A sober look at ISIS's declaration of a pan-Islamic state or caliphate

This encouraging analysis puts ISIS’s recent announcement of an Islamic State (IS) into perspective.
Briefly, the IS is more wishful thinking than reality, Muslims being their own worst enemies, prone to inter-sect (Sunni vs. Shi’ite) warfare. We can hope!

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They are indeed more wishful thinking than reality. In the earliest days of the American republic, the Barbary pirates were boastful in so similar a tone, you could hardly tell this bunch from their cousins 200 years ago. In those days, a very small force of volunteers, one group the navy, and another group civilian militia came from America, when all Europe was cowering before these boastful bastards. That small American force quickly defeated the jihadists, and turned the tables on them, forcing them to pay tribute to us. That small American force become known as the Marines.


[…] A sober look at ISIS’s declaration of a pan-Islamic state or caliphate […]