Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics

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Dr. Helen Ratajczak, a former drug company scientist, just published a comprehensive review of autism research. Buried in her 79-page review, on page 70, are five words that reveal a secret Big Pharma has kept from you:

“…grown in human fetal tissue.”

As Dr. Mercola reports for Health Impact News Daily, Dec. 21, 2011, the line reads (page 70):

“An additional increased spike in incidence of autism occurred in 1995 when the chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.”

But that fact is never disclosed in your vaccine consent form, which is why most people are unaware that cell cultures derived from aborted human fetuses have been used extensively in vaccine production for decades. And vaccine makers are just content that most of the public are ignorant of this most inconvenient truth. For if we knew, we might be dissuaded from getting the vaccine.

Why are human fetal cells used in the production of vaccines? Joseph Herrin explains, in his August 14, 2009 article, “Hell’s Pharmacy”:

The traditional process is to inject viral material into chicken eggs and then to harvest the antibodies that are produced. This is a time intensive process, and a way to speed up the production of vaccine has been sought, and has been found.

The foremost way to streamline the process involves taking human cells, instead of eggs, and using them as the medium in which to grow the viral material to produce the desired vaccine. […] one company in particular has a line of cellular material that they license to other major pharmaceutical companies so that they can create pharmaceutical products. These products include flu vaccines.

The company is called Crucell. It actually has multiple lines of human cell material, but one in particular, called PER.C6, is marketed to be used to develop vaccines. What the company does not announce publicly is that the cell line was derived from an aborted baby.

According to Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), the following 24 vaccines are produced using cells from aborted fetuses and/or contain DNA, proteins, or related cellular debris from cell cultures derived from aborted human fetuses:

Polio PolioVax, Pentacel, DT Polio Absorbed, Quadracel (Sanofi)
Measles, Mumps, Rubella MMR II, Meruvax II, MRVax, Biovax, ProQuad, MMR-V (Merck)
Priorix, Erolalix (GlaxoSmithKline)
Varicella (Chickenpox and Shingles) Varivax, ProQuad, MMR-V, Zostavax (Merck)
Varilix (GlaxoSmithKline)
Hepatitis A Vaqta (Merck)
Havrix, Twinrix (GlaxoSmithKine)
Avaxim, Vivaxim (Sanofi)
Epaxal (Crucell/Berna)
Rabies Imovax (Sanofi)

Educational psychologist Dr. Susan Tyrrell reports for LifeNews.com, Dec. 13, 2011, that Children of God for Life has produced a one-page list of fetal cell products that include food, cosmetics, and vaccines. Below is the list. You can also download the list in pdf format by clicking here.

Aborted Fetal Products

Pepsi Beverages on the Boycott:

• All Pepsi soft drinks
• Sierra Mist soft drinks
• Mountain Dew soft drinks
• Mug root beer and other soft drinks
• No Fear beverages
• Ocean Spray beverages
• Seattle’s Best Coffee
• Tazo beverages
• AMP Energy beverages
• Aquafina water
• Aquafina flavored beverages
• DoubleShot energy beverages
• Frappuccino beverages
• Lipton tea and other beverages
• Propel beverages
• SoBe beverages
• Gatorade beverages
• Fiesta Miranda beverages
• Tropicana juices and beverages

Nestles Products:

• All coffee creamers
• Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC Products:

• Black Jack chewing gum
• Bubbaloo bubble gum
• Bubblicious bubble gum
• Chiclets
• Clorets
• Dentyne
• Freshen Up Gum
• Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
• Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
• Stride
• Trident

Cadbury Adams LLC Candies:
• Sour Cherry Blasters
• Fruit Mania
• Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts
• MaynardsWine Gum
• Swedish Fish
• Swedish Berries
• Juicy Squirts
• Original Gummies
• Fuzzy Peach
• Sour Chillers
• Sour Patch Kids
• Mini Fruit Gums

Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products:
• Certs breath mints
• Halls Cough Drops

Senomyx Products:
Many of the above products manufactured by Pepsi, Cadbury, and Nestles, make use of additives developed by Senomyx, an American biotechnology company that develops additives to amplify certain flavors and smells in foods. Senomyx’s website claims that it has reverse engineered the receptors in humans that react for taste and aroma, and they are capitalizing on these discoveries to produce chemicals that will make food taste better.
Children of God for Life, citing the Senomyx paper “Human receptors for sweet and umami taste” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, claims Senomyx uses aborted fetal cells in its products and testing, making use of Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells (HEK 293).

