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Was Anthony Bourdain out of his mind to trust her?

If you are like me, you had hardly ever heard the name, Asia Argento, until Anthony Bourdain was already dead. 

WARNING: I also don’t know the maker of this video, and cannot vouch for his accuracy or truthfulness.

It seems there is much more to this story than a suicide or a murder. Is Hillary involved? I have no idea.
Is the devil involved?
Yes. Definitely yes.


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0 responses to “About Asia Argento

  1. How he died is a reflection of how he lived. Alone and in a lonely world he created for himself.

    • Yup.

    • We had quite a discussion the other day about how Bourdain was essentially a drunk, possible drug user, and a narcissistic loner. Now we see his girlfriend, is a wealthy Satanist that is considered “Italian film royalty”. How is it that the irritating loner manages to “rise” in the hierarchy to receive awards and acclaim and end up with the Italian Witchy Woman?
      Could it be that Bourdain made his deal with the Devil and he just received his reward? If Ziggy’s article is right (and it makes sense), this NXIVM situation is going to place a lot of them in danger. Danger like that often calls for a sacrifice.
      These hedonists can flash OTO and Freemasonic hand signs at each other all day but when its time to pay the piper they’d better break out their checkbooks.

  2. Even if you didn’t understand the meaning of these signs, something inside you feels an abhorrence of such. I certainly do agree far too many people get into situations where they are hanging around the edges of Satanic dealings and I believe at first they are totally unaware. I have little doubt that the high number of suicides we have recently seen are due to Satanic influences which no doubt create a heightening of depression in the person.
    TrailDust . . . . This is an excellent article, at least we can see the types of people to strictly avoid.

  3. She’s posted weird photos on Instagram. This may be in the video above (sorry, didn’t watch the whole 11 minutes). Her t-shirt says “don’t be a slave to the system” #smashthepatriarchy. Yet the “system” has made her worth $16 MILLION. These libtards…

  4. “Was Anthony Bourdain out of his mind to trust her?”
    Was Anthony Bourdain so spiritually lost that he took her as his girlfriend? Would any of us, followers of Christ, do that? I would have run as far away as possible.

    • I mentioned once a girl that I met when in high school that was into stuff like this. She was very attractive but I literally “ran” away from her.
      The guy’s video is pretty good. Satan is a deceiver. Most of these young people who get into this do it because they think it’s “Kool”. Then they try to outdo each other.
      Some of them have some degree of talent at something and the controllers use them to suck in the others. Some are unaware of the seriousness of this. Some become aware when it is too late.
      It isn’t easy to understand this. Most of us grew up with Christian values whether we know that or not. These people do not have those. The same thing happens with some Jewish interactions. We “expect” a certain behavior but we don’t get it.
      Satanism is all about “ME”. It is the OPPOSITE of Christianity. Expecting a Satanist to empathize or consider others over themselves is insanity. One of the reasons for all the nasty practices is to secure the neophytes before they can flee. They do not want to provide enough time for newcomers to reflect on what they’re doing.
      Look at that NXIVM outfit. It is the definition of Satanic. Bourdain appears to have been a whiny, self-centered narcissist. I still think he died from “auto-asphyxiation” as so many perverts do. Just like that Israeli ambassador that they found duct taped naked to a wrought iron fence in Brazil with a rubber ball in his mouth. Their perversions have a way of catching up to them. I’m sure the Devil cackled.

      • lophatt: “Satan is a deceiver. Most of these young people who get into this do it because they think it’s “Kool”. Then they try to outdo each other.”
        Yes, yes, yes. I really think that this is how people devolve into this- they think it’s a joke, that evil is nothing and it’s all tongue in cheek.
        And it’s probably introduced to them this way- slowly, in bite sized pieces- until they find themselves so in deep.
        So many people are being raised without the fear of God (or even a basic respect for- or understanding of- God) and now evil is there with a little pickaxe eroding every value that makes us civilized.

    • Me too, Dr. Eowyn. I would avoid a woman like that like the plague. Seeing Bourdain’s former wife, with a sweet demeanor, and the recent girlfriend, a vile witch, I almost wonder if she was acting as his handler in case he went off the reservation. Probably my imagination, but at this point all my preconceptions are shattered.
      Also, I recently watched an episode where he’s recounting his younger days (early 1970s) in Provincetown. In the mid 1990s my fiancé (now wife) and I took a day trip to P Town. I knew it as a place tolerant of many lifestyles. But on this visit, somethings had changed. Almost all the galleries were filled with demonic art, and there was a large mural on an outdoor wall depicting a satanic ritual human sacrifice. The town’s influence on Bourdain may have affected him even in his early adult life toward spiritual evil.

    • That’s what I would say too- I’m out here!!!
      Too frightening to even be around these people- it should be a natural instinct to run.

    • With me I was acquainted with the Holy Spirit so I “KNEW” what I was facing. I doubt if Bourdain is acquainted.

