About Obama's Strange Connecticut Social Security No.

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I strongly suggest you Google Obama’s  attorney/accountant, Harvey S. Wineberg.  You will find that as of  December, 2010, he’s been appointed as an “advisor” to the Dept of Energy and Geithner’s Dept of the Treasury
Ethics Question:   He was reported as a “bundler” raising cash in excess of $100,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Now that he’s a public employee, is he still allowed to do that for 2012?
P.S.  According to a 17 page FEC ruling sent to Judicial Watch, there’s  nothing illegal about Obama’s NORTHERN TRUST real estate transaction?

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0 responses to “About Obama's Strange Connecticut Social Security No.

  1. lowtechgrannie

    I find the Winberg links incredibly juicy! I’m surprised by the lack of comments.

  2. Thomas Morato

    This man needs a lesson in staying alive… If you have information which leads to uncovering the truth, you will be eliminated. If I was this guy, I would be clearly stating my full name. By hiding behind an alias, gives way to sudden, unfortunate “accidents.”
    Nevertheless, very interesting info. Now if we can get some government action.

  3. Re: the real estate transaction and legality…in Chicago, you’d be shocked out of your socks if you wanted, expected and actually found legal. That would be, as opposed to “legal.”
    Re: the SSN? Well, it does seem like a certain nation has again been taken on one of those journeys, just like a young lass named Alice experienced. Up is down, down is up, and someday soon, like the Walrus said, we’ll finally have to come to our senses and speak of many things. Sadly, today appears not to be that day.
    As for the attorney/consultant/bundler/etc./etc…See my first comment above.
    It’s not called the City That Works because of the industry. And, none of the slogans describe for whom the City That Works, works.

  4. They started with very different principles, but end up leading “Fools” down very similar paths. Two had Principles of the cultural and biological superiority. Two had Principle of nationalism. Three had Principles of fundamental, Marxism-Leninism (Hope & Change & FORWARD). Four monitored telephone lines, read mail, and planted informers. One monitored e-mails, phone calls, and social networks.
    THE GREAT PURGE – eliminates anyone who threatens his power (all five plus The Clintons).
    Relies heavily on PROPAGANDA to support his cause, all five.
    Newspapers, radio and art glorified achievements and did not acknowledge their failures, all five.
    Writers, musicians, and artists spied on, all five .
    Religion attacked. Government meant to replace religion, all five.
    One mulatto spent millions to seal his past and became “… the Biggest Con Man in History”, Ralph Nader, June 2013. Who did Ralph Nader name?
    Choose best answer: A) Adolf Hitler aka Schicklegruber, B) Benito Mussolini aka Duce of Fascism, C) Josef Stalin aka Joseph Dzhugashvili, D) Barry Hussein Soetoro, aka Barry Sutoro, aka Steven Duham, aka Barock Hussein Obama aka Harrison J. Bounel (died in 1981), and uses a Connecticut-issued Social Security # 042-68-4425 — a state in which Obama had never lived and has no association, E) Vladimir Lenin aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov


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