Abortion Rates for 101 Countries

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The United States ranks #30 on this list of 101 countries, with 22.6% of all pregnancies in 2005 ending in abortion.
A quick look at this list shows that Marxist or formerly Marxist countries have the highest rates of abortion. As an example, Russia ranks #2, with 44.7% of all pregnancies ending in abortion; Cuba ranks #5, with 37% of all pregnancies being aborted; and China ranks #10, with 31.1% of all pregnancies being aborted.
If any reader can shed light on why Greenland — a “socialist democracy” — is ranked #1, with a shocking 51.1% of all pregnancies being aborted, I’d appreciate your leaving a comment.
H/t Spiritdaily.com.

Percentage of Pregnancies Aborted by Country
(countries listed by percentage)

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 25 April 2010
Percent of known pregnancies ending in legal abortions, most recent data (in order of decreasing percentage)

country year % notes
1. Greenland 2007 51.1
2. Russia 2008 44.7
3. Guadeloupe 2007 39.8
4. Nagorno-Karabakh 2007 38.1
5. Cuba 2007 37.0
6. Romania 2008 36.6
7. Estonia 2008 34.4
8. Bulgaria 2008 32.0
9. Martinique 2007 31.6
10. China (PRC) 2007 31.1
11. Hungary 2008 30.8
12. Latvia 2008 30.4
13. Moldova 2008 29.0
14. Cocos Islands 1978 28.6
15. Belarus 2008 28.2
16. Georgia 2008 28.1
17. Belize 1996 28.0
18. Kazakhstan 2008 26.8
19. Sweden 2008 25.8
20. Korea, South (ROK) 1999 25.6
21. New Caledonia 1998 25.2
22. French Guiana 2007 25.0
23. Slovakia 2008 24.3
24. Reunion 2007 23.5
25. Singapore 2008 23.4
26. Armenia 2008 23.2
27. Serbia 2008 23.2
28. Seychelles 2006 23.2
29. Vietnam 2007 23.2
30. United States 2005 22.6
31. Ukraine 2008 21.9
32. New Zealand 2008 21.6
33. France 2007 21.4
34. Norway 2008 20.9
35. United Kingdom 2008 20.9
36. Canada 2006 20.7
37. Lithuania 2008 20.5
38. Macedonia 2008 20.5
39. Australia 2007 20.2
40. Hong Kong 2005 19.9
41. Jersey 2004 19.9 *
42. Japan 2007 19.1
43. Denmark 2006 18.8
44. Albania 2008 18.7
45. Slovenia 2008 18.5
46. Dominican Republic 2005 18.2
47. Spain 2008 18.2
48. Montenegro 2007 17.7
49. Italy 2008 17.4
50. Turkey 2008 17.0
51. Croatia 2008 16.9
52. Iceland 2008 16.5
53. Mayotte 2006 16.0
54. Czech Republic 2008 15.8
55. Guernsey 2000 15.0 *
56. Finland 2008 14.9
57. Mongolia 2008 14.5
58. Germany 2008 14.4
59. Azerbaijan 2008 14.2
60. Kyrgyzstan 2008 14.0
61. Belgium 2007 13.5 *
62. Netherlands 2007 13.5
63. Greece 2005 13.3
64. Guyana 2007 13.3
65. Andorra 1995 13.0
66. Taiwan (ROC) 1999 13.0
67. Isle of Man 2007 12.8 *
68. Switzerland 2008 12.4
69. Portugal 2008 11.9
70. Bahrain 2002 11.4
71. Anguilla 2005 11.2
72. Israel 2008 11.1
73. Barbados 1995 10.3
74. Puerto Rico 2006 10.2
75. Tunisia 2008 10.1
76. Costa Rica 2005 10.0
77. Bermuda 1984 9.9
78. Turkmenistan 2008 9.9
79. Turks and Caicos Islands 2005 9.1
80. Tajikistan 2007 8.7
81. South Africa 2007 7.7
82. Saint Helena 1990 7.1
83. Ireland 2008 5.8 *
84. Uzbekistan 2008 5.8
85. Faeroe Islands 2008 5.3
86. Kosovo 2006 4.6
87. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2001 3.2
88. Austria 2000 3.0
89. Suriname 1994 3.0
90. India 2004 2.6
91. Gibraltar 2008 1.7 *
92. Qatar 2005 1.3
93. Malta 2008 0.9 *
94. Venezuela 1968 0.8
95. United Arab Emirates 2006 0.10 *
96. Mexico 2007 0.09 *
97. Poland 2007 0.09 *
98. Botswana 1984 0.04
99. Chile 1991 0.02
100. Luxembourg 1997 0.02 *
101. Panama 2000 0.02

Notes: Data is for residents only. (*) indicates values which include abortions abroad. See respective country pages for sources.