Senomyx has not denied this. The company lists several large corporate partners or “collaborators” on its website, such as PepsiCo and Nestle. Campbell Soup Company was a Senomyx corporate partner, but recently ended its partnership after pro-life groups brought up the matter of the use of human fetal cells. The recommendation is to boycott all of Senomyx’s products.

Neocutis Cosmetics:

Neocutis is one company that uses Senomyx. The company  produces anti wrinkle creams that contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted male baby. It is recommended that we boycott all Neocutis products, especially the following:

  • Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee
  • Bio-Serum Lumiere
  • Bio Restorative Skin Cream

Vaccines Containing Aborted Fetal Cells And the Manufacturers:

  • MMR II (Merck)
  • ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox – Merck)
  • Varivax (Chickenpox – Merck)
  • Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB – Sanofi Pasteur)
  • Vaqta (Hepatitis-A – Merck)
  • Havrix (Hepatitis-A – Glaxo SmithKline)
  • Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo – Glaxo)
  • Zostavax (Shingles – Merck)
  • Imovax (Rabies – Sanofi Pasteur)

Other medicines:

  • Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis – Genetech)
  • Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis – Amgen)

SCPI has a list of cosmetics that are similarly produced from aborted fetal tissue cell lines.

Even PepsiCo’s shareholders, who are not a religious or pro-life group, filed a resolution with the government office, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to demand they stop using fetal cell derived products because it was unnecessary and hurting business. You can find some general background on what we have called the “Industry of Death” by clicking here.

The seasonal flu vaccine actually has a low rate of effectiveness, of about 6%. There is evidence that Vitamin D better protects us from the flu. (To read more, go here and here.) In fact, 70% of doctors and nurses, and 62% of other health care workers do NOT get the yearly flu shot because:

  • They don’t believe the vaccine would work
  • They believe their immune systems are strong enough to withstand exposure to the flu
  • They are concerned about side effects

In the end, we must ask ourselves two questions:

1. Is this necessary? No.
Animal cell lines produce vaccines and biologics as economically and effectively as the aborted fetal cell lines. Rejuvenating anti-aging creams and cosmetic products are available produced using animal and non-fetal materials. Moral options exist for Rabies, Polio, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Separate moral options currently are not available for Measles and Mumps.

2. Is this safe? We don’t know. 
Studies have not yet been done to determine the health consequences of injecting contaminating aborted fetal DNA and materials into our children, into our bodies, or into our skin.

For more information, visit https://cogforlife.org.

Update: “New ethical flu vaccine by Novartis does not use aborted fetal cell lines,” Jan. 13, 2013.

Update (August 26, 2015):

Please scroll down to an updated list provided by Children of God for Life’s Debi Vinnedge. Click here!

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137 responses to “Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics

  1. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for telling us about this horrible reality! I will tell my friends about this-it is just horrific! And, the public is innocent about these evil practices. God, help us!

  2. it certainly shows up the evils of abortion. i feel sick after reading it. I am always Pro-Life. How horrible our world has become!

  3. Very awesome and informative article. I only wish you didn’t link to the Joseph Herrin blog. He is rabidly anti-Catholic.
    All the best to you in the coming year. Merry Christmas!

  4. Mercola has excellent information and he dares to call a spade a spade! I’m on his email list; but, I missed this story. Thanks for posting!

  5. This is unbelievable!!! Sending this to oldest daughter. Our grandbaby is not getting any vaccines yet! He may never get them.

  6. Whoa, so your telling me that you’d rather not get your grandbaby’s vaccine shot because of this, yes its sad, but its obviously not going to kill you, I can understand may not wanting to eat some of the food. But in my option if its a medicine and can help you why NOT get it? Theres nasty stuff in everything we eat, everything we touch, everything we drink, you can’t run from every thing like that. Plus you can’t ALWAYS believe what you read on the internet.

    • “Plus you can’t ALWAYS believe what you read on the internet.”
      …and top on that list is Em’s comment.
      Em, nowhere in my post did I recommend that parents not give childhood vaccines to their children. Flu vaccines, however, is another matter, given it’s very low rate of effectiveness. If you scroll down to the bottom of my post, you’d read that manufacturing vaccines using aborted human fetal cells is TOTALLY unnecessary. There are alternatives, using animal eggs. My post’s purpose is to inform people so that, armed with knowledge, we will be more discerning consumers and medical patients. We must DEMAND manufacturers of vaccines, food, drinks, and — above all — totally frivolous cosmetics, to stop using aborted human cells in their products.
      Now why would you object to that? Instead, you recommend surrender. What poverty in imagination and moral fiber.
      Merry Christmas!

