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A Week Later, Obama Calls to Congratulate Netanyahu on Election Win (Guess How Long It Took to Call After Egypt’s Morsi Won)

Jan. 29, 2013 7:17am

A Week Late, Obama Calls to Congratulate Netanyahu on Election Win (Guess How Long it Took to Call After Egypts Morsi Won?)

It took nearly a full week, but President Barack Obama on Monday called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate the Israeli leader on his election win last Tuesday.
This is the readout of the phone call from the White House:

President Obama spoke today by telephone with Prime Minister Netanyahu to congratulate him on his party’s success in winning a plurality of Knesset seats in Israel’s recent election.  The President indicated that the United States looks forward to working with the next government.  He also reiterated his commitment to the deep and enduring bonds between the United States and Israel, and pledged to work closely with Israel on our shared agenda for peace and security in the Middle East.

Still, despite his tardiness, Obama in fact was the only world leader to have congratulated Netanyahu thus far, according to the Israeli paper Haaretz.
Still, other bloggers pointed out that it took Obama only hours to phone Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on his election win over the summer.
The frosty relations between Obama and Netanyahu have been widely reported, and there was even evidence President Obama tried to influence Israelis to vote against Netanyahu. This came in the form of an apparent leak reported by the well-connected Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg just one week before the elections. Goldberg wrote that Obama had told “several people” privately that Netanyahu’s policies were self-defeating and causing Israel to be isolated. Goldberg claimed that Obama said repeatedly to his confidents that “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”
The poor relations characterization was emphasized further on Monday by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk who told Israel’s Army Radio that the two leaders have “bad chemistry.”
The Jerusalem Post provided quotes from the interview, in which the former ambassador encouraged both leaders to try to mend their relations:

With regard to Obama’s state of mind, Indyk said that he believes, “President Obama is feeling quite frustrated because he rightly feels that he has done the right thing by Israel, but Israel is not responsive.”
Indyk suggested that once Netanyahu has formed his new government, he should “reach out to President Obama and try to turn a new page.” He added that the “relations between the United States and Israel are more important than the differences between the two leaders.” Referring to these tensions, which have been widely reported, Indyk said that the two heads of state “need to overcome them.”

At a press briefing after the phone call, White House Spokesman Jay Carney characterized the call as “warm” and said: “This country’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakable and has been reflected in this administration’s commitment to Israel’s security.”
“It is also the case that in his first term, there is no leader with whom this president has had more conversations than Prime Minister Netanyahu,” Carney added.
Carney, you and Obama are lying SOB’s, and like all liberals, hate Israel and would not come to their defense if they were attacked. If you did care for Israel’s security he would not be giving 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt and the radical islamic terrorist organization known as  the Muslim Brotherhood, in other words our enemies.  
We know the truth about this tyrant and we will keep shouting it from the roof tops.
Tom in NC

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7 years ago

And continue to shout it from the rooftops, till EVERYONE wakes up from your Tyranny.. Good always wins out over EVIL and Sir, YOU ARE EVIL…

7 years ago

Gee, I’ll bet Bibi was really excited. :/

7 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

LOL – he could hardly contain himself! 😀

7 years ago

Words have meanings and I would say that when they describe they talks as “warm” I would suggest that they where actually “HEATED” I would further say that Obama wants the destruction of Israel along with the destruction of the USA, he has been working at breaking up the USA from day one! divide the people keep them unemployed then blame it on the rich, sell of our oil and gas businesses to China and even though we have a real unemployment rate of 15% he is letting them bring in Chinese workers from the Chinese mainland to work which… Read more »