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0 responses to “Abortion Rates for 101 Countries

  1. I’m sorry, I cannot help with ‘factual’ reasons… only speculation. Perhaps there are limited rescources? The land of G has vast areas of barreness and the climate is harsh. So typical farming is very limited.??? Then one would argue the cold/harsh climate in Northern Canada and the lack of farming…IDK, I can only grasp at straws… as I am biased in this area. For me there IS No human reasoning to substantiate such numbers.
    What I DO know, is mathmatically, these stats w/regard to abortion are heart wrenching and I am staggered by the amount of the loss of humanity as a whole… :'(

  2. Excelent question, Eowyn!!! Ive found this article that tries to shed a light on the subject: https://www.nunatsiaqonline.ca/stories/article/abortions_nearly_out-number_births_in_greenland/

    • Thank you, Sieg! From the article you gave us:
      “An earlier study on abortion, conducted in Greenland’s Disko Bay region, looked at the reasons women chose abortion. “We believe that the main reason is a reluctance to use birth control — but why is a big question,” Peter Bjerregaard, a Danish health researcher and head of the circumpolar health association, said. The 1996 study found half the women who underwent abortions had forgotten to use any contraception. Another 25 per cent were simply against using birth control. The study found a high percentage of women seeking abortions were single, unilingual Greenlandic speakers and less likely to have a job. They also reported a history of drinking, past pelvic inflammations or veneral diseases, and previous hospitalizations. Contraception is free in Greenland…”

  3. Just so sad…

  4. If it’s the long nights in winter, then Iceland (latitude: 65º00´ N, like Greenland (lattitude: 72º 00′ N), should also have a high rate of abortion.
    But Iceland ranks #52, where “only” 16.5% of all pregnancies are aborted. In contrast, Greenland ranks #1, with 51.1% of all pregnancies being aborted.

  5. Abortion is illegal in ireland but we have a maria Stopes referral Clinic and me and friends roster our time and go to pray the rosary outside it. We are going to an Anti- Abortion Rally on Friday morning against students (?) for abortion in Maynooth which was once the catholic churches biggest seminary. Abortion may be illegal but you can’t stop someone going to murder their unborn child. Every abortion is a sacrifice to satan, just like the Holocaust of the Thrid Reich.

  6. Tragic.
    Reducing the number of abortions is about supply and demand. Why do so many women feel that abortion is the ‘sensible choice’?
    In the US it is more expensive to give birth than have an abortion, unlike countries with socialized health care. With the odd exception of Greenland and Sweden the US has a higher abortion rate than Western European countries with socialized healthcare systems. I exclude the former Soviet bloc because abortion was and still is used as instead of contraception.

    • Since abortion to you is merely a monetary, instead of moral, consideration, you must be a liberal. This must be the only time when a liberal actually proffers an argument in terms of the capitalist market signals of supply and demand — but only because you’re using it to promote a socialist cause of government health care. In the end, your worldview is nothing other than amoral socialism. Tragic.
      You’re in Birmingham, UK. As if you actually care about abortions in America. Pathetic.

