A Thanksgiving Day Message to Obama

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…and Congress, the federal bureaucracy (esp. TSA), the 50 state governments, the Democrat and Republican parties, labor unions (esp. SEIU), jihadists, liberals, Progressives, socialists, communists, illegal aliens, parasites, and all enemies of Liberty.
~from We the People

H/t my writer friend Robert Wilcox and CommieBlaster,

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0 responses to “A Thanksgiving Day Message to Obama

  1. WOW….POWERFUL. I loved it. I hope some how…the usurper sees it! I am sorry…I cannot call him by his title…I never could.

  2. Let freedom ring!

  3. There is a bald eagle living in my backyard, she nests in a tall pine tree.
    I don’t know why, but she gets real noisy between three and four every morning. Some people have told me I’m “blessed” to have an eagle in my back yard, (I think it’s pretty cool, but “blessed” is pushing it a bit; if the eagle crapped gold coins, THEN I’d be blessed!).but the same people want to kill the armadillos and o’possums ( Irish possums, I guess ) that wander through the neighborhood. Last year, I noticed a stirring in the bushes, when I looked closer, there were 4 baby armadillos, about 5 inches long; cutest things you can imagine. I reached down and touched one, and he didn’t bolt; they have a reputation for not being too bright.
    Yesterday, we attended a Thanksgiving gathering of people ranging from two years old to 95. The two year old was a beautiful blonde girl who grew bored, as two year olds tend to do, and set about running around the pool, creating tension for all, the parents allowed her the freedom to run for a while. Freedom can be annoying to some observers .Shortly after, a 91 year old man, sharp as a tack, and in good physical condition,leaned back in his (resin) chair; the legs of the chair buckled, and he tumbled over backwards. To the surprise of all, he rolled out of it, and was just fine.The old boy drives a BMW and has a wife 20 years younger, I think that would kill me, but it appears to work for him.
    Joplin sang “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose”
    Different things to different folks, but a nation needs a population of healthy, educated, debt free people; and conscription is the worst form of slavery .


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