    • “nasty stuff”!!?!??! It’s pieces of baby!!!!!! Human baby!!!!!!!

    • Just proved autism is from vaccines!!! Culprit…possibly aborted tissue. Easier to rid body of food but a vax goes to your blood and tissue. Stay away from vax’s.

    • Human beings are precious in Gods sight. We are made a little lower than Angles. The holy bible states that we can eat animals. But not human beings. We were made in Gods image We are made to obey and praise our creator. Every aborted baby has a soul. The baby’s are speceal. They should never be aborted on demand by a mere human dr. God has the rules not scientists.

    • I don’t want my grandchildren getting vaccinated because I don’t want dna from other humans in their systems plus all the other stuff. And yes, it could possibly kill them. Why would you want them injected with junk? Don’t you care? Obviously NOT

  7. This is absolutely HORRIBLE. I for one am against vaccines and so is my daughter. They do NOT help. In fact, they hurt. Too many cases of autism and when one does the research, natural anti bodies that the body can build up are the best. I worked in a hospital for 11 years and NEVER got sick. Only got one flu shot too.( That year I DID get sick). Childhood illnesses were all eradicated even BEFORE they started giving vaccines!
    Thanks again everyone…https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/islamic-true-believers-blow-up-nigerian-christians-on-christmas-day/#comments
    My comment of thanks and update in on the above post. God bless you all!

  8. This process was done in the 80’s and was subsequently banned. The ban was mandated by President William Clinton. Hope this helps.

  9. I kinda wish I had not read this. My 9 month old has gotten 2 doses of the Pentacel vaccine… I had NO IDEA such a thing was even possible. I just feel all icky inside now…

  10. Aqua Fina water??????? What the hell???

  11. Nice! Time to take another sip of my Pepsi!
    Let me take a clip from the article,
    ” 1. Is this necessary? No.
    Animal cell lines produce vaccines and biologics as economically and effectively as the aborted fetal cell lines….”
    We don’t mind drinking and rubbing aborted fetuses on our face, but damn it they better be aborted animal fetuses, otherwise we arn’t into it!

    • This is NOT an article about the use of animal products. Humans don’t “abort” animal fetuses; we only abort human fetuses.
      Now take your juvenile attempt at sarcasm somewhere else.

  12. Sad that this is being turned into a pro choice issue. What the health or food community allows us to consume without our knowledge is a very different thing than a woman making her own choices and having control of her own body.

  13. S. Dennis,
    Why do you “Pro-Choice” ppl pretend to give two hoots about a Woman’s right to Choose? Y’all do not care about Choice if u did then why do y’all protest against showing a sonogram before the abortion? Why do abortion clinics not give any information about the so called “procedure” before it is done? And why the heck do you not call yourselves “Pro-Abortion”? If abortion is morally right then why do activist refuse to use the word abortion? Instead they say a Woman’s Right to Choose! (yeah, as long as its your choice).
    If you are so ok with abortion then why do the clinics refuse to show examples of what exactly is preformed during the procedure? Like the picture above! How can you see that picture and not believe that is a human being? The itty bitty fingers and toes! There are 10! Will someone PLEASE explain this to me! I cannot get someone to explain things like this without dodging the question. The GIRLS that I know that have had abortions say that they would never had done this if they had seen these types of pictures to begin with! And now their lives are a complete mess b/c they have to live with this murder for the rest of their lives!
    I wish you would quit putting this crap on “women” and start calling yourselves what you REALLY are…PRO ABORTION”. You could CARE LESS about another WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE! People like you are HEARTLESS and are only out for yourselves! Stand up and take responsibility for once in your life and quit blaming the baby for your own mistakes! Good Grief!

  14. on what page did you read “grown in human fetal tissue”? i’m printing her paper now. thank you.

  15. Very interesting article. It is sickening to read about the use of aborted human fetal cells. Here’s an article about various tissues from animals which may be present in vaccines. You might lose your appetite!

  16. Why Did ” Children Of God For Life ” Make this article sound like they were using aborted fetuses in pepsi and other food products???
    you carefully worded everything to make everybody believe a lie.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKXYEbwHAyw Watch my video I Explained what I’m talking about.

    • Buffed,
      Thank you for your video. I am still not going to use these products tho, but I was a big Pepsi drinker and did wrestle w/the fact that I was consuming an aborted fetus. But I will always wrestle w/the fact that I gave these horrible ppl money. This type of testing should not be allowed!
      But they do use aborted babies in Vaccines…w/2 small children, what would you reccomend for an alternative to getting their vaccines to satisfy the law? B/c I will NOT be getting their vaccinations now!

