Aborted baby tissue sold for $25,000 a shot

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Hitler and the Nazis are reviled for murdering 6 million Jews — a horrific page in human history which we call The Holocaust.

But there is an ongoing even bigger Holocaust that bestirs not our conscience, and instead is applauded and championed.

In the 40 years since the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States, there have been more than 1.72 billion abortionsworldwide, or an average of 43.25 million abortions each year.

Among the 17.52 billion are more than 54.5 million American babies who were murdered through abortion since 1973. That’s 19.5 million more than the total population of Canada.

It is not enough that we murder our unborn. Their aborted remains are sold and ingested by perverse and deluded people in their quest for health and youth.

In May 2012, I posted about customs officials in South Korea having intercepted some 17,000 Chinese-made “medicinal” pills filled with powdered human baby flesh, which were being smuggled into the country. The capsules are marketed as being a medicinal “cure-all”. The San Francisco Times reported that tests carried out on the pills confirmed they were made up of 99.7% human remains. The tests were even able to establish the genders of the babies used. There is a huge demand for the “baby pills” because they are thought to enhance sexual stamina. Microwave-dried placenta is also sought after for its alleged “medicinal” benefits. In reality, however, the human flesh capsules contain super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

Now comes news that some people are paying as much as $25,000 for “a shot” of tissue and stem cells from aborted babies, in their sick fantasy that being injected with the aborted tissue would regain lost vigor, mental acuity, and a youthful appearance.

How is this other than sickening and Satanic?

Imre Téglásy, Ph.D., the director of Human Life International, writes for Zenit.org, Apr 17, 2013, that nine defendants faced criminal charges before a Hungarian Court for collaborating in a venture to provide “treatments” promising to help them regain lost vigor, mental acuity, even youthful appearance. The grisly enterprise came to an abrupt end with a raid by a Hungarian government agency in July 2007.

According to the charges on file, the defendants’ wealthy customers paid five million Hungarian forints, about $25,000 US, for a single shot of an as-yet-undetermined concoction of tissue and stem cells taken from aborted children.

Initially an alliance between Ukrainian abortionists and “aesthetic physicians” in Barbados, the operation moved to Hungary after it was shut down following an expose on the BBC in 2006. The famous story that led to the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) in Barbados being shuttered appalled many, but resulted in no criminal charges being brought, despite harrowing tales of newborn children being stolen from young mothers in Ukraine and dissected for organs believed to contain the most valuable stem cells for “therapeutic” use. Once exposed, several of the perpetrators simply moved to Hungary and restarted their high-price service for those who have enough money to roll the dice and subject themselves to medically-unproven treatments of unknown origin.

In July 2007, three of the defendants currently under trial were arrested at a Budapest hospital that had contracted with the clinic. István Seffer, the owner of Seffer and Renner clinic in Kaposvár, Hungary was also arrested while consulting with plastic surgery clients at a nearby facility. At the front end, the Seffer and Renner clinic provided plastic surgery and OB-GYN services, while offering the expensive and untested “treatments” out of the back end.

Performing the “treatments” was a proctologist (!) named Yuliy V. Baltaytis, a Ukrainian professor who self-published two massive “studies” on the subject that are neither peer-reviewed nor considered accepted among the European or international medical communities. Baltaytis injected the embryonic cocktail into wealthy patients solicited by art collector Imre Pákh and gastronomy expert Ádám Fásy, both of whom apparently have dual Hungarian and U.S. citizenship. The material for the treatments was prepared by Ukranian biologist Natalia Karnikova, who also worked out of IRM.

The Seffer and Renner clinic is still in operation. The owner’s brother, Tibor Seffer, apparently still performs abortions and other procedures at the clinic. The IRM obtained official approval for collecting and storing stemcells and entered into contracts with four Hungarian hospitals where abortions were performed. It is unclear how many of the aborted children’s remains used by Baltaytis came from Seffer-Renner’s own clinic, or other hospitals, and how many were obtained and used by Baltaytis.

