Abortion and Planned Parenthood: the Scourge of Heaven

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For the past eighteen months, I have been studying Marian apparitions from around the world:

Bayside, New York
Necedah, Wisconsin
Long Grove, Illinois
Belleville, Illinois

…and many more.

The evidence of a Heavenly presence at these places is overwhelming and includes photographs of celestial beings, miracles of healing and conversion, eye-witness testimony, seers in ecstasy, and Fatima’s famous “Miracle of the Sun” which took place before 70,000 witnesses.

At each and every one of these locations, Mary, who is known in the Church as the Queen of Heaven, has steadfastly spoken of Heaven’s condemnation of abortion. Here’s a small portion of what the seers have reported her saying:

Bayside, New York: “A state of life exists now, far worse than it was in the time of Herod! The Holy Innocents were slaughtered, but your numbers now, of children being slaughtered are counted in the millions! Damnation is the eventual judgement upon any man or woman who takes any measure in the slaughter of the unborn!”

Ecuador: “Another great victory of satan is abortion, which is an attempt against the great blessing of the Father, life.”

Necedah, Wisconsin: “I came here most of all because of the little children… Millions of little unborn have found death in the most hideous and cruel way… the wailing and the death of millions of unborn are on all citizens’ consciences if they have one or not… It is not spoken of in the churches from the pulpits. They fear to offend their parishioners… Remember this, it is a life from the moment of conception. No medical man who is honest, can tell you otherwise. No Clergyman who is truthful, can tell you otherwise… ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL.’ It is a mortal sin with the reward of eternal Hellfire. My children, STOP this terrible killing. STOP IT, or the chastisement will be so severe you will envy the dead.”

Long Grove, Illinois: “To all those who condone abortion: hear me now, for I tell you of your future. If you do not turn back now, mankind seeks a terrible chastisement from his God. Abortion is strictly murder. Mankind is murdering the Holy Innocents of today”

Belleville, Illinois: “My dear children, you cry and lament over loved ones lost in wars of this century, and fail to see how many of my tiniest dear children are killed in their mothers’ wombs every day, more than all of these past wars put together. I beseech you to pray, pray, pray that this great sin of abortion against the laws of God and man must come to an end. This is truly the work of satan.”

Fatima: Lucia said Mary spoke to her of the sin of babies being killed in the womb. At the time, Lucia didn’t understand what Mary was talking about.

I think the evidence is clear that abortion is a one-way ticket to eternal damnation in hell, not only for the mother who chooses to abort a human life, but also for the father, the doctor, the nurses, the abortion clinic’s administrative staff, organizations that support abortion (Planned Parenthood and others), politicians and judges who enact laws that legalize and support abortion, voters who cast their ballots for these same politicians and judges, media that supports abortion (books, movies, television, newspapers, websites, etc.), the people who either work for or own stock in those media companies, etc.

That’s a pretty long list, totaling hundreds of millions of people in our country alone. Across the world, it runs into the billions. Perhaps that’s why at Bayside, New York, Mary also said: “Souls are falling into hell faster than snowflakes that cascaded upon you in the worst part of your winters.”

Don’t kid yourself by thinking that you can be a good Christian, or a good Jew, or a good anything, who pretends to love and honor God, yet still support people like aka Obama, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and others who ardently support abortion.

If that statement angers you, perhaps God is trying to tell you something. Remember, the truth hurts. If you feel remorse over supporting abortion in the past, God will forgive you. All you have to do is ask.

Eternal damnation is a long, long time.

By refusing to support any individual or organization that promotes abortion, by refusing to spend your money at any business that is not 100% pro-life, you remove yourself from this most terrible of sins.

Why not pass this on to someone you know who supports abortion? You may lose a friend, but end up saving a soul.


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0 responses to “Abortion and Planned Parenthood: the Scourge of Heaven

  1. People need to heed these warnings.

  2. I beg to differ with you re.: Bayside. The so-called “apparitions” said to have occurred there were thoroughly investigated by the Diocese of Brooklyn at the time. They were determined to have violated Catholic theological and magisterial teaching. Also, E. Michael Jones’s magazine, “Fidelity & Culture Wars,” thoroughly investigated both Mrs. Lueken and her associates. Some of the people who looked at Mrs. Lueken’s case have determined that demonic activity was present.
    I am a poor excuse for a Catholic, but I do believe in those Marian apparitions that have been approved by the Church. The Bayside “apparitions” were NEVER approved by the Church and were condemned as early as 1970.
    I am a bit sensitive to this for a personal reason: I am one of Veronica Lueken’s godsons. I can tell you from my own personal experience that the family had severe financial problems for years until Mrs. Lueken reported her “visions.” Years after these “apparitions,” she was able to afford an upwardly mobile middle-class life.
    Please look into this episode which caused the Diocese of Brooklyn a lot of grief—and court costs—at the time. I am all in favor of true religion—not the abuse of religion.

