A Sandy Hook star crashes and burns

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“We are a puny and fickle folk. Avarice, hesitation, and following are our diseases.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Certainly in the story below, avarice has a part to play. And a good heap of following, too, if you count all of the people who blindly fell in with the popular Sandy Hook mythos.

As for hesitation, there has been enough of that as well, from those fearful of recrimination for looking more closely at the do-gooders behind numerous Sandy Hook charitable foundations.

One of these do-gooders, Kyle Lyddy, is being accused of embezzlement.

Lyddy was the cherubic and ambitious marketing professional who took the spotlight as an active member of “We Are Newtown,” a group that sought to bring the community together after 12-14-12.

Lyddy later served as chairman of the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission until stepping down this April. In 2016, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Connecticut’s 106th District state house seat.

More recently, he has been serving as campaign manager of the Oz Griebel/Monte Frank Connecticut gubernatorial campaign.

But on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Lyddy was charged with first-degree larceny for stealing $500,000 from his former employer, Match Marketing Group (Norwalk). The charges followed a month-long investigation.

A Hartford Courant article outlines the sticky-fingered activities that Lyddy is accused of, including a 124-night stay worth $10,000 at the Danbury Holiday Inn on the Match Marketing Group’s credit card. By his admission, Lyddy used a free digital wallet app to charge $60,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. The warrant also listed multiple vacation expenses, including a $7,000 AirBnb stay and, oddly, another $7,000 for the Lyddy family’s annual charity event, Light Up the Point.

Adweek.com reports that Match Marketing Group was acquired by Southfield Capital from Beringer Capital in July 2018. According to the Courant, Lyddy had worked for Match since January 2016, resigning in January 2018 after being questioned about fraudulent expenses.

Not fake. Mainstream news sources for this unfortunate incident range from local to national.

Newtown Bee


The Middletown Press

The Hartford Courant

New York Daily News


The widespread unanimity usually points to fake news, but not, I think, in this case.

Scrambling to save face. Statements from gubernatorial candidates Frank and Griebel, as well as Newtown, have been deflective and terse.

From Newtown’s First Selectman, Dan Rosenthal: “At no time did Kyle have access to town funds and there are no complaints from donors alleging malfeasance. Should a complaint arise we stand ready to investigate promptly and fully.”

Newtown resident and lieutenant governorship candidate Monte Frank tweeted: “I am devastated about the news concerning Kyle Lyddy. I’m as shocked as everyone else who knows him. The campaign immediately transitioned his responsibilities to Chris Cooper & Chris DuPont & we are confident that they will guide us forward & sustain our momentum for the people.”

Frank is the Cohen & Wolf attorney who represented the City of Newtown, the Newtown Public Schools and the Newtown Police Department, which acted as a united front during FOIA hearings with Wolfgang Halbig.

A noted gun-control activist, Frank is also the founder of Team 26, a cycling group that lobbies for gun control.

A narrow escape. At one point during Wolfgang Halbig’s determined yet stonewalled FOIA requests (March 2015), Frank canceled a commission hearing on the illegally withheld documents in order to participate in a Team 26 bicycle race.

It’s doubtful that his bike will deliver him from this most recent imbroglio. But maybe he’d be better off sticking to bike races than gubernatorial ones. The Frank/Griebel campaign has been lagging in the polls (low single digits) and fundraising has been disappointing.  No one is commenting on why.

Other criminals? The Sandy Hook 12-14-12 incident already has in its orbit at least one ex-con: Kevin Riley, whose former business, Hartford Trade Service, LLC, was engaged by the State of Connecticut to cremate the alleged remains of accused perpetrator, Adam Lanza.

With this latest development, it appears that more scrutiny may be called for. Avarice is one thing. Embezzlement is another.


H/T: Anne Berg

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13 responses to “A Sandy Hook star crashes and burns

  1. Well, before we have Our “Kermit” writing the “Diary of Monte Frank”, our young alleged con, Kyle Lyddy (must be Welsh), is still “accused”, as I understand it. It sounds as if Monte and his minions are distancing themselves from the young philanthropist as quickly as possible. I hope Monte isn’t his lawyer.

    Of course its doubtful that Monte actually has time for lawyering what with his obstruction activities, bicycling and politics. To be fair, it isn’t easy being green.

    I have to say, however, that with SHES I never saw so many “charitable groups” descending on one locale in my lifetime. It was like a pack of jackals on a fresh kill. All that money. It was all so “confusing”. But, like Mel Torme says, “..but money being green, is something I’ve never seen….., ’cause I was born to be blue.

    • Interesting that the ton of bricks would fall on the Lyddy lad. I think it’s pretty well-established that he was a little snake in the grass. But Monte is a pedal-pushing Python: I don’t think he’ll be wasting any time defending Lyddy.

      Re: charities: There’s a lot of boodle to be made from charitable foundations, and where there’s boodle, there are bound to be criminals. Just a general observation. But, of course, Sandy Hook was beyond reproach because of all those poor dead children. Mustn’t look too close for fear of offending someone. Well, we all see where that gets us. Hoping this will open some eyes.

