A Sign for Obama

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Raymond Gaster is the owner of Gaster Lumber and Hardware, a small business in Savannah, Georgia.

This is the sign he put up in front of his store:

And here’s his message to America:
“When the prez of the U.S. stands up and says that ‘you didn’t build that, someone else did,’ he insulted every businessman who ever started a business and tried to run a successful business. It’s time we stood up and say ‘NO, Mr. President, you are wrong. I built this business.’ If you have a marque or a sign board you owe it to your country to answer back. This is my answer to Obama.”
-Raymond Gaster
Gaster Lumber & Hardware
Celebrating 27 Years of Providing Materials for Savannah’s Finest Homes
H/t FOTM’s Miss May

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0 responses to “A Sign for Obama

  1. Congratulations for having the courage to set the record straight, Mr.Gaster! Obama wants to convince Americans that the profits from your business like yours belong to the government because it is responsible for your success. He can take his Marxist theories back to where he came from, wherever that is.

  2. I hope to see more signs like this popping up all over the country! People are just fed up……

  3. Me too!…Every business owner that has had enough of Obama’s redistribution of wealth, socialist garbage needs to do the same thing!

  4. However discomforting this fact might be, there is abundant and irrefutable evidence that Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist cadre are endeavoring to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” with a debt bomb, the future shockwave of which, they surmise, will break the back of free enterprise. From the ashes of that cataclysm, Obama and his ilk envision restructuring our national economy as a Democrat Socialism State.

  5. You are showing your true redneck colors and proving this election is irrefutably about race. You would not have been so insulting of any other sitting president. Your sign is an embarassment to the thinking people of Savannah, Ga.

    • Racism, again?! Y-A-W-N
      Poor joan. Such a lack of imagination….

    • you are soooo lost….

    • Actually, this election is about a “president” that is rapidly destroying our country as it was founded.
      And people like you who see a racial issue forming in your cereal bowls every morning are the reason why the “racism” charge no-longer has any meaning.
      If you doubt me, see Chicken Little as well as The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
      Obama is destroying this country, and if not run out of office in November, he is going to succeed in doing so.
      Too bad you are too friggin’ ignorant to understand that.

  6. Loves it!

  7. Obama seemed to forget who funds the government and builds the roads and bridges. It is the productive taxpayers.

  8. Don’t forget that the comments Mr. Gaster takes from Obama’s speech are out of context. It was unfortunate that Obama gave that soundbite, but if you review his remarks in the full context you get a very different picture than what Mr. Gaster portrays.

    • To Brian:
      Unlike you, I actually read the POS’s entire speech. No, Mr. Gaster did NOT take Obama’s words out of context. You are the one who chooses to ignore the obvious. The POS was fomenting class envy and class warfare, appealing to the campaign rally audience’s worst passions. Just like our money, the money of “the rich” are theirs — not Obama’s, not “the poor’s”, not the middle class’s, not the government’s. Amerika is not yet whole-hog communist.

    • Someone is addicted to the Kool-aid…

    • bullchit

    • What rock have you been hiding under since January 20, 2009?
      Obama said exactly what he meant, and his hostility toward the private sector throughout his term is proof of that.

  9. I love it !! Could you please run for president ? It’s like having Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in office.

  10. George Winston

    As we used to say (when we were about 10),” I could kiss u all over and never miss”. Of course, what would u expect from the state that brought us Lester Maddox. Just remain in the backwater & things will be just fine. Say hi to the wife (your sister, right) & have a good one.

    • Gosh, George. Aren’t you leftwingers supposed to be oh-so-tolerant oh-so-unbigotted oh-so-open-minded oh-so-wonderful people? [snark]

    • As a life long resident of the state of Georgia, I only have one thing to say:
      Kiss my ass, you government-educated moron.
      And you lefty owners of the liberal plantation crack me up when you accuse anyone of being racist.
      BTW: Lester Maddox was a DEMOCRAT, as were the founders of the KKK and the authors of the Jim Crow laws.
      But as you clearly attended government school run by the descendants of those same democrats, you wouldn’t know that.

  11. Next time I’m in Savannah, I’ll be sure to stop in and buy something from Mr. Gaster.

  12. sounds a little Racist to me coming from a southern state

    • Gosh, Millerbis, seems to me YOU are the racist for ASSuming that just because Mr. Gaster lives in the state of Georgia, that automatically makes him a racist. By your logic, that would make Presidents Jimmy Carter (Georgia) and Bill Clinton (Arkansas) racists.
      I see you live in San Francisco. Since your you-are-where-you-live logic is so compelling, I can only conclude you’re a sodomite!