The charges faced by the defendants have nothing to do with abortions legally or illegally performed, or with the destruction and manipulation of human embryos, since IRM apparently had all permits necessary to perform this work. What Baltayis and his colleagues stand accused of is using human cells for treatments in a for-profit venture. If found guilty, they face between three and eight years imprisonment.

Among the clients of this ethically-bankrupt enterprise was 2007 Miss Hungary and Catholic University of Budapest student Krisztina Bodri, who is described in the media as Baltaytis’ “partner
”. The IRM also enjoyed high-level political support – present at the opening of the clinic in 2007 was the then-Hungarian Minister of Labor and current Socialist Party MP, Mónika Lamperth.

All of this unfolds as the European Union considers a massive investment in biomedical research, seeking to keep its research institutions at the forefront of developments in biotechnology. Entitled “Horizon 2020,” the proposal as it is currently written does not exclude obtaining research material from aborted human beings, and would create an EU fund of 90 billion Euros to fund the research.

Standing opposed to stem cell research that would destroy and utilize unborn human beings is a European Citizens’ initiative entitled “One of Us.” This movement has proposed a change to Article 16 of Horizon 2020, which deals with “ethics and principles,” that would completely preclude the use of embryonic stem cells for research, or fund any research that presupposes the destruction of human embryos. The One of Us campaign, launched by European MP Carlo Casini in 2012, must obtain at least one million signatures from at least seven EU member states before November 1stof this year. Any citizen of a Member State of the EU which is of voting age can support the initiative online on www.oneofus.eu.

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0 responses to “Aborted baby tissue sold for $25,000 a shot

  1. I’m sending this to others who will get it out, as well as promote the EU One of Us campaign. This is madness, voodoo medicine.

  2. This news follows on the heals of the abortion house of horrors. Our supreme court allowed abortion into the acceptable choices under law, and our nation has turned the decision into the greatest atrocity in our national history, vastly eclipsing the crime of slavery (not an easy thing to do).

  3. Ingesting human baby tissue in pill form, etc. is about as ghoulish as it gets. How is it that people have become so depraved? It truly is beyond belief.

  4. “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville
    I just read (not just scanned) this post, Dr. E.
    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
    I can’t talk, or write… can hardly even think!!!
    Some of us still exemplify the de Tocqueville quote above,
    but the society around us is crumbling into ruin.

  5. What I don’t understand is why the attacks are ONLY against PP and other “abortion providers”. I mean, they only exist because there are a bunch of women out there willing to kill their babies. I believe these women are as guilty as those clinics, but I never hear accusations towards them. But they are equally criminal. It is just like drug crimes, the drug dealer is not the only criminal… the users are equally criminal, because if it were not for them, there would not be drug trafficking.

    • 1. Because Planned Parenthood is an organization, a big target, whereas it’s cumbersome to “go after” individual women who seek abortion. How do we find out who they are? Besides, what the women did/do is still legal in the U.S. The strategy used by pro-lifers toward them is moral suasion to change their hearts & minds.
      2. Because PP derives profit and subsidies from taxpayers (!) from doing abortions, not the individual mothers who choose to kill their unborn children. Toward PP, moral suasion falls on deaf ears.

      • Why do they even need taxpayer money except to believe they’ve co-opted the good? After all they get “money up front” before every abortion from the victim. I say one way to approach the “industrial killing machine” is to follow the money and show where it “really” goes.
        If good hard working people had the time and energy to get involved against such corruption we could have huge groups of class action suits based on religious question of freedom to exercise conscientious objection to paying for killing the unborn (and born)….esp. now with proof of infanticides being witnessed in so many abortuaries.

