A Word for the Demagogues

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“Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”
– Leviticus 19:15

The Bible has plenty to say in defense of the poor, but it also says things in defense of the rich!

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We often see our politicians demagoguing about this and that for the poor. We also see the “Occupy” movement decrying the “rich” (usually their own wealthy parents) for all their perceived crimes. And lately another duplicitous group called “Black Lives Matter” has been out there bullying anyone who has the audacity to say “All lives matter.” Let’s not even start with the new wave of gay fascists, and their late exploits.

Well, here in Leviticus, the Lord has made it very clear that anything like our entitlements culture in America is on a very corrupt foundation. 

So to all you lying, cheating, tax-fattened weasels out there we say, “We’ve got your number.” You don’t have an honest care for the poor. You don’t hold any moral high ground. You are nothing but opportunists with a self-serving agenda.


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  1. There is an open forum for resolving such issues.
    ResearchGate offers critics and editors of mainstream research journals, the news media, leaders of federal research agencies and the scientific community an opportunity to DOWNLOAD, READ & RESPOND in public, affirming or denying precise experimental data and observations that
    1. Assure us the pulsar-centered Sun controls the solar system, and
    2. Fear is a tool of tyrants pretending to control Earth and its climate

  2. The same admonition applies to the Catholic Church, which never stops bleating about “the poor,” as if America’s morbidly obese Welfare State isn’t enough. There’s a big difference between then and now: In the time of Jesus and the Gospels, there was no government-enforced “charity” to the poor.

  3. In a number of passages, the Bible condemns poverty as a curse. Jesus said, “It shall be harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it would for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” What gives?
    I am no Bible scholar. I wish that Bible study were a part of my childhood Catholic education. But here is what I do know.
    We have to remember that, despite our accomplishments, we are in spiritual poverty: We have nothing but our obedience to offer God. I think the “rich man” Jesus was referring to is the man who considers his MATERIAL accomplishments to be equivalent to that same SPIRITUAL poverty. That, I think, is the difference. As if the rich man can cut a deal with God! We’re all FLAT BROKE!
    But as for material riches, God is not against that, either. I believe God wants HIS DIVINE ORDER, of putting things in their rightful place. When people don’t do that, all the crowing about “social justice” (read: Communism) doesn’t mean anything.
    There are three religious ideological mentalities dominant on Earth: Man obeys the Devil. Man obeys God. Or God obeys Man. Guess which one the progressives and their ilk follow. I think that’s what Jesus was getting at.

    • I think you are onto something there, Steven. We are all poor before the Lord. It is the righteousness of Christ that makes us truly rich.

    • Wow, Anonymous….wish I could post this on my classroom bulletinboard or that my husband could begin his adjunct university evening courses with this posted on the board…but, hey….we have to be “politically correct.” We are compelled by present polictical correctness and by activist Supreme Court rulings, and a POTUS who rules alone with his pen and phone….to allow people to let their brains fall out……usually all over the rest of us. Eueweeee! Yuk! Ick!

  4. Short but sweet article, traildustfotm. Well put!


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