Abortion Supporter Gets Violent


Abortion Backer Attacks, Injures Pro-Lifers in Violent Assault

Life News reports on a pro-abortion supporter that become unhinged outside a late-term abortion business in New Mexico on July 5th.  The woman claimed to be a supporter of abortion, which occurred outside Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion center where pro-life advocates have been offering information about alternatives to women headed there for abortions. The attack resulted in bloody wounds for one pro-life advocate.

According to Operation Rescue, the woman was angry and told the pro-lifers that she had once had an abortion. She then began to viciously punch and kick Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern, and a pro-life woman named Chris. The woman used her keys as a weapon and inflicted a deep gash on Shaver’s head that paramedics said required stitches.

After the attack, the woman walked into the abortion center, but she left moments later and drove away before police could respond to Shaver’s 911 call for help. Police and paramedics eventually responded but the perpetrator was not apprehended, even though her description and license plate number were reported to the officers as well as the 911 dispatcher.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told LifeNews in a press release that he is disappointed police did not respond more quickly or thoroughly. “The lax way in which the police are handling acts of violence against pro-lifers who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional Rights and offering practical help to needy women is shocking,” he said. “It sends the wrong message that violence on the part of abortion supporters is acceptable. We pray that this troubled woman is brought to justice and gets the help she needs with her anger and grief issues.”

The “Women’s Options” facility performs abortion even at 25 weeks to 28 weeks, where the abortion process takes three to four days.

This pro-abortion woman was a bully – and she’s also a coward. I hope they catch her and fully punish her under the law.


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Dr. Eowyn

More peace and tolerance from the bleeding heart liberals!


They should’ve taught her the Golden Rule, and not that her feelings come first, too.

Jasper x
Jasper x

Tiller’s murder should be avenged a million times over… Keep getting in our face pro lifers., many of you will be lucky if the event above is the only thing that happens to you….

K. aka Kel
K. aka Kel

It’s liberal/socialists like Jasper x who reinforce my belief that they’re barking mad.
Yeah, buddy – attack the conservatives – but not a thought about the issue of abortion? Ooh, you’re freaking brave…