  5. Can’t watch the video until after work, but I read this article yesterday and it was a real eye opener:

    • traildustfotm

      Just went through the article, Ziggy. If true, this is very damning material, indeed.

    • Great article, that’s quite a rabbit hole. It all fits though.

    • Holy mackeral, that was quite the article. Thanks for sharing. What scum.Not one of them is not immersed in some level of evil.

  6. Any one of standard intelligence should have seen the evil in it and moved away from it.Great post shows what evil can do to someone once embraced.

  7. You don’t have to be a member of Instagram to view the posts of Asia Argento. The troublin and disgusting images in the video are there. I went to her Twitter account and–NO SURPRISE–she is a rabid feminist, supporter of lesbianism, and viciously pro-abortion.
    She is sick and evil. I suspect she’ll end the same way Bourdain did, unless she converts and repents.

    • According to “Ziggy’s” article she was “penciled in” already but escaped, for now.

  8. Yes, she is a witch, probably worse. The video is accurate. Asia is very into the occult, her entire family is! Dario Argento made many films about witches. Her mom Daria Nicolodi is probably one too. Asia is Italian film royalty. She was raised the same way she is now raising her daughter and son.
    Argento is the Italian word for Silver, that’s a familiar and interesting surname!
    By the way, her name isn’t pronounced like Asia like the man in the video said it… It’s Ahh-See-Uh -the Italian pronunciation. I pray to God for all these people, they are very sick.

  9. I never heard of her until she claimed she was raped by Harvey Weinstein…

    • Yeah, me either. It’s the “in” thing, like calling yourself a witch. Dress and act like a whore, then complain that you were raped. It’s liberal logic.

  10. I never heard of this man until his suicide. Instead of watching the clip I decided to read the comments. I’m glad I did!!!

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    For your information.

  12. Good video, thank you. Lophatt mentioned the “kool” kids and that’s exactly the impression I got from the picture above in the comments- a Sid Vicious poster and Joy Division poster and angsty scrawling on the wall? Oh and of course the double middle fingers- so rebellious!
    That’s some dumbss teenage sht; not appropriate for a 42 year old MOTHER.
    Seeing that made me want to write her off as just a stupid wannabe kool kid. But then I see pics of her with her daughter, calling her a “teenage red witch” and worse when she was a child, photos of them in their “red shoes.”
    Sick. Even after seeing all the occult things that she’s into, you know she’s a lost cause, but Dear God- how can you bring your innocent daughter into this??
    I will never understand this. The willingness to allow your children to be abused. RIP Jonbenet.
    Asia Argento->Marilyn Manson->Johnny Depp->Hunter S. Thompson->Franklin Coverup.

    • Yes, yes, exactly. This is one of those things that is easier to understand than it is to explain. It all “fits” but there are a lot of pieces. Once you have enough pieces assembled, the picture becomes clear.
      All of these people, places and events are “connected”. They are not a bunch of unrelated events. Sure, they travel in the same circles and all that, but it is much more orchestrated than that.
      I was thinking today that it is very much like having a booth at the fair. Once you’re initiated and have paid your dues, you are allowed to run whatever scam you’re into so long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall plan of the cabal.
      Of course membership has its “privileges” and obligations. So for your opportunity to win valuable prizes and indulge your vices there are certain….er, expectations. There are also assurances and “collateral” that are expected as the price of “membership”.
      There is also fear. There is the certain knowledge that your coreligionists would devour you like a cheeseburger if needs be. This has always been how the Devil does his work. The closer to and more efficacious your abilities are, the longer you are allowed to run your scam.
      Eventually, however, one is left with the final knowledge of what it is like to die without a soul.