    • Buffy,
      Also you need to let others on this site know that you are PRO-LIFE b/c ur video is interesting.

  17. @Miranda okay i’m posting this post
    I Am A Pro-Life Person I’m Agianst Abortion and I just thought That I should make this video Simply to let people know that they were not actually eating Aborted Fetuses. but rather they were eating chemicals that were tested on aborted fetuses to make sure it was safe for humans which is still very wrong in my ippinion.
    But Wanted to make it clear that the aborted Fetuses are not in the foods/drinks but are in the Make-up Ect..
    I Honestly Wish ” Senomyx ” would just use Animals for the Testing if they had to use anything. I’m Sure they could make Progress using Animal Testing As Well.

  18. The poor little children who continue to receive the death sentence don’t get to vote. Stop the killing!!

  19. I look up some info on senomyx and it wad showing coke brand and kraft do you know if this is true

  20. Where I work (hospital) they force you to get the flu shot, unless you have a Dr. note stating you have an egg allergy. Is there a note I can get saying that the way the vaccine is actually made makes me sick??

  21. I knew I liked the taste of all pepsi products for a reason. fetalicious!

    • You, “tony” of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada (email address treearm@gmail.com), are evidence that Evil exists.
      You wretched little man with the little wiener, chuckling over the murder and cannibalism of innocents. But you won’t be chuckling for long. The father of all lies always betrays its followers in the end. May God have mercy on your benighted soul.

  22. There is no reason whatsoever to use human fetal tissue, when animal tissue works just as well. How dare they sneak this into our soda’s and foods! It makes me feel sick to think of the murders that are committed every day in the name of “right to chose.” If it were a right, the women involved would be shown a sonogram of the baby (yes baby and not fetus) before it was killed. God help this generation of heartless people, soften their hearts to care about someone besides themselves. If your going to play, you have to pay, so woman up and be a mother to that baby you got when having a good time! The blood of these babies like Abels cry out to God.

  23. The smart one

    You people are dumb. Complaining about how woman shouldn’t “kill” their baby. Keyword here is “their.” If they don’t want to have it then they have the right to terminate it. It’s as simple as that. All you people of god are stupid. A woman’s body is more than an incubator you know.

    • No, the idiot one. Key word here is “kill”. What part of murder do you not understand?
      A woman’s body IS capable of getting pregnant when you choose to have sex. But as with everything liberal, no one should have to be held to any standards or responsibilities. Heaven forbid you deal with the consequences of choosing to have sex.

    • Hey, self-described “smart one”:
      You’re so smart, you haven’t figured out that if your mom had decided to abort you, you would never have been born to grow into the stupid narcissist you are today. You would have been KILLED, scraped off and sucked out of your mom’s womb, and thrown into the trash.

    • Yup, and even a basic knowledge of biology should lead people to realise a fetus is genetically distinct from its mother from the moment of conception. It is not just ‘part of her body’ if it was, it would have identical DNA to her and miscarriages would not happen, because the Immune system would not attack her own body.

  24. Sorry, but I have difficultly believing this stuff about aborted fetuses being used- because I have some knowledge of how viruses ‘work’- at least as much as the next person taught about them in Junior High School anyway.
    Viruses hijack the nucleus in a cell and inject thier own DNA into it, so that when the cell replicates, it makes copies of the virus too.
    To do this, the viruses require a LIVING ‘host’ cell as a dead one cannot replicate. So how exactly could those poor dead babies with be used for the purpose stated here? It makes no sense to me.
    Also perhaps a possible reason why ‘flu vaccines ‘do not work’ is because the flu virus keeps on mutating and changing, the the vaccine is only effective against one form of the virus- so if the person catches another form of it the vaccine is ineffective. Just a thought.

    • You have a Junior Hi education, but Dr. Helen Ratajczak, a scientist with a Ph.D., who is quoted in my post knows less than you do about how viruses work. Okidokee! If you say so! [snark]

      • Dr Eowyn- never said that, though I am used to people such as you who attack people on the basis of what they have not said, or a misrepresented version thereof. Generally, they are arrogant to the extreme and they are the ones who cannot accept that anything they say, think and believe might be wrong.
        DCG- So I ‘mustt be pro-abortion because I use the word virus ‘virus’ and ‘host cell’?
        Well that’s not a prime example of a person making an unfounded assumption on the basis of thier preconcieved notions and ignorance is it? Nah, not at all.
        Me is starting to think this mainly inhabited by such people as the rabid conspiracy theorists who attack and insult anyone who does not agree with thier ideas, and think anyone who presents evidence to the contrary is part of the conspiracy.