  13. Bet Mr Gaster is proud, but I do see quite a few things he used government help with building his business. Good luck building such a fine business without government help building that nice paved road out front. Good luck building that business without government police and fire keeping the place safe. No doubt this man has had a shoplifter arrested and used our government courts. He uses the government founded postal service, counts on the government to provide him fair access to phones, electricity, radio waves, currency, banking and cell phones. He used the government to protect his business name. He benefits from logging industry government subsidies. Then he benefits from government fair trade policy so he can import all his Chinese goods and junk. He benefits from the government social programs that his employees have to accept due to their minimum wage salaries and lack of benefits because if they are sick or hungry they can’t work. The list goes on and on. Nice try feeding your self-absorbed ego, but this guy is far out of touch with reality that I pity him.

    • What’s missing in such comments is these things weren’t provided exclusively for these entrepreneurs; they were provided for everyone, regardless of whether this shop opened or not. It’s just short of a non sequitor.

  14. Hey, “Brent” and “Sean Carlsen”!
    You’re either the same person or you’re both working for Obama 2012 or MoveOn.org (same difference) ’cause you’re both using the same playbook.
    America is $16 trillion in debt, 102% of our GDP. Go ahead and alienate this country’s entrepreneurs and small businesses like Mr. Gaster’s Lumber & Hardware, so as to hasten the day of reckoning.
    So keeping sucking that Kool-aid from ObamaBigGovt’s teats ’cause soon the source will go dry.

  15. You are my Hero!!

  16. Hey Ray! First, Obama didnt say Govt. helped you build it, he said other PEOPLE helped you build your business. Secondly, as the sign on FB shows, govt had a HELLUVA lot to do with helping you build your business from giving you permission to trademark your name, to providing you electricity to policing the area. Other PEOPLE helped you because I know YOU didnt build the building, lay the plumbing, run the electrical conduits, nor are you the sole employee of the company, other people help you run it. STUPUD people like you do not deserve to own anything in this country. It just amazes me how you guys not only believe the shit you say, but show all the rest of us how incredibly ignorant all of you are. And as for the rest of you congratulating him on being a moron….Youre morons too.

  17. P.S. I spelled “STUPID” wrong on purpose (trying to dumb it down a bit for you.)

  18. It amazes me how you closet racists will take things out of context and twist the words of the President. You know damn good and well WHAT he said and WHAT he meant. If you business owners are really educated, it is a sad state for this country if all your learning got you this stupid. It isnt a matter of “kool aid” MORONS…it is a matter of simply listening to what the President said. He said, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! But for you greedy republican, ignorant conservative racists I see how you would hear something else. Fucking idiots!

    • Hey, David Chapman:
      It never ceases to amaze me how you Lefties have only ONE note in your playbook: “Raaaacism!”
      Since you proclaim on your Facebook page that your favorite quotation is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” I will return your “Fucking idiots!” (what woefully limited vocabulary) with:
      One-standard-deviation-below-the-IQ-norm fornicator!

  19. ListenUpYouYubbos

    Listen up, you MoveOn.org/Obama2012 peon,
    We know the peons (ListenUpYouYubbos, David Chapman, Brent, Sean Carlsen) are fanning out all over the net, posting the same pic crap. We’re onto your stupid game.
    Dr. Eowyn
    Owner, FOTM

  20. @Grouchy Fogie- aside from your name saying it all…It is sad that you had to point out that Obama didnt actually USE the word “help”. His WHOLE message is about ALL OF US WORKING TOGETHER TO BUILD THIS NATION!! You’re the stupid one if you cant see that! But instead of just admitting your wrong (which we know will NEVER happen from the RIGHT…I guess many of you assume your political position equals your debate skills). I will say this ONE MORE TIME!…all of you are ignorant because you assume Obama said government got you were you are. HE NEVER SAID THAT!!! HE SAID WE HELPED EACH OTHER GET WHERE WE ARE, WHEREVER WE ARE. I can quote the exact words if it is really necessary, but you will still deny it. So it is pointless to argue with people that just see a “nigger” when they look at the president. And to be dumb/ignorant/stupid, I would have to lose my 146 IQ, my Crimson Scholar Honors status….and be related to you.

