A wonderful take on the Super Moon

Brenton Dickieson’s blog, “A Pilgrim in Narnia,” has been a source of much wonderful reading and insight into some favorite authors, like Lewis and Tolkien. When I saw he was taking on the Apocalypse I had to read it. And I was not disappointed.

A Beautiful Night for an Apocalypse

Last night was the Supermoon, that time in the moon’s elliptical orbit when it is at its closest to earth and looks about 14% bigger. Last night was also a full lunar eclipse, which happened within 3 minutes of a full moon, and the sky was absolutely clear. It was also a family friendly double bill at the Drive In. And, if you think the coincidences could not continue, it was the “trunk or treat” special night at the Drive In. How cool is that?
This perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system—we call it a “Supermoon” because saying perigee-syzygy makes it sound like our lips are frozen shut—combined with an eclipse is a pretty rare event. The odds of this event in the heavens being combined with a family fun double feature with free candy thrown in are astronomical.
It was quite a night. An amazing night. An apocalyptic night, really.

Read the rest at https://apilgriminnarnia.com/2015/09/28/a-beautiful-night/#comment-30730

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unfortunately, I caught the tail-end of it and saw the crescent shadow on the moon…very beautiful nonetheless


Very cool!


Where I live,the clouds parted in the overcast sky-just after the Eclipse. Figures. BEAUTIFUL Moon,though.


Too cloudy here to see it. 🙁


Northwest Montana … we caught it PERFECTLY!!! Sat in our motor home, looking out the front window as it started to change, then all the way through it. I went out and tried to get a few pictures, but this danged Canon gives me unending amounts of guff, trying to take a night shot of the moon. Just won’t focus! So… the moon is preserved only in my memory .. and on the net, by a zillion others who must have better cameras. Grrrrrrr!!! ( and you may quote me on that!! ) Now … off to watch “The Booze… Read more »


So Cal….my husband and I made sure to be in the pool during this event …….amazing to be floating in 90-degree water after a punishing day of work and just relax, float, and watch an event pre-ordained by the laws of the universe….NO politics, NO economics, NO excuses….just Mother Nature relentlessly marching through and OVER us by virtue of natural LAWS that have existed for thousands, millions of years before any of us ……

Steven Broiles

Here in New York the sky was heavily clouded. A metaphor for all the political corruption, given the Pope’s visit and the U.N. General Assembly. One thing’s for sure: “The Church shall be in eclipse.” It has been in eclipse for most of my lifetime. But Our Lady of Quito said the eclipse WILL end.