Abby Survives

A miracle for Abby

A local story (for me) from outside of Seattle: A 4-year old German shorthaired pointer survives having a stick impaled through her heart. She was impaled with the stick while playing catch in the woods.

“She just started crying,” said owner Adam Becker. “I went over there and saw a hole in her chest, about four inches.” Becker saw that the stick was actually in Abby’s heart, pulling it to one side. “And I put my shirt on her and carried her out,” he said.
Abby’s now on the mend, but she’s not quite the same girl just yet. She’s still being monitored at the vet’s office, and Becker doesn’t like leaving her side. “I’m afraid for when we leave. I don’t want her to be sad,” Becker said. “I think she’s going to be good, though. She’s going to be alright.” Her heart beats give Becker hope that Abby will soon be her old playful self again.
God was watching over Abby and the vet that performed the surgery: Small animal surgeon Kristin Kirkby later explained the stick had punctured Abby’s heart in two places. Had anyone removed the stick without professional experience, she said, Abby most likely would have died. “My heart has never beat as fast in surgery as it did in that one,” Kirkby said.
Great way to start our Sunday with this miracle that Abby survived!
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Dr. Eowyn

Thanks, Debbie, for the happy ending. I’m so glad Abby’s owner had the presence of mind not to pull out the stick, but instead bring her to the vet ASAP.