About the wisdom of forgiveness

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Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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  1. True enough,but on the OTHER hand,forgiving people for the wrongs they’ve done to you only encourages them to continue the practice,and in MY case,I just don’t have the funds or energy to keep setting those wrongs right.

  2. Wise words about the corrosive effect of holding on to anger, TD.
    However, it must be said that to forgive is not to forget. Nor does it mean that forgiving someone who has, with malicious intent, repeatedly done us wrong, means that we must continue to associate with that individual. We are not masochists. Relationships and friendships end. Even the Fellowship of the Ring came to an end.

    • I believe scripture is understood by placing it against other scripture. “Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves,” comes to mind. I personally let nasty experiences with destructive people work as a lesson and guidepost. I forgive them, but I also remember what I learned, so they can’t repeat the injury. The Lord told us (His people) to forgive, but did not say to forget lessons learned.

      • TD,
        The best definition for “forgive” I know is that we don’t wish ill to someone who’s done us wrong. No where in that definition is there the injunction that one must continue the relationship. I don’t wish ill to the person(s) who has acted, with malicious intent, to plant poison in my friends’ minds and hearts about me so as to destroy my reputation and the fruits of my hard work of many years. Nor is this the first time.
        But I will pray for him. None of which means that I should or will allow him back into my life.
        P.S. My The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies DVD arrived yesterday! It is even better than when I saw it in the movie theater. 😀

        • Do they have extra footage and interviews in the Hobbit DVD?

          • No. Those will be in the Extended edition version, probably coming out this summer or later.

          • Correction:
            The DVD of Hobbit #3: The Battle of the Five Armies, comes in 2 discs. The second disc contains extras, “Special Features,” which include an account of the movie’s beautiful ending song, “The Last Goodbye.” This is so typical of the generosity to fans of Sir Peter Jackson, as the (non-extended edition) DVDs of other movies don’t have these extras.
            But the Extended Edition of Five Armies will have many minutes of extra footage that didn’t make it to the official screen version, as well as many many behind-the-scenes extras. If you haven’t seen the Extended Edition of Hobbit #2: Desolation of Smaug, you really must, for the extra footage on Beorn.

            • That is definitely on our list of things to get. We spent hours enjoying the extras on the extended version of Lord of the Rings. Any look into the production of the Hobbit will be a real treat! 😀

  3. Thank you Traildust for this wonderful post. There is great freedom when you forgive others and then pray for those individuals. Dr. Eowyn makes an excellent point when she reminded all of us that we don’t have to forget and that we don’t have to remain in relationships with people who are truly enemies.
    With regard to forgetting and/or remembering, those functions are involuntary and thus, we cannot control whether we do or do not remember the actions propounded against us.
    With regard to maintaining relationships with people who are our enemies, we do not have to participate in destructive relationships. Not only would that be dishonest, it would be dangerous to our well-being, especially our spirituality. The most loving thing we can do for those people who have hurt us, is to pray for them. I ask Jesus to help them come to Him, and to help them learn how to trust in Him. For if they can do this, they will no longer be mean and destructive.


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