About "FREE" stuff from Obama

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This is in contrast to genuine charitable giving, which some have called, “Paying it forward.” For instance, when I give to someone in need because I am moved with compassion, this is not a “free” gift. It was actually purchased at a high price on a cross 2,000 years ago. ~ TD


FREE Community College


FREE medical care


FREE cell phone


FREE food


FREE college for illegal immigrants

“If you are not paying for it
you’re not the customer;   

mouse-trapyou’re the product being sold”

– (attributed to) Andrew Lewis

Think about the meaning of the word, “free,” every time you bait a fish hook. And I don’t think Obama does “catch and release” fishing.

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0 responses to “About "FREE" stuff from Obama

  1. It’s so heartwarming to see how grateful the recipients of all Obama’s programs are to those of us that supplied the free bees. Nothing like the middle finger salute to say thanks a million. 😳😳😳

    • I really appreciate the $27.00 on food benefits I get;I really DON’T appreciate the Commie who forced all this on America’s TAXPAYERS. There was a time when Americans didn’t need the Government to force them to help those who weren’t so well off. People,on their OWN initiative.would give to help people,and the Churches would often step up to help however they could;people who were helped often repaid in kind when they were able,or did small jobs to repay the kindnesses shown to them. THEN the Government got involved;when people discovered the GOVERNMENT would help,with NO need or cause for them to repay,many who didn’t NEED for anything found their meal ticket and the Welfare State came to be. THEN Obama weasled his way into office,and HE turned up the heat,making it possible for EVERYONE to get a “slice-o-the-pie”,even if they don’t LIVE HERE.
      Okay-THIS space is for everyone to correct my timeline,point out that this all started when _________was in office and tell me that the REPUBLICANS caused it all. Knock yerselves out.

      • No one said you didn’t appreciate it truck, I’m referring to those ” ladies” in the picture giving America the finger. You’re right about people not helping each other and there are a multitude of reasons behind this; selfishness, laziness, or some people are working more than one job to keep up with this president’s desire to play Robinhood off their backs.

        • I know,North-I guess I feel conflicted about the EBTBS;I feel guilty for accepting it because I was always able to sustain myself,maybe not in fine style,but without help,and now it really bugs me to be dependent on a Disability check each month. (If I was 15 years younger I could possibly go back to work,but the thought kinda scares me-working a “regular” job,in a very real sense,nearly killed me several times,and I have little doubt it’d succeed eventually. At least I’m not one of the slackers who only leave the couch to go to the bathroom or pay the pizza delivery guy. I have a game plan to survive when I give up my Disability, (You don’t really think it’ll continue for another 20 years,do you?) but it’s been hard pulling the equipment and funds together to get started on my income. I’m getting there though. I grew up with the “philosophy” that,if you can’t work at a regular job,you may have to CREATE a job you CAN do,and what I’m putting together will have a pretty solid market.

          • No offense taken truck, I can empathize with you and your situation. You sound like a proud man and it has to be hard. No shame in it if you have an injury that prevents you from working, I think I speak for the majority of us when I say it’s the young guys and gals with 8 children and counting and different daddy’s for all the babies, etc. Those are the ones that tick a person off. Good for you that you’re making plans for when the system collapses, because you’re absolutly right, it’s not sustainable anymore. 😊

            • It’s not an actual injury that took me out of the workforce;it’s a combination of Brittle Diabetes,Asthma and Emphysema. I managed to work from the age of 15 to 48,and always had trouble keeping a job. I finally discovered,while comparing my work history and my medical history,that each tome I had an Asthma attack or my glucose level dropped to 32,that within a week or two I was “let go”. I’d been through enough different jobs by then that my “cheat sheet” covered 3 pages of notebook paper. I’d been close enough to death several times all that saved me was a co-worker or supervisor who recognized something was wrong and did the right thing to pull me back from the brink. That’s when I decided I was going to have to stop trying to be an “ordinary worker”. About then I realized that being “ordinary” at ALL wasn’t so damned appealing.
              Now I find myself in an odd niche. I can still work,but not on another person’s clock-if I feel I can work,I will,but I can’t be a “reliable employee”;at times my glucose level drops and I just have to stop,eat a snack or meal,wait for the glucose to come back up,and back to work,or if I get a “tickle” in my upper chest,time to try the Nebulizer,but if THAT doesn’t clear up my breathing quick,it’s usually Pneumonia,and that’s generally a couple of weeks off work,some of it in the Hospital,and now I’m getting “matured” enough that my skills,knowledge and work ethics are no longer in large demand. (I guess I could be a greeter at Wallyworld,but I can about tell you how quickly I’d get tossed outta THERE. It’s said that I’m a bit “opinionated”. Like a long line of predecessors in America’s history,I would need to be my own boss (probably for some slightly different reasons).

              • Sorry truck, that you have had so much bad luck, health wise. I don’t blame you on the Walmart greeter thing, my opinion would get me in hot water also. 😁

          • truckjunkie, I do not want you to feel guilty for accepting EBT.
            What is bothering me with all kinds of the government “help” is that it is filled with fraudulent claims and a bureaucracy that eats most of it before legitimate people like you see a dime.
            Please forgive me for leaving that unsaid.

            • I still think a good start is a bunch more diligence in the testing/approval process for these benefits,and I have NO problem with WORKfare replacing Welfare. EVERYONE has a talent or skill they could put to work to get their ‘fare check,as well as at LEAST a blood or urine test 4 random times per year. Test positive for drugs or alcohol,no check. There are PROBABLY even recipients that could be trusted to test and delegate jobs to applicants. The ONLY problem with fixing this system is that it’s GOVERNMENT administered,and we KNOW what THEIR track record is.

  2. Great — and depressing — post, TD. This is a perfect companion to your earlier “Beware the Bread Messiah” post!

  3. There is no such thing as free.
    Somebody, somewhere, is being forced to pay for it – probably at the point of a gun.
    See IRS.


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