    • Sieg,
      I believe you are saying that women are equally criminal along with PP. I feel you misunderstand that women that go through this experience do not feel pain, not to say that the unborn children do not. This is not the point I am making. The simple point I am making is unless you know someone who has been through this it is rather hard to understand.
      Even though I have not gone through this procedure I did have a miscarriage and had no options but to take an abortion pill. It devastated me to take it and I did cry the first time I had to ingest the dam thing. It caused allot of pain. I don’t say this to make you feel sorry for me but in hope that maybe I am someone in which you can understand.
      I don’t judge women that go through this, I can only give love and understanding. I hope you can forgive this terrible decision. I would agree that abortion is not the answer but for some women, (at least the most resent one I know) she did not even have a chance to decide and was told by her husband to do it.
      Much love,

  6. Dear Eowyn and Lisa,
    I believe I didn’t express myself well and I apologize for it. English is not my native tongue and I perhaps should have expressed myself a bit more cautiosly.
    Lisa, I’m very sorry for your sad experience. 🙁 I hope you are fine!!!
    First thing, I am against abortion. Period. I’m not against people and I do understand that some women might find themselves in a horrible situation, might be confused and might take a sad decision that, most likely, will haunt them all their lives. I still think people should think before having sex but I can’t determine how other people will behave.
    Secondly, when I talk about abortion here, I’m focusing more on the horrendous Gosnell case. I’m against abortion but as Eowyn well pointed out, I can’t discuss something that is legal. I’m against it but if the law says it is legal, than there is not much we can do, other than fight to expose the “abortion provider” as a “baby killing factory” and try to change the law. So I’m referring to abortions conducted in women that are pregnant for more than 24 weeks.
    Yes, I really mean the women are criminal along PP. I’m not taking an ounce of the blame away from PP, they are horrible, dangerous and send a wrong message to people (and children) with their propaganda. But I think that those women, that choose to kill their babies (babies that are capable of surviving outside their bodies) in such horrendous ways are criminal. I’m sorry, for more distress that those women might be under, the abortion of such a big baby is not only illegal but horrific. And if the woman waited that long to take a decision, why not wait a bit more and give the baby away to some couple that will be thrilled with having their own baby???
    Dear Eowyn, at any point I meant to say that we are not to blame and condemn PP and other clinics (I have no idea if PP has monopoly on abortion in America or not). And I agree that is is nearly impossible to find out who did an abortion. But I think that the whole concept of having a late term abortion (and therefore an illegal abortion) should be something very shameful. And seriously punishable, if proven so. Not only legally punishable, but also socially. People should really know that there are consequences for such an irresponsible decision.
    Finally I won’t even enter the question of abortions funded with taxpayer money. That is beyond absurd. It is time people learn to take responsibilities over their actions. Made a baby? (Not entering the issue of babies resulting of rape here) Raise it or give to adoption. If it is legal and the woman opts for an abortion, she should pay for it.
    Anyway, I hope I have made myself a bit more clear now.

    • Dear Sieg,
      Not to worry. I understood and took seriously your initial question. I also agree with you: If it weren’t for the millions and millions of women who opted to kill the unborn little human beings (not a lump of tissue!) growing inside, there would be no Planned Parenthood, “Dr” Kermit Gosnell, and the abortion “industry.” While I understand Lisa’s point — that some women “feel” they have no option other than to kill — that doesn’t absolve them from moral responsibility. It smacks too much of victimology and moral relativism — I’m a victim, so feel sorry for me as I make another human person my victim!
      There is ALWAYS a choice: As you pointed out, there is adoption.
      To focus only on PP is to give the murderous mothers a moral cop-out. You’ve raised an important issue that should be addressed.

    • Sieg,
      Thank you for your thoughts on this. I understand now what you mean.
      Yes, I am fine and had two more kids. God IS good. :o)

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. Words cannot properly describe the evil set forth therein. Once again I will quote what Mother Teresa of Calcutta said to the world when she received the Nobel Peace Prize, that abortion is the greatest evil in our world.

  8. Just sick.

  9. Just found this on BREITBART:
    My heart is breaking.


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