        • You assume a lot out of what I posted. Please re-read my comment and the specific words.

          I didn’t say you were pro-death. But you sure know how to use their terminology…

        • Hey, “Lady Godiva”:
          Didn’t you write this: “Sorry, but I have difficultly believing this stuff about aborted fetuses being used- because I have some knowledge of how viruses ‘work’- at least as much as the next person taught about them in Junior High School anyway.”
          So I will simply repeat what I’d written earlier this morning:
          You have a Junior Hi education, but Dr. Helen Ratajczak, a scientist with a Ph.D., who is quoted in my post knows less than you do about how viruses work. Okidokee! If you say so! [snark]

    • “Virus”, “fetus”, “host cell”….words those pro-death type folks love to spew.

  25. Sooo, is there a market of like-minded families if competition of these products were to hit the shelves that they would purchase and endorse in schools, churches, businesses, groups, and homes that live by a biblical moral law? If Moral consumers can get the attention of Movie Industry, can’t we get the prowess to develop safe foods? Prayer has been known to restrict Giants (FDA, Pharmaceuticals Companies) before.

  26. Christina Fasano

    Please, they know. Parts of Europe know, believe me THEY know. But let’s keep Americans ignorant and “sick” under the guise of so called “health care”

  27. Before boycotting these products, please get the correst information from this article: https://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/pepsi.asp

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  29. Wouldn’t eating a dead baby make you a cannibal? Do dead babies make you look prettier? When you ingest or inject dead fetal material you are putting foreign DNA in your body. Your body’s immune system rejects foreign DNA. People are suffering from various diseases classified as autoimmune disorders. When your body rejects foreign DNA it is called an autoimmune disorder. Eating dead babies contributes to autoimmune disorders. That’s just the scientific evidence of why it is bad for you – never mind to moral implications – of killing and eating dead babies.

  30. These companies should also be boycotted because they produce toxic crap and disease causing products.

    • Yes, you’re so right! But, what option do you have? There is Nestlé, Pepsico, Coca Cola, Kraft, Mars, General Mills, P&G, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever and Kellogs. They produce nearly everything nowadays. You must rely on yourself and grow your own food! That would make you
      more independent from these diabolical companies.

  31. Vaccines are very important… My father has polio because he caught it before he was able to get said vaccine…
    That isn’t what this article is about… To those thinking this is another great way to say anti-vaccinating your child is best. That is a very personal choice with both pros and cons with whatever way you go on the issue. Companies are pumping out medications without fully researching their long term effects these days, yes…. You should research and think before you put anything into your body as best as you can.
    Yet, don’t be so naive to think the diseases have vanished and because of this… If you don’t vaccinate that your child will have little chance of picking up said diseases. It happens quite often with how many people travel bringing things in and out of nearly all Countries now.
    This is more about getting us all to research the products more and ask bigger questions of why we are making shortcuts and using fetal materials in the process that isn’t nessacary… That is pretty huge :-/ … I’m thankful my children are in fact healthy due to a child that did not back it to life… My heart is sad for that child, yes… More so since in most cases it seems that other options are available.
    So truly this isn’t able abortion either…. As they aren’t killing said babies to produce this…. Seems to me that either it was a D&C sort of ordeal, or women who wanted to have an abortion.
    It is strictly the companies usage of said aborted remains…

  32. The products were tested on fetal cell culture lines… I would like to have seen that stated clearly. Except in make-up products (but what do expect from people that buy foreskin cells for wrinkle removers).
    What troubles me (as a microbiologist and someone who worked with cell lines), is that human cell lines can contain human viruses. HeLa cells contain HPV. Cell lines can literally “catch” things from the people handling them (some techs are not as sterile in their handling as others). I had no idea that the antigens were being grown in human cell lines. That is normally avoided for a good reason. People can disagree with using it for research based on their beliefs; but this particular use is a different argument. It can be really dangerous. I would like to know if the cell line testing is similar to blood donation testing.
    The initial suspicion I developed with vaccines, is the personal knowledge that of one of the most incompetent lab techs I have ever met had a career in Romania producing vaccines that are used in the US. Watching her technique was bad enough, she had very poor sterile technique; then, one story I heard her tell was about the rats in the rafters of the lab she did this in. (Rat poop in solutions? Just dig it out and use it.) Furthermore, being produced in Eastern Fringe countries means the standards for heavy metal contamination are not the same.

