Abortion and Cuba's demographic collapse

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abortion is murder2
This is a sobering, terrifying article.
Cuba, a single-party Marxist-Leninist state since 1959, is officially secular or atheist, although 59% of the population are Christian (mostly Catholic).
Marcus Roberts writes for Australia’s MercatorNet, Nov. 4, 2015, that Cuba’s demographics are in dire straits. Since the 1970s, the birthrate has been in free fall, tilting population figures into decline.
Cuba already has the oldest population in all of Latin America. Experts predict that 50 years from now, Cuba’s population will have fallen by a third, with more than 40% of Cubans older than 60. That aging population will require a vast health care system, the likes of which the state cannot afford. 
What is odd is that low birthrate is a problem much more common in rich, industrialized nations, instead of poor ones like Cuba.
The reasons for Cuba’s precipitous population decline include:
1. Cuban women, becoming educated, are marrying later and opting to have fewer children. As Dr Hazel Denton, a former World Bank economist who studied Cuban demographics and is now at Georgetown University, explains: “Education for women is the button you press when you want to change fertility preferences in developing countries…You educate the woman, then she has choices — she stays longer in school, marries at an older age, has the number of children she wants and uses contraception in a more healthy manner.”
2. Cuba’s economy of scant job opportunities, a shortage of available goods and a dearth of sufficient housing, all of which lead Cubans to postpone having children, sometimes indefinitely.
3. Millions of Cubans leave the island and live overseas, especially young people who are fleeing the island in big numbers to the United States, not just for economic opportunities but, with normalization of US-Cuban relations, in anticipation of an end of a U.S. policy that allows Cubans who make it to the United States to naturalize.
4. But a main cause for Cuba’s demographic free-fall is that Cubans wantonly are killing their unborn, at a rate of 30 abortions for every 1,000 women of childbearing age, the second highest rate in the world and almost double that of the USA. Only Russia’s abortion rate is higher.
Abortion in Cuba is legal, free and a common, widespread practice, viewed as just another method of birth control. There is no social stigma attached to abortion. Cubans speak openly about abortions, and lines at clinics often wrap around the building. Many women have had multiple abortions, some as many as 10.
The source of the above information is a New York Times article of Oct. 27, by Azam Ahmed, deceptively and nauseatingly titled “In Cuba, an Abundance of Love but a Lack of Babies.” Ahmed writes:

A magnetic energy courses between Claudia Rodriguez and Alejandro Padilla, binding the couple in clichés of intimacy: the tendency to finish each other’s sentences; hands that naturally gravitate toward one another; a shared laughter that forms the soundtrack of their romance.
What their love will not bear, for the moment, is a family. Though they plan to marry and have children, they will wait — until they are no longer sharing a small apartment with a half-dozen others, or perhaps until obtaining diapers and formula is no longer a gamble….
“‘You have to take into consideration the world we live in,’ said Ms. Rodriguez, 24, who says she has had two abortions to avoid having children too soon. Clutching Mr. Padilla’s hand, she said, ‘It would be so much harder with a child.’”

Another young woman, 27-year-old restaurant worker Claudia Aguilar San Juan, said, “I’ve had two abortions, one of them with Jorge” Padilla, her boyfriend of two years. “At the time, we didn’t think we were ready to have kids, and we continue to think that it’s still not the time.” Abortion is common in both of their families: their mothers have had four abortions each.
Back to the lovebirds Claudia Rodriguez and Alejandro Padilla.
The New York Times says:

Padilla, smirking, blurted out that Ms. Rodriguez’s aunt had undergone 10 procedures, prompting his partner to laugh.
‘Quiet,’ she whispered sharply, slapping his arm. ‘She has a degree in French and is inside right now.’”

MercatorNet’s Marcus Roberts rightly observes:

When the number of abortions that your aunt has had is a matter of mirth then you know that there is something seriously wrong with a society’s moral compass. Let us hope that Cuba’s view of family and the unborn changes for the better. Without such a change, the country faces a bleak future. But not quite as bleak as that faced by unborn Cuban children.

abortion is murder

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0 responses to “Abortion and Cuba's demographic collapse

  1. Abortion: all socialized medicine can provide…

  2. The pro-abortion person twists their logic into believing it is a loving act to murder your baby with them giving many empty, Godless reasons for doing it. There’s absolutely nothing loving about abortion – it’s a barbaric, cruel, sadistic and satanic ritual that this blessed soul is subjected to by its mother who is most likely totally ignorant of the facts and reality of this ritual. In USA, we still haven’t gotten to the lower level of such hardness of heart in believing it’s just another form of birth control, albeit, many US women are at that level. But the majority of women, which includes those who’ve had abortion and those who haven’t, do believe that it’s murder, it’s wrong and that it destroys the woman’s heart, mind and soul. It’s something that isn’t easily forgotten or an act they can easily forgive themselves for. I’ve known a few women who’ve had one and each one went through an agonizing trial of self-persecution for some time afterward. I pray for women that have attitude like the Cuban women – they feel nothing and literally don’t know what they’ve done and that they’re committing murder of the holy innocents. They’re prevented from coming into embodiment and denied their rights of being here because God ordained it! They have the right to offer the world something wonderful if they choose; they have the right to balance their karma; and they have the right to be loved and cared for by parents who want them (even if not biological parents), They have the right to BE just as much as the woman who agreed to bring forth their child. People really must come to know the of life – there’s so much more to life than the average person knows. If society knew the total truth, they wouldn’t be so miserable as to need drugs, alcohol and casual sex to wipe out their misery (which doesn’t wipe it out but creates more misery). God is always the answer to every negative thought, word and deed. And, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! If more of the people who’ve left God don’t return to His heart and Laws, I fear America’s judgement will descend. This isn’t a threat but a fact. Those who fail to remember the past history are doomed to repeat it. Remember Pompeii, Sodom & Gomorrah, Greek and Roman Empires, Atlantis – they all experienced the consequence of their inordinate desires and complete hedonism and perversion. Pray for those who can be turned around to the Light.

  3. You need to hide these facts and figures! Don’t tell Obama or Hilary Clinton! Why? If those two learn about all the senior citizens in Cuba. They will bring them here and give them our Social Security!

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  5. Cuba is not the only country without a future: Both Russia and the United States have also had demographic changes. In fact, almost every single country in Europe, save Ireland and Malta (possibly) have had massive demographic changes due to contraception and abortion.
    Russia’s population has actually been declining for the past few years. It is the same with Japan.
    The reason why the United States’ population has kept pace is we allow migration. I think abortion and contraception are the reason the Ruling Elite are allowing the Muslim hordes in: They’re not reproducing, either.
    I believe that the world is under Judgment because of this. We’re facing a Clash of Civilizations, and we’re not prepared. And demographic change, beyond a certain point, necessarily leads to political change. The next twenty years will witness that change, and it’s going to be catastrophic.
    Abortion is Satanic.

    • “I think abortion and contraception are the reason the Ruling Elite are allowing the Muslim hordes in: They’re not reproducing”

      • Clarification: When I wrote, “They’re not reproducing,” I meant that the peoples of the several European nations were not reproducing. I did not mean to imply that the Muslims were not reproducing; In point of fact, they most definitely are.
        I will make an effort to proofread and pause before I post in the future!
        (Thank you for the agreement, however.)

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The effects of wide scale abortion in Cuba and other parts of the world are showing. The devil and his demons are accomplishing the destruction of societies because of their hatred of the Holy, Mighty and Immortal Holy Trinity. We must pray against abortion and its supporters, its industry, and ask the Blessed Mother Mary to help us.


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