Abortion survivor speaks

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A Twin Lives Through an Abortion – CBN.com

“My name is Claire Culwell, and I am an abortion survivor…”

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  1. What a beautiful young woman, it’s wonderful to see how God is using her testimony to help save other lives. Abortion is a horror and the Left can put any title they want on it, the fact still remains, it’s brutal infanticide.

  2. abortion is a crime against humanity. inversely put funding abortion through taxation or americide {obamacare} is sin. one is just as guilty as the murderer and the policy enforcer. fear not he who can destroy the body, fear HE who can destroy the body and the soul. God is not mocked, a reprobate mind can never determine right from wrong.

  3. Incredibly moving. What a beautiful young lady.

  4. TD . . . that is the most beautiful, optimistic article I have read in quite some time. Great job on your part!

  5. In the end…don’t we all know deep down inside…if we are alive and balanced and well…that LIFE is all that matters? You can do acrobatics about law and inconvenience and “fairness” and “rights” and all those man-made contortion-acts….and in the end…it all boils down to LIFE. Period. You are either for it, or against it. There are no half-way measures: you can be rendered either ALL dead, or ALL alive. There is no in-between, and I’m sorry that the “in-between” is what American culture and law has been trying to provide for many years now in this arena. This sad, but striking, and brave testimony is the result of the RARE individual that survives that “in-between” world between “all dead/all alive.” She speaks to us from the “all alive” side that her “all dead” twin can not voice….and so beautifully and eloquently, too. In a perfect world, this clip would be shown in all abortion clinic waiting rooms…..but then….we are so imperfect…..


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