  33. “An additional increased spike in incidence of autism occurred in 1995 when the chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.”
    Yes, but this is because the diagnostic criteria for autism changed (read: expanded significantly) in 1994. In my immediate family, 4 of the 6 of us are on the autism spectrum. Of those 4, 3 have never had a chicken pox vaccine. I’m not a fan of the chicken pox vaccine, but it does not cause autism.

  34. How much of this information is current? We don’t want to run off half-cocked and start accusing companies, who have since learned of this and stopped using it.

  35. At least something positive is coming out of a grim action. These aborted fetuses are being used in the advancement of medicine. They are not just being disposed of, they are being used to better science.

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  37. Switch to being a customer of Melaleuca for personal care, cleaning, wellness and sports performance I.e. Gatorade alternative. You don’t have to make your own stuff just make better shopping decisions. Local farmers markets, cook at home, be an informed consumer.

  38. Reblogged this on beautifulblessings86's Blog and commented:
    If you are Pro-Life or care anything about abortion this is a must read. I can’t believe this is happening!

  39. ANYONE that doubts this article need only go to the UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE and type in these companies that have been referenced or simply type in fetus and do a patent search. THIS IS NOT A LIE…NOT A CONSPIRACY…THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE AND ONLY IGNORANT PEOPLE WANT TO CONTINUE IN DENIAL.

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  41. I Was wondering now that this is 2013 we’re can I get unupdated list of companys that use that method?

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  45. Reblogged this on Light In The Darkness and commented:
    Utterly disgusting!



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  50. This is August 23, 2015. And I just found this out! Why didn’t someone yell this out loud? Why didn’t anyone say anything? I must have eaten or drank a thousand babies by now! I know now why my prayers are never answered! I’m going to hell! Nobody told me that this was in the food! Nobody did anything to show me! Why didn’t the Christians tell me? I have been around them at work and not once have they ever told me anything, I found out about Jesus watching TV! I thought I became saved and prayed my head off! Now I come to find out that I have been eating dead babies! AHHHHHH!!!!! GOD HELP ME! I”M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!! FORGIVE ME IF YOU CAN!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WONDER YOU HATE ME GOD! I AM A DEMON!!! I EAT BABIES!!! AHHHHHHHH! PLEASE GOD FORGIVE ME!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I DIDN”T KNOW!!!!!! I EAT BABIES!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    • Young brother in the Lord. You didn’t know. I mean I didn’t know and most of us didn’t know. You did not kill those babies OK? Jesus forgives us when we ask. You know now so just don’t eat or drink those things anymore. You have a good heart toward God and He sees it OK? As soon as you ask for forgiveness for anything and I mean ANYTHING you are forgiven. The only sin that is not forgiven according to the bible is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and you did not do that. Don’t let the devil beat u up with this anymore OK? just stop it and rebuke that demon that is accusing you right now in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t take that junk from him anymore OK? Now be at peace right now brother. God loves and accepts you and that’s that.

      • Dude, the LORD understands, stop beating yourself up. Now that you know, stop consuming these products! And pass your knowledge onto others!

    • You are saved by faith in Jesus and what He did for you, and nothing else. Without faith in his righteous blood to deliver from hell, all of us stand condemned by our own works. So put away your guilt. He did. In love, He let you know about this horror today so that you can stop participating in it.

    • YHWH Bless and keep you my dear brother. I hope you read the responses to your post. Your comment made me cry. I weep for the failed way Yeshua’s people have lived. I repent from being FAT in The Lord while others are starving for God’s word and forgiveness. Oh Father, forgive me!

    • It is not your fault. I found out around the same time. God(Yahweh) will forgive all if you are sorry. I just found out His true name right after my guilt with eating foods with aborted fetal cells. But now YAHSHUA(Jesus) has saved me and just don’t eat foods with these cells in. Man is so evil today.

    • You won’t be joking when you meet Jesus face to face .

  51. To Pancho,
    I’m researching this material at about the same time you are and also have questions about the products talked about here that surround us every day that we had no idea came about this evil way. The information is devastating to our hearts.
    Just want you to know that man looks at the outer appearances but God looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7) So He sees your grief producing a repentant heart that will lead you turn away from sin and instead go the opposite way in your life. The Bible says it this way, “godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.” In other words, worldly grief doesn’t change us, but godly grief does. Further, Scripture says, “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9) I don’t know your situation, but I wonder if you have you personally accepted the Lord. We personally need to receive God’s gracious gift of salvation knowing that Christ died in our place for our sins. The Bible says “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For the Scripture says: ‘Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.’” And a few verses later it says, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:9-11, 13)
    The Bible tells us that it is not by our works that we are saved but by grace through faith. It’s not what we do, but what God has done through his son.
    In Ephesians 2, Paul says, “4 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, 5 even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ — by grace you have been saved — 6 and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, so that no one may boast.” And here’s one more passage from Titus 3: “4 But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, 5 He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, 6 whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7 so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”
    I hope you get to see this and that it helps. Please reply if you have any more questions.