  7. The systems of government is identical in Greenland and Denmark, and the abortion rate is vastly different – in other words, it has nothing to do with this alleged “socialist democracy” you mention. It’s not even something which is relevant to the overall issue of pro/con abortion either. To understand why it’s so high probably requires substantial historical context and knowledge about the Greenlandic culture.
    Many of the countries on the list don’t have free abortions, and therefore the statistics are not directly comparable.
    The various laws in Europe, for example:
    Just because it’s legal in some country doesn’t mean that people HAVE to get abortions. In most NW European countries the abortion rates have fallen steadily since it was legalized and a large part of the abortions are those done for medical reasons (which is a debatable subject, of course – it may include detected anomalies in otherwise viable fetuses).
    In some Western European countries the non-western Immigrant population has a VASTLY higher abortion rate than the so called “liberal” native population (about twice). That immigrant segment is obviously conservative Muslims for the most part (maybe except Britain, but there isn’t free abortion in Britain!).
    I don’t say that getting an abortion is the right thing to do, but the statistics does not show anything in particular, other than the fact that legal abortion rates are lower in countries where abortion is not legal – the few abortions in those countries are done abroad.
    The situation in Eastern Europe, I know nothing about that. However, they are not “Marxist” countries TODAY. If you look at those countries, then you can see that there are many “ex-Marxist” countries with a lower legal abortion rate than the US abortion rate, some of them significantly lower (for whatever reason).
    Those include:
    Czech Republic
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I don’t care about the abortion issue in the USA, I only reply because you asked about Greenland, and spoke out about other countries. I’m probably as ignorant about the USA as you are about Europe and Greenland, and I don’t care if you have legal abortion rights or not. It’s for you to decide, certainly not I. The reverse is also the case.

    • Thank you for your info, but I do take exception to your hostility and contempt that are entirely unwarranted by my post and the comments. I’m not an idiot: I do know that the East European countries are FORMERLY Marxist. If you re-read that sentence, you’ll see YOU are the one who misunderstood: “A quick look at this list shows that Marxist or formerly Marxist countries have the highest rates of abortion. As an example, Russia ranks #2, with 44.7% of all pregnancies ending in abortion; Cuba ranks #5, with 37% of all pregnancies being aborted; and China ranks #10, with 31.1% of all pregnancies being aborted.”
      The last time I looked, Russia is a formerly Marxist state and both Cuba and China are still (supposedly) Marxist.
      And how nice of you that you “don’t care about the abortion issue in the USA.” Who asked you anyway? Well, I do care about the abortion issue not just in the US but across the world because the aborted are human beings — like you and me. What if your mother had aborted you? Ever thought about that?
      Now go away, you rude obnoxious troll from Denmark. I sure hope not all Danes are as arrogant and contemptuous as you.


  9. The answer is sexual assualt.. Most Greenlanders are aboriginal and suffer from the same afflictions as aboriginals in Canada, Australia and elsewhere.. Along with addiction comes promiscuity and because of the history of the church raping children, a cycle has repeated itself and now almost 100% of all aboriginal children are incest raped at some point in their childhood.. This causes alcoholism and promiscuity when they get older.. Trust me.. These babies that get aborted are the lucky ones

  10. It’s 2015 – is there new data to compare with these stats from 2010?

  11. Hello-
    Just a gentle nudge you to recheck your statistics- your numbers were off by a decimal point due to most organizations releasing data for number of abortions per 1000 women ages 15-44 and not per 100 women. This takes, for example, Russia’s 44% to an actual 4.4%…
    Please refer to these UN statistics, their numbers are very similar to yours, but I think you just made a simple math error (or whomever you got your data from made the error). Although the data is more recent than 2005, there haven’t been enough world changes to merit a drop from your stated 44% in Russia to become 4.3% as stated by the UN chart (43 women out of 1000).
    Regardless of one’s beliefs about abortion, I believe that sharing accurate data is important!

    • phillyman33@gmail.com

      Mathwiz: I think the UN chart has Russia at 43.1
      Maybe the UN made an error?

    • Unfortunately, Mathwiz, you are not a wiz at maths. You are confusing the two different figures. The UN chart gives abortions per 1000 women per year. The table above gives % of pregnancies ending in abortion.
      We can derive the % rate from data in the UN table. We use tfr (total fertility rate) and aar (annual abortion rate) from the UN table. Then, supposing each women’s total fertility is cover by the years 15-44 (i.e. 30 years inclusive), we have:
      % of pregnancies aborted = 100 * (30 * aar / 1000) / (tfr + 30 * aar / 1000)
      For Russia this gives a figure of 48%, not a million miles from the figure give (44.7%). The discrepancy is explained by fertility outside the 15-44 band and changing cohorts.

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  13. Greenland: inbreeding.

  14. This is abortions per births. What if the country in question has a lower birth rate? They could appear to have more abortions when they don’t.


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