Abortion Commercial Airs in UK

The United Kingdom (Britain) is further down Leftist road to perdition — of socialism, multi-culturalism, post-Christian secularism, and Big Brother government — than America.
The latest abomination there is the airing on TV of abortion ads. As reported by the BBC, May 20, 2010: 

An advertisement by an abortion advisory organisation is to be screened for the first time on UK television. The campaign for unplanned pregnancy and abortion advice at Marie Stopes clinics will raise awareness of sexual health, the organisation said. The 30-second film to be shown on Channel 4 will first air at 2210 BST on 24 May and run until the end of June.
Anti-abortion groups said the charity’s move trivialised human life and a legal appeal was being considered. The advertisement does not mention the word abortion but asks “Are you late?” and points those facing an unplanned pregnancy to Marie Stopes International’s 24-hour helpline.
The latest official figures for 2008 show that there were 195,300 abortions in England and Wales and 13,817 in Scotland. Marie Stopes said about 80% of the abortions it provided in 2009 were carried out for free on the NHS [National Health Service]. 
Michaela Aston, a spokeswoman for anti-abortion charity Life, said: “To allow abortion providers to advertise on TV, as though they were no different from car companies or detergent manufacturers, is grotesque. By suggesting that abortion is yet another consumer choice, it trivialises human life and completely contravenes the spirit of the 1967 Abortion Act, which was supposed to allow for a small number of legal abortions in a limited number of hard cases, but has been twisted and distorted to allow for mass abortion on demand.”
The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said it was taking advice on the legality of the advertisement. It called on the culture secretary to make regulator Ofcom impose restrictions on such broadcasts. Spokesman Anthony Ozimic said Marie Stopes’ “huge multi-national revenue means it can afford TV advertising, which is hugely expensive. This creates an unfair playing field, as pro-life groups simply cannot afford any such advertising”. He added: “Abortion ads will trivialise abortion. It is an insult to the hundreds of women hurt by abortion every day. Such ads are offensive and will mislead viewers about the reality of abortion.”

To read the rest of the BBC article, CLICK HERE.
There’s an interesting website that brings home, in a gentle way, the truth that behaviors have consequences. CLICK HERE.
You’ll see a number of revolving rectangles arranged in a circle. Each rectangle has certain words on it. Place your mouse (don’t click!) on a block that most speaks to you. The block will flip and there’ll be more words, ending with the central message: “Abortion changes you.”
This is an effective but non-threatening way to convey a pro-life message. Share the website with your teenager!
~Eowyn & Muffin

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10 years ago

This is sickening. Watch the new movie coming out, “Blood Money.” Abortion is a money making industry, from the lives of unborn, innocent and pure children. Just how bad can it get!!!!!