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  53. I am totally devastated by the information in this article. I sent it to many, many people so that they know what is going on, and urged them to boycott these products and write to the companies to let them know why. I will never have another vaccine unless I know for certain that it was not made using an aborted baby. I feel sick to my stomache just thinking about this.

  54. Almost everything this country does is of evil. I to like everyone else is guilty of eating and drinking the evil of this nation. Dear Yahshua please forgive me. AMEN.

  55. First of all, when things like this happen, we consumers have NO idea what is going on and have no idea that the products we use everyday have human embryos in them. So using them BEFORE is not a sin, using them AFTER you know there may be aborted human embryo in them IS a sin. That’s my opinion. It really turns my stomach. I got that shingles vaccine and the MMR vaccine before I could be around my grandchildren. And flu shots. I am somewhat skeptical about it and I plan on looking into this further to educate myself AND my family. Thanks for the info.

    • I absolutely agree with your assessment, having not known prior to this, we can be forgiven for; continuing to consume after the fact, is a sin.
      I am shocked that you HAD to get the shingles & MMR vaccine before seeing grandchildren …. I find this quite an intrusion on ones personal decisions. I don’t know whether you supported these vaccines prior to this release but I would suggest that you to look into vaccines further. While searching I would look into all of the doctors (recent & mysterious) deaths that have taken place over the last several months. These doctors/scientists spoke out against vaccines with incredible research and many believe that they were murdered to keep them quiet, as they went against the corrupt agenda of those in power. A GREAT place you can go to read about this is http://www.stevequayle.com scroll down a ways and on the left hand side there will be a link for Dead Scientists.
      God bless and take care. 🙂

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  58. Dear Pancho: You cannot be held accountable for something you did not know. If you have asked Jesus to forgive you of all your past sins and asked Him to save you and you believe it in your heart and confess it with your mouth, you are born again. Nothing can take you out of Gods hands. He holds you tightly in His arms, never to let you go. If you believe Jesus Christ died for you and rose from the dead and have asked Him to save you and You have repented of your sins, you are saved. If you ask your Father for a loaf of bread, He will not give you a stone. He will give you bread. He loves you dearly. He died for you and took all your sins upon Himself on the cross. It was a horrible thing He went through for you and me. He did it so you would not have to pay the penalty for your sins. This is a gift of God and it cannot be earned. Although when we know and love Him, we want to be sinless as we want to please Him. Pancho, you did not displease Him when you un-knowingly drank or ate anything that others have so wickedly altered. Please do not think anymore that you would go to Hell for that. You were un-aware. Ask God to cleanse you of anything that you have injested like the things listed above and go on. Ask Him to help you not to carry this guilt around with you. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. He accuses us day and night. Bind Satan from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Draw nigh to God and resist the Devil and the Devil will flee from you. Ask God to set you free from this torment. Ask God to refresh you and set you free. Ask Him to give you light in place of any darkness that may be around you. Seek Him with all of your heart. Once again. If you are born-again, Satan cannot touch you. You will not go to Hell. You will go to Heaven. A person will only go to Hell if they do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and do not accept what He did for them on the cross and if they do not trust Him as their Lord. Please rest now my brother. Rest with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ your Saviour. Also, a lot of people, (Christians), did not know that companies like the ones above have been doing those evil things. I am sure someone would have told you if they knew, especially if they were a Christian. Most of us are just finding out about it ourselves. Please forgive people. They did not know. Carry on Pancho. Walk in Gods love and forgiveness. Gods speed Matim

  59. @Pancho. God does not hate you! We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. This world has become so corrupt and evil. But God’s love still remains faithful and true. Do not believe the lie that you are going to hell just because you ate or drank one of these products. If that were true….then probably 90% of the population would be headed for hell. (Including myself)
    God’s word says in 1 John 1:9: If we confess our sins to Him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.
    THAT IS TRUTH! He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one can get to the Father except through him. (John 14:6)
    If you don’t already have one, I urge you to go buy a Bible. I have read several different translations….but have really grown to love the New Living Translation (NLT). It is a biblically, sound, translation that is easier to read than the original King James. I pray that you will be blessed as you seek God’s TRUTH.