    • I’m confused, where are the quotes (allegedly) coming from?!

      • Julie,

        Ecuador: “I Am the Guardian of the Faith” by Sr. Isabel Bettwy
        Long Grove, Illinois: “At the Cross Her Station Keeping”
        Belleville, Illinois: “Messages From Our Heavenly Mother to Her Children”
        Bayside: “VIrgin Mary’s Bayside Prophecies, 1980 to 1994”
        Necedah: “Revelations and Messages, Volume

    • Steven, Thanks for your comment.

      Bayside has never been condemned by the Vatican or the bishop of Brooklyn. Auxiliary bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese and former chancellor, Anthony Bevilacqua, said in a 1982 interview: “Condemned is a very strong word. I’m not hesitant to use it, but it doesn’t belong in something like this.” He said it is not sinful to attend Bayside vigils. Father Malachi Martin, advisor to three popes, said in 1998: “I believe that Bayside is a true apparition.” There has never been a true, thorough, canonical investigation of Bayside, and Veronica was never interviewed.

      Two other things to keep in mind: the church has been infiltrated by thousands of satanists and communist agents since the 1940’s. They were called out by Mary at Bayside, and elements within the church moved swiftly to silence her. She named names and exposed the entire NWO takeover.

      Also, if anything demonic is behind Bayside, it’s having the opposite effect, because tens of thousands of people have converted, because of the Bayside apparitions. It’s been instrumental in my return to the church.

      Again, thanks for posting. We can agree to disagree on this one issue.

  3. Personally I don’t trust any “marian” appearances, just as I don’t trust any appearances of beings of light or darkness etc. However, I will say, the best prevention for abortion, is people not getting to that point in the first place, what is needed is for lots of people to learn responsibility, and some respect for their own bodies, as well as respect for God. People must only have intercourse within marriage, and never otherwise, anything else is not only breaking the Rules that God has set, but disrespecting one’s future spouse, as well as one’s self.

    Fixing this would have to entail taking out the (pro-)sex-education establishment entrenched in the public school system, installing moral education in their place, and educating parents as well about morality and ultimately, Christ, as the morality will not hold on itself alone. Suffice it to say such an undertaking is monumental already, the churches/denominations need to quit fighting each other over petty differences, agree on Christ, and form a united front against the plans of the enemy.

    • Seumas, Catholics are not required to believe as a matter of faith, any Marian apparition. However, your solution is being ignored; people are not practicing responsibility or abstinence. Clearly, you must be aware that millions of innocent children have been killed in our country because of abortion. This is reality.

      Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Guadalupe, important Marian apparitions, all have been thoroughly and most carefully investigated and fiercely scrutinized by the Catholic Church, by doctors, scientists and other professionals. The Catholic Church has declared these Marian apparitions as being worthy of faith. I believe that individuals who choose not to render that faith and listen to Mary’s warnings, not only lack common sense and wisdom, but are unrealistic. Mary comes only to help us and to bring the people of this world to her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Excellent comments, Joan! Mary’s appearances have been instrumental in saving me and many others!

      • Joan, No offense intended or implied, but I don’t trust any organization or professional etc. to verify spiritual things for me, I verify by myself, generally by strict standards, (Such as does something match the historical something, for example). As for the solution proposed, it is only largely ignored for the fact that the denoms are so busy battling eachother that they let the adversary slip right by, that and what has happened here is generations of indoctrination since the 60’s designed for the sole purpose of excising morality, and common sense, from the people in general. There is much work to be done, and so few workers wanting to do the work, or if they’re willing they’re already busy elsewise. I do think these things can be turned around, though, through Christ.

  4. Thank you Michael for your most important post. Please refer to my reply to Seumas which is self-explanatory. I love the Blessed Mother Mary very much! The Queen of Heaven is speaking to us! We are fools if we do not listen!

  5. Mary, the Holy Mother of God, is the vessel of all His grace.

  6. Thank you, Joan and Grace!

  7. Bayside isn’t a church approved apparition.


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