  13. Michael J. Garrison

    I love it!!! Screw Uncle Sam…it’s now UNCLE SCAM

  14. Just to give more examples of the movies Asia made with her father Dario Argento:
    Let’s look at ‘Trauma’ 1993 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trauma_(1993_film)
    Here is the plot, copied from wiki
    “Aura (Asia Argento), a young woman suffering from anorexia, escapes from a psychiatric hospital and meets a young man, David (Christopher Rydell), who offers to let her stay with him rather than go back to the hospital; however, Aura is soon caught, and her return to the hospital coincides with the start of a string of murders of hospital staff members, past and present. The killer decapitates them using a homemade garrote device on rainy days. When her father is murdered along with her mother, Aura and David team up to find the killer.
    In the end, it is revealed that Aura’s mother, who faked her death after murdering her husband, is the killer. Years earlier, Dr. Lloyd (Brad Dourif) was given the task of delivering Aura’s brother, Nicolas. However, his clumsiness combined with a power outage (caused by a thunderstorm) led to him slicing off the newborn infant’s head as he was being delivered. The head nurse during the delivery convinces the doctor to forcibly subject Aura’s mother to electroshock treatment against her will, hoping that it would erase all memory of the botched delivery/death of her son, allowing for the staff to cover up their causing her child’s death. Holding the two hostage, Aura’s mother is ultimately killed by a young child who had discovered the mother’s crimes, and ultimately uses her own murder device against her to save her captives.” end of wiki quote
    I watched this film many years ago. Asia’s character is a young teenager, she has some nude scenes. The Christopher Rydell character wants to help her, saves her from killing herself and takes her home.
    I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but he tells his friend about her. The friend says “you should get into her pants” and our nice guy replies “she’s just a kid”, then the friend says “get into her play shorts” or something like that. Yeah, umm… and there are sex scenes with Asia and the Christoper Rydell character, if I remember correctly.
    I always thought it was very strange that Asia’s father would put her in those parts. I can’t think of another film director who casts his daughter in roles multiple times where nudity is required. Just like her character, Asia really did run away from home temporarily at the age of 14.
    The actress Piper Laurie has lines after her character is decapitated, her head rolls and she says the name of her son who died in delivery “Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas…” I hadn’t thought of this movie in many years, until a recent article on this site about a real event in the UK where a baby died during delivery in a very similar way. I would link the article, but I can’t find it. By the way, Asia’s son is named Nicola. …Hmmm.
    Asia’s daughter is named after Asia’s half sister Anna, who died in 1994 (the year after Trauma was released) she was killed in a scooter accident.
    Asia has played a character with the name Anna twice. The first time was in 1996 in Dario Argento’s The Stendhal Syndrome.
    a quote from wiki “Stendhal syndrome is a real syndrome, first diagnosed in Florence, Italy in 1982. Argento said he experienced Stendhal syndrome as a child. While touring Athens with his parents young Dario was climbing the steps of the Parthenon when he was overcome by a trance that caused him to become lost from his parents for hours. The experience was so strong that Argento never forgot it; he immediately thought of it when he came across Graziella Magherini’s book about the syndrome, which would become the basis of the film.” end of wiki quote
    The real syndrome resembles trauma based mind control, in my opinion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stendhal_syndrome
    Not that long ago Asia played Lucy in dad Dario’s Dracula movie, it was just awful, unwatchable. My husband I and tried to watch it on netflix, but I fell asleep. I woke up mid way through the film and my husband said “you missed Asia taking a bath”. Ha! Even at age 37, she was a mother of two! Dario is still making movies with his naked daughter. You could call it European or whatever, but I can’t think of any other director who does this, and I watch the oddball films.

  15. None of you people actually knew Anthony Bourdain, the person. He was actually a very generous and kind person. Most of you sound like typical fake Christian hypocrites. Where is your spirit of forgiveness and mercy? No, just personal attacks and negative accusations. No empathy whatsoever. Assholes.

    • Gosh, Rob, what a torrent of insults and abuse! Seems to me you practice what you accuse others of. Where is your spirit of forgiveness and mercy? Seems to me you’re displaying “No empathy whatsoever”, which makes you the asshole.

    • You want hypocrisy? Asia’s latest Instagram post tells folk to “be kind.”
      Then go check out her tags of @wef*ckinghatedonaldtrump.
      I’m done being kind to the left who, for over 500 days, has been doing everything in their power to try and unseat a duly elected president. THEY are the ones throwing out negative attacks and accusations through their daily temper tantrums. THEY have no empathy or respect for the millions of Americans who elected President Trump and the process by which this country was founded. THEY are the traitors or should I say assholes…

      • That’s a tried and true formula, blaming others for what YOU do. They are the ultimate hypocrites. I see Griffith is back in the news for calling the First Lady nasty names.
        That’s a classic. It is an Obongo era policy and law. Trump keeps saying “hey, introduce legislation to fix it and we’ll take a look”. They refuse. Why? Because they’d have to admit that the lie they’re telling about this being Trump’s fault is exactly that, a lie.
        So, they care so much about kids that they allow something they claim they detest to continue as long as they think it makes Trump look bad.

        • I saw on Twitchy that Griffin is having a contest and the winner gets 2 tickets to one of her comedy shows. Norm Macdonald tweeted back at her and said, “does second place get 4 tickets?”

          • That’s great. That was one of my favorite jokes. There’s a contest and first place is a one-week stay in Philadelphia. Second place is two-weeks.

            • traildustfotm

              Four weeks in Philadelphia! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (must remember to breathe)

    • traildustfotm

      Rob, although I didn’t personally know him, I had a great deal of like for Anthony Bourdain, his wit and indeed generosity, and for the reasons you stated. It is remarkable that the people our Lord attracted in His earthly ministry were like Tony and the people he liked. I have been personally grieving his loss since the news came through. I loved the man, but NOT his leftist politics or his ease with islam. He shared from the heart. I think that was his great appeal.
      As for the content of this post, Asia Argento seems to have been clearly connected with a level of occult activity that is not safe for anyone.
      As far as your accusation of us being assholes, speaking only for myself, I know I have the capacity to be one, and so you might be right. But your assessment that people with the Christian worldview are hypocritical is intellectually lazy.
      Of course we are sometimes the worst version of ourselves, just like Tony and just like you.


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