Abortion sickos: If only Mary had aborted Jesus

The pro-abortion movement is a demonic death cult.

A lesbian Episcopal priest(ess) Katherine Ragsdale calls abortion “a blessing”. A leading abortionist named Dr. Patricia Lohr told an audience of abortion advocates that killing children by abortion is “extremely gratifying.”

Here’s more evidence.

Peter Baklinski reports for LifeSiteNews, Oct. 12, 2012, that a pro-life conference in an evangelical church in Quebec, Canada, was interrupted when about 20 pro-abortion protesters, chanting blasphemous slogans, stormed the stairwell leading to the barricaded doors of the conference hall.

The doors had been locked to keep protesters out. Georges Buscemi, president of Quebec Life Coalition, said, “One of our people physically blocked the doors to prevent the protesters from entering.”

Behind the barricaded doors, conference attendees heard the protesters clapping, stamping, and chanting the equivalent in French of “It’s my body, my choice”. The protesters, who ranged in age from 16 to 25, also chanted a French pro-abortion sing-song against Mary, the mother of Jesus:

Ah si Marie avait connu l’avortement, on n’aurait pas tous ces emmerdements” (“Oh, If Mary had known about abortion, we wouldn’t have to deal with all this nonsense”).

After chanting for 10 minutes, police finally arrived and removed the pro-aborts.

Pro-abortion groups had provided free transportation to what they said would be an “action pacifique théâtrale” (peaceful action drama). But pastor Stéphane Gagné, who was in the midst of his presentation when the protesters stormed the building, said they were anything but peaceful. “So much for their ‘peaceful’ demonstration and to Hell with [their notion of] respect… I myself was delivering my lecture when the commotion and shouting prevented me from continuing,” he wrote on a blog.

Georges Buscemi said he was “not surprised” by the protesters. “Can you really expect people who advocate for the death of babies in the womb to be polite and respectful of property? It’s only going to get worse in the future,” he warned.

Want more proof that the pro-abortion movement is demonic? Take a look at this window display at an abortion mill in Rockford, Illinois — the blandly-named Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC).

NIWC abortion clinic

The window display is a mockery of Jesus Christ by placing a rubber chicken over the large cross. IHS is a monogram of the name of Jesus Christ, which dates back to the third century.

Another NIWC window sign proudly proclaims “NIWC 50,000, JC (Jesus Christ) 50” — that is, the NIWC has killed 50,000 vs. pro-lifers having saved only 50 babies. The NIWC boasts of having performed 50,000 abortions in the last decade. Yet another window sign reads: “No Job too Big or Too Small.”

Here’s a video on NIWC:


This evil abortion mill was founded in 1973 by Dr. Richard Ragsdale, a board-certified Ob/Gyn. (Another pro-abort Ragsdale! What a coincidence. Do you think Richard Ragsdale is related to Katherine Ragsdale, the lesbian Episcopal priestess who calls abortion “a blessing”?)

In September 2011, after killing babies for 40 years, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center had its license suspended by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health because of unsanitary conditions that included:

  • 3 of 3 operating rooms inspected failed to ensure a sanitary environment.”
  • NIWC failed to prevent potential contamination of clean equipment.
  • Gynecological cannulas (surgical instruments inserted inside a woman’s vagina) were stained with a “brown substance”.
  • Shoes were stored inside an open box of surgical gloves.
  • Operating room #1 contained a box of opened surgical gloves stained with a dried brown substance.
  • NIWC did not have an RN in the operating room for over three years.  It didn’t even have one on the payroll. Unqualified and unlicensed personnel were doing the work of a professional nurse.

The hellish Northern Illinois Women’s Center is now closed, indefinitely.

Praise God!


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Trail Dust
7 years ago

Let me be the first to “Like” your post, Dr. Eowyn.
These people clearly prove the origin of their motivation. Their demonic hatred can only be explained when we understand its satanic roots.

7 years ago

Pure evil. They will stand before God one day!

7 years ago

Will be sharing on PC and well done, Dr. Eowyn.

Abortion is murder and the sickos are disgusting and NIWC in the mussie Obama’s ‘home state’? How ironic and tragic is this. His stand on being OK with murdering babies is well documented and he did all he could to sacrifice 4 more lives in Benghazi.

Thank the Lord that those Navy Seals were not an abortion statistic and did what they knew to do, defend The United States and it’s citizens against overwhelming odds.

7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post, disclosing the demonic, evil abortion industry. You hit the nail on the head: it is demonic, from Satan and it is a death cult. Perfect description indeed! I am so glad that sick Northern Ilinois abortion mill was closed! Praise be to Jesus and His beautiful Mother, Mary, who said “yes” to God in participating in our salvation. Truly, there can be no other source for any abortion mill than Satan. We must vote for life: Vote for Romney/Ryan!

7 years ago

Absolutely disgusting…

7 years ago

What evil filth these people are. They have no respect for life, therefore no respect for the living, born or unborn. They totally disgust me.

7 years ago

If it’s stupid, nihilistic and offensive… it must be a left/liberal effort to advance their ideas (such as they are).

7 years ago

I wonder, if it were possible to remove the baby from the womb, and let it develop in a ‘tube’ until ‘birth’, would these women (pro-abortion) choose this option for their baby, or would they still want to just kill it?


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