses.

    Oregon is one of the nation’s most active states when it comes to limiting cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. It has had a sanctuary state law on the books since 1987. In 2017, the state implemented additional restrictions on the collection and sharing of immigration-related information with the federal government.
    (RELATED: Forget California, Oregon Is The Foremost ‘Sanctuary State’ In The US)

    State officials have been particularly fastidious about refusing to honor ICE detainers. In 2014, a U.S. magistrate judge found Clackamas County, Ore. violated an illegal immigrant Maria Miranda-Olivares’s Fourth Amendment rights when it held her on an ICE detainer after she was eligible for bail. To avoid further civil lawsuits, the Oregon Sheriffs Association recommended jail officials stop responding to immigration detention requests unless they are backed by a federal arrest warrant.

    Mercado Mendoza and Morfin Pedroza were charged with Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine, Unlawful Delivery of Methamphetamine, and Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine. If sold by the pound, local street value of the drugs found in their car would be roughly $370,000, according to DINT detectives.

    Douglas Interagency Narcotics team seized 74 pounds of methamphetamine on March 17, 2018. Photo courtesy of Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team | Oregon Illegal Aliens Busted For Meth

    Follow Will on Twitter

    Send tips to will@dailycallernewsfoundation.org.

    Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact licensing@dailycallernewsfoundation.org.

    Tags: Douglas County, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Oregon



  14. Steve Quayle posted – common bonds between Islam and Catholicism. A disgusting headline and article posted on May 2nd 2018. He just showed his true colors.

    Common Bonds Between Islam and Catholicism | Bible Prophecy Tracker

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  15. I’m looking for the author of a picture similar to the one in your blog. I thought you may know who is the author.


    Please let me know.
    Thank you


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