  60. It is necessary, for one who eats of the human cannot be saved, therefore, the Satan wants to mark us with the mark of the beast (in the blood) just as Jesus saves in the blood, so cannibalism is a beast marking, after all God doesn’t read your mind for it will lie for you, but the blood is pure or not pure and never lies. So it is necessary for control of humans by the Satan.

  61. Big heads up to all reading – STOP DRINKING (ALL) SODA! Even without human cells injected into it, it’s dangerous for our bodies to consume! And stop eating out so much, eat home cooked meals, and if possible buy organic food, or find a farmer, or try to grow food yourself! Get off the mass production food line, quick!

  62. As disgusting as this is….. Isn’t this what the world deserves? How many babies do we (the world) abort each day? No one can help that we’ve allowed those in control and in power to lead us all blindly.
    I can’t tell you how nasty I feel. I already knew vaccines, candy, some skincare products & soft drinks werent good for us this just really screams “enough”!! The world collectively needs God’s forgiveness & guidance. I will NOT allow myself to be fooled and manipulated by the worlds luciferian agenda. Pray for God’s wisdom as we embark on the coming deceptions which is meant to fool even Christians. Stay vigilant and May God help us all!

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  64. The children of God for life website says (April 2013) that Pepsi is no longer boycotted. https://cogforlife.org/pepsi-boycott-history/#more-1710

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  66. Thank you and God bless you, Arizona.

  67. Does SeroVital-hgh have aborted babies??

  68. Please update this list; Pepsi and others are no longer on it.

  69. Third attempt to post this…THE LIST IS NOT CORRECT. First, Senomyx does use HEK aborted fetal cells in the research and testing of its flavor enhancers for other food and beverage companies but the aborted fetal cells are NOT IN THE food products. No one is eating dead baby remains! Second, the only products listed above that are still on the boycott are the two listed by Nestles. Pepsi forced Senomyx to stop using aborted fetal cells and they switched to moral cell lines; Kraft/Cadbury Adams dropped their contract, as did Campbell Soup as noted. Neocutis and the vaccine list is correct. Full information is at http://www.cogforlife.org/fetalproductsall.pdf God bless.

  70. Thank you Dr Eowyn – people unfortunately do not look at the date… I have been blasted at CoG for Life with emails and phone calls – not just from this site but others who copy the info and then post it with a new date! Spirit Daily is a great resource which is why I wanted it cleared up here especially!

    • Debi,
      I’ve inserted an Update to the end of my post, referring readers to your comment with the updated information.
      Thank you for the good work you do in Children of God for Life. God bless!

  71. Huge help – thank you so much!! God bless you too!

  72. This is nothing but the modern human sacrifice
    Those who use these substances in people’s food just want to
    unlawful the foods

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  75. Does anyone find it weird only bible thumpers are responding to this article. lol TROLLED.

  76. How can we let the government get away with this

  77. Using aborted fetuses in vaccines and our food & beverages is pure EVIL!!

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  79. I’m sure the U.S. government knows that they are using aborted fetus in vaccines and other products. Does this mean that the government is the drug companies Guardian angle.

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  81. I didn’t even know. None of us knew. I wear makeup and I didn’t know if was in makeups.

  82. Look up homologous recombination. The know exactly what they’re doing. Also re: GMO’s look up Plieotropy.

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  84. The cannibalization of humanity! Most of the fetal parts and cells are used to research HIV/AIDS which could have been stopped with responsible behavior change. The CDC is useless. https://stealthcare.wordpress.com has extensive reporting about these studies and advocacy groups.

  85. For the same reason you need to be careful with blood during operations this is fraught with health dangers. Injecting forreign DNA into a person causes cancer and is increasing sexual and reproductive changes. When they are using 10-12 week gestation female DNA for an injection into boys it increases boys chance of being born homosexual or transverse. I have discussed this with several scientists who see this but cant/wont publish such info due to political and financial sensitivities. And this is done by design. GMO corn and soy is also designed to cause infertility, as are all vaccines, pesticides and this whole Zika scam

  86. They are Cannibalizing people without their knowledge. It makes you distrust everything Pharma and the government does. The people are not allowed to know what the Government is approving to be shoved into the people without them knowing. Shameful!

  87. mmm some tasty babies.

  88. I had no idea the Coffee Mate creamer (a Nestle Brand) had fetal cells in it, and I have been using this stuff in my coffee for years. It makes me sick to think about it. I will be changing to a different creamer now that I know the truth. As for the flu shot, I have no choice: Get the flu shot, or be fired. Otherwise, I would never get one.


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