A Scientist Investigates Obama's Birth Eligibility

Ronald J. Polland, Ph.D., is an expert in Research and Program Evaluation with over 31 years of post-doctoral scientific research experience. He obtained his doctoral degree in Instructional Design, a branch of Psychology. For the past two years, Dr. Polland has been writing a book on the Obama birth eligbility issue, titled Fraud in the USA: The End of the Birth Certificate Controversy
Dr. Polland has just posted Chapter 1 of his book on YouTube. Due to YouTube length restrictions, the chapter is divided into 4 separate videos.
Pay special attention to the 4th video — on how the alleged Obama Certification of Live Birth posted by Factcheck.org on its website was a forgery! 
H/t American Grand Jury.

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10 years ago

I seen Obama on Dunham’s puppet comedy show. He was the bony one–I think he said his name was A-C-H–Flem

10 years ago

No NO No. You can buy this exact same document online at a birth certificate website. Fill in your name and state and pay the $19.95 and voila. There you have it for printing or scanning or saving. A phony doc.

10 years ago

Oh yeah. I have a friend who got his doctorate that way.