Abortion is the real War on Women

Liberals and feminists (overlapping categories) insist that women should have the “right” to kill the unborn because it’s the woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases and no male “patriarchy” rules over her. Blah, blah, blah.
So it is sobering to read the following shocking statistics from an article by Dwight Kehoe, “Birth of a Feminist,” August 6, 2014, in TPath.org.
Research, data and facts compiled by TPATH:
Some interesting research, polling and interviews, all of which cast a dark shadow on the prospect that abortion rights equate to women, not having men tell them what they can or must do with their bodies.
Remember, the vast majority of abortions, and don’t forget even early abortions, are very serious medical operations.  They are dangerous and intrusive and as you can see below, on most occasions not the choice of the woman.
Some facts that may disturb the feminist:

  • 72% of unwed abortions for women 17 or younger are done by order of the girl’s father, a male.
  • 21% of those abortions are encouraged by the teen’s boyfriend not ready to settle down or take responsibility for a child.
  • Less than 5% of those teenage abortions were decided on without the girl being coerced into it.
  • More than half of teenage girls say they would rather have had the child than abort it.
  • Not including medical issues related to pregnancies, 66% of the time it’s the husband who makes the decision to abort and pressures the wife to do so.
  • An astounding 50% of married or partnered women say they would not have aborted their child if it had not been demanded or encouraged by their husbands or boyfriends.

Here are some more male dominated facts:

  • 91% of doctors who provide abortions on a regular basis where abortions encompass 40% or more of the procedures they perform, are men.
  • 99% of doctors who provide abortions where 85% of their work is abortions, are men.
  • Except for some categories of some very specialized surgeons, abortionists and abortion clinics are the most highly paid and profitable.
  • Malpractice insurance is much lower for abortion doctors than the average doctor coverage.  This may be because only one of the two on the operating table needs to survive.

More male/female abortion facts and the true war on women:

  • Every week in America more than 4,000 children are aborted.  Records show that the sex of the aborted child is recorded.  On average, females are ejected from the womb almost 62% of the time.  Extending these numbers out, over 31 million little girls have met a male abortionist and his suction hose, prior to taking a first breath.
  • American families planning for just one child have practiced “gender selection” abortions until tests show a male child has been conceived.
  • In China, where the ruling Communist Party, made up of nearly all men, have instituted the “one child” law. As a result, 98% of all first time abortions are performed to rid the uterus of a female child.
  • Some researchers coming back from China have reported that almost every school appeared to be “boys only”.  When he asked where the girls only schools were, he was informed there were none nor were there boys only schools.  It just looked that way because there are no little girls.

For all those Feminists, born of the past or those who are about to take that path, supposedly in support of women who would refuse to allow a male to decide what they can or cannot do with their bodies, they may want to rethink whether it’s the male abortionist or the one who chooses life, who is the most invasive.

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Sadly I have a couple friends that have aborted and the damage is soul deep. Ironic that the male dominant theme still runs so strong in these decisions and their execution. So much for being in charge of their own bodies, seems the abortions were done to please one man and enrich another man. I do not favor abortion at all and I view it as murder. I pray for the women that have bought all the lies and aborted their children because I know most are haunted by it every time they see a baby.

Paul H Lemmen

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Wow, that article had an unexpected sucker-punch effect, knocking me back almost 40 years. I can attest to about 5 of those painful statistics, that it was absolutely, positively the emotionally-TERRORIZING-SCREAMING *MEN* (my own father, plus the 2-years-long, successful, 7-years-older-than-me boyfriend) who broke my spirit to the point of utter devastation, so I followed their cold, heartless, screaming demands, had an abortion, then (non-successfullly, thankfully) suicided two days after. The third *MAN*, the Gyn who did the abortion (legal by then), was the only one of them who literally shed tears after the overdose on pills he had Rx’d. He… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your story. Powerful stuff.


I understand part of your pain… this might make sense to you only in a way which sounds utterly demented to others. The screaming men… it is their way for you to render *payment* for what you have done for either what went wrong or what you did wrong….In a sense feel they were forced to be apart of your pain… I know all about this type of abuse …they keep reminding you until they are tired of the reminder… they will not let it go…others on here will not understand..and I would agree with them… it is not understandable… Read more »


TPR it sounds like you have healed well thanks to your faith in God but I want you to know I will also keep you in my prayers, your story hurt my heart. I am sorry that you had to go through that. What a terrible thing for a young girl to have to endure. ?


TPR so sorry you had to go through that– that loss is an unspeakable grief and so sorry you had to endure it. Love and hugs and sisterhood are with you.


TPR, my prayers are with you.
Great post, Doc.


WOW! God bless you for your COURAGE, dear TPR….


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this meaningful post and the hypocrisy of the feminist movement considering the violation of women’s rights to dignity and life set forth by the above statistics.
I believe that shame is a good thing which causes us to recognize our sins, and then we come before Our Lord with contrite and sincere hearts. His mercy and love are endless, oceans full of mercy and love.