A soldier surprises his daughter!

Staff Sgt. Michael Isbell, of Greenwood, returned from duty in Afghanistan early to surprise his 9-year-old daughter Cami Lee.
The Greenville Drive loaned Isbell a uniform and catcher’s gear and he caught his daughter’s first pitch at Monday’s game. “You know I always see these things on TV and you know I thought that would pretty nice to do something for my daughter like that,”explained Isbell.
After throwing the first pitch Cami Lee started walking toward home plate and that’s when Isbell took off his mask. She immediately burst into tears and the two embraced with a huge hug.
Isbell was deployed for 11 months and Cami Lee thought he was coming home on Saturday. He said he’ll be home for at least the next five years.

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Ah, so beautiful! My dad has been gone for going on two years and there’s not a day I don’t miss him. ? May God bless the men and women that sacrifice so much to keep us safe.


The best surprise in their world!