Abortion Drug RU-486 – How it works

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As a companion to Dr. Eowyn’s post ” Wife of AG Eric Holder co-owner of abortion clinic building” I thought I’d post this patient tutorial on non-surgical abortion, what is commonly called “the morning after pill” aka RU-486.    I found this on the website of Old National GYN, the abortion clinic in the building owned by Eric Holder’s wife and her sister.  
No wonder pharmacists with moral scruples refuse to fill prescriptions for drugs for this use!   ( Click the photo to enlarge)
Old National Gyn -RU-486 instructions
It further explains:
The patient will return to Old National Gyn two weeks following the onset of this bleeding. At that time we will perform both an ultrasound (sonogram) and a pregnancy test to make sure that the abortion is complete. In rare instances another course of Misoprostol may be given to remove any residual tissue or blood clots. Depending upon the patients bleeding pattern or the amount of residual tissue seen on ultrasound, surgical intervention might be recommended.
Medical abortions are not for everyone, but it does allow the patient to complete the abortion in the privacy and familiar surroundings of her home.
We know you have other choices and we thank you for letting us care for you in this difficult time. Our office is conveniently located just off I-285 near Hartsfeid airport with ample free parking and close to all major hotels. Please contact our office for detailed directions and appointments.

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0 responses to “Abortion Drug RU-486 – How it works

  1. Actually, this isn’t the ‘morning after’ pill. It is truly an abortion pill. The morning after pill, or Plan B really does need to be initiated the morning after. If I recall correctly, it has high levels of progestin, blocking the implantation of a potentially fertilized ovum.

    • Thank you for that clarification. Most of the people I know equate “morning after pill” and RU-486 in their own minds.

  2. The article on the RU-486, however, is nauseating. Thank-you for letting us CARE about you. Using the emotion evoking reasonable tone, they know the public is susceptible to. Exploiting the information that people voted for Obama because he ‘cares’. But…I’m digressing and starting to rant.

  3. Thank you, grannie, for this post! You and I are on the same wavelength as I’ve had a post in draft on this. 😀

  4. Its time for this abortion issue to go back the the church and womans choice, and get the government out of the issue.. the Republicans loose people that believe in choice and they lost a election because they are overwhelmed with immigrants that feel sorry for other immigrants, both legal and illegal, but South American and Mexican immiagrants just the same, now add the Americans tired of the ranting about abortion, and the union people that think Obama saved GM and we have become a minority that is gonna be overwhelmed with Socilzim .. so get the priorities right and get the big issue on track and let the church deal with life and death of the unborn.
    We are looseing the farm for one or two issues, and you aren not going to like the result, if this Democrat controlled government is allowed to get stronger..

    • Wow, so if somebody wants to kill you, maybe it’s “bad” the government takes away the choice of the person who wants to take YOU out!

  5. All I can say is I don’t like it and cannot for the life of me wish that on my worst enemy. Oh the horror, the guilt, the awful thing to do to two beautiful bodies — the mother and child. It just is simply too much. Lord have mercy on us, for we know not what we do.

  6. Free & convenient, what more could you ask for? /s


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