    • You poor deluded narcissistic man:
      If you actually had an IQ of 146:
      1. You would be able to distinguish between a disagreement with Obama’s policies from “racism.”
      2. You would have a better vocabulary instead of your resort to vulgarities and obscenities (I’ve deleted 3 other comments of yours containing such illustrious vocabulary as “fucking,” “shit,” “idiots”…ad nauseum).
      3. And, most damning of all, you wouldn’t still support Obama whose presidency has been an utter disaster:
      (a) Economically: 8.32% “official” unemployment; $16 trillion national debt; more Americans on food stamps and SS disability than ever in U.S. history.
      (b) Politically: America is more – and more bitterly – divisive than before the “post-racial president”; 2008).
      (c) Foreign policy: wars in Iraq – yes our troops are still there; in Afghanistan – now the longest war in U.S. history; in Libya; and now the war-drums are revving up against Syria & Iran. And to think he got a Nobel Peace Prize! [snark]

  21. Just curious…that mailbox in the picture; what’s it used for?
    Those roads in the picture; what organization built them? What are they used for? What might the store’s owner use them for?
    Those electricity lines…could those possibly be providing electricity under government regulations that ensure fair access to electricity at reasonable prices?
    That cell phone…I assume it’s not hooked up to any sort of cellular network, because the only reason we’re able to use cell phones is thanks to government regulations on wireless spectrums.
    The lack of criminals trying to break into the lumber yard…could that possibly be because of the police and the judicial system?
    Face it…all Obama claimed was that everyone relies on government provided services and infrastructure to some extent. That’s not a wild, fanciful idea. It’s accurate and it’s not controversial. The only reason it appears to be controversial today is because of the use of out-of-context quotes.

    • Mailbox is used by a government agency that is billions in the hole.
      Roads were funded by taxpayers and built by contractors. Cars were invented and got around on dirt roads just fine. A basic service that we fund is now paying for outrageous state pensions that are unsustainable.
      Enterprise funds are not designed to make a profit either. They continue to raise our rates to meet the demand of complying with strict fed regulations.They also have unsustainable pension plans.
      Point is us taxpayers fund these services. The government is over bloated and wastes our money in astronomical proportions. I already work six months a year to pay all my taxes. Enough is enough!

    • And the lack of criminals? Guess you don’t know about the crime in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere.
      Best protection is the Second Amendment. When seconds count, police are minutes away…

  22. bill cleveland

    Me, You hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what Obama was saying, and was quickly taken out of context. As a small business owner with 30 plus employees paid a fair wage, with medical and 401k, I understand this.
    It’s time for us all to pay our fair share, including corporations, and the upper 2%. We will not survive unless invest in our infrastructure, education,
    and basic care of our fellow citizens.

    • We will not survive unless the government stops spending and wasting our tax dollars. And I’m talking about the millions for their cronies, unions, and pet projects.
      Basic services are fine. Yet the government can’t even turn a profit on a whore house and we are to entrust them to spend OUR money wisely? What a joke…

    • We will survive w/out govt. My church raised over $600k for a private charity tonight. Every penny will go to charity. No govt bureaucrats involved.

  23. America did build that business to every person that forced the indians to move and stole their land. America built that busniness with her 400 years of free labor that was slavery in which she made those who are wealthy now wealthy. To the other 100 years when the African American was forced to take second hand education and jobs. Yes the government has built every business and it started with the ones that got all of it with free labor and selling people like commodities.

    • Good grief…it’s history, deal with it. Since you live in Atlanta, how do you reconcile yourself with the fact that you live on stolen land? You must be miserable…Good thing the Indians aren’t as miserable as you. And they still live here. They receive their special compensation, and then some.
      Guess who started slavery? Guess which party wanted to keep slavery alive?
      Victim mentality….never gets you anywhere. I see the gubermint education system taught you very well.

    • Suggest you also study up on your historical dates as well…

    • Hey, Derek.
      If you really believe what you wrote here, let me ask you this:
      JUST WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT ALL THE INJUSTICES???? – other than whine, moan, bitch, kvetch, ad nauseum. I betcha you’re one of the 51% of Americans who don’t even pay federal income taxes, and yet you’re extolling government this, government that.
      I have news for you: Government is broke, $19 trillion in debt. Social Security Disability will run out of cash in 4 years, by 2016; followed 2 years later by the main Social Security program. The same goes for Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. etc.
      Government is “governing” us right into the poor house.

  24. my DAD Charles D.Scaff was a boxer in Memphis,tennessee and him and and hand full of men fought off the Goon squad to start the Union for Ford Motor co.that is what the US is all about..U.S. US….the lowlifes in washington..vote raises for their selves and choke us ..I been sold out from the GOV 2 steel mill jobs 2 ford plant jobs…agenda 21, FEMA..Esoteric Agenda…WAKE UP AMERICA….railcars with shackles a gillotenes the haulocaust will be a picnic compared to where we are headed


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