      • Indeed. To be ‘frank’ people in Newtown are always pedaling something. I’ve never lived anywhere that gave away free houses and Christmas trees, but I don’t get out much.

        “Match Marketing Group” looks to have had a generous benefit package. I worked for a company that was headquartered in Norwalk. Interesting place. They were a lot stingier with their travel allowances it seems.

        It’s funny really. When most think “organized crime” they think of Chicago or Atlantic City. Connecticut could make the Purple Gang blush.

  2. “cremated remains” of the alleged eh? how convenient, and prohibitive of seeing if there actually even was any such perp to begin with, certainly that will halt any investigations or DNA evidence that could be followed. Why would they raze the former school under an N.D.A., and have so much security for a demolitions site on top of that, then to be followed by erasure of the alleged family house, and burning of the remains of the alleged as well, all of which eliminates a lot of avenues for verification of the events. (and what of any satellite or surrounding security camera footage of the alleged event, or the school’s own camera system that it allegedly had? That was blanked or hidden, if it existed at all, apparently… one wonders if any russian satellites got anything of that town on that day.)

    Although these kinds of claims expected to be taken on a “trust us because we’re the government/experts/the higher caste” claim without further proof, is an old dishonorable tactic, consider how they sold so many people on “evolution”, as well as billions, and billions, of years of ages of things because its simply a number they calculated based on… nothing… and kabala most likely. The citizenry are expected to believe this simply because these creeps said so, and ignore evidence pointing out that said creeps are the least trustworthy personages on the subjects. (remember how quickly they back-peddled on the piltdown “man” when their stupid hoax was exposed, and it proved to be a risk for their pet, and gnostic in origin, false doctrine of evolution?)

  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson had this man pegged too. Playing on a different field than hometown lad Mr. Lyddy, the tsar of UN’s environmental program managed to squander almost as much as our lad, being short just 10,000 dollars.

    How to save the environment UN style

    Erik Solheim accused of squandering by UN auditors
    The head of the UN environmental programme (UNEP), former Norwegian environment minister Erik Solheim, pays too little attention to the environment, the regulations and budget of his office.


    “Now the UN internal auditors have requested that he pays back part of the money he has spent on his trips. During his first 22 months in office, Erik Solheim spent 4,1 million Norwegian kroner (NOK), approximately 490 000 US dollars, travelling for 529 days around the globe.”

    “This emerges from the draft for a devastating report by the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) on the business travels of Erik Solheim and other senior UNEP staff.”

  4. I noticed that Erik has a little Canadian friend:


    I suppose I can’t blame him for not wanting to work in Nairobi, but that does beg question of why he sought the job. On the other hand, going to Paris is a lot like going to Nairobi. He should visit Hungary.

    It does appear that our public servant knows how to enjoy himself. He does seem to smile a lot. With all that “fact finding” he’ll be an irreplaceable asset should he ever decide to settle down and do some useful work.

    • Lophatt, you nailed him.

      The man bit by the travel bug is a classic example of doing the bidding for his masters. When the “usefulness” of one such politician is over, they will be appointed to another useless position in WHO, EU, UN, NATO or along those lines.

      The new protector of the environment for UN was spawned in his youth at the Norwegian Socialist Left Party. From there he rose in the ranks and started leaning over to the right (more profitable).

      The man is an interesting study in how these critters are formed and maintain their political status quo. Climbing the ranks of appointees, he advanced from positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Minister of International Development to Minister of the Environment.

      Then the time comes to move them out and onto greener pastures as reward for “work well done”. Erik here was sent over to UN and thought he could continue on his wasteful path. He’ll end up with a nice pension and villa in the south of France like the others.

      Our lad Lyddy, the other man bit by the travel bug, may get off with just probation and a promise of keeping his singing to the shower. But he is still young, and a villa in the south of France is not out of reach for him.

      • People these days talk of “The Swamp”. The Swamp has grown quite large with leftist popularity. There’s always room for one more parasite at the public trough.

        They take care of one another too. I mean just look at Obongo. Spent his whole life on the dole and proud of it. It’s one thing to tolerate a criminal class. It’s quite another to install them in government where they grow a sense of entitlement and hubris.

        With the monarchs they could at least claim entitlement through blood (whatever that’s supposed to mean). With the newer version all they can claim is avarice and guile. Being around them is like buying a car every day.

  5. Excellent investigative journalism, Cinderella Broom!
    It’ll be interesting if Kyle Lyddy will ever be actually tried and held accountable. I doubt it.
    And if there’s even the slightest possibility he might make a deal by “singing,” Lyddy will be suicided — like the mythic Adam Lanza who, we are told, committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun 8.3″ long IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. (Try it with a ruler; it ain’t easy.)


  6. Great comments – thanks. I guess power of the sort Lyddy enjoyed for a while certainly corrupts. It doesn’t matter if the charitable subject is children, the poor or the environment, criminal minds will find a way to make money off of it. And some will just dive in and plunder. I guess they’ve grown used to people looking the other way. Anyway, as Dr. Eowyn implies, Lyddy is likely just a scapegoat and, imo, unless he’s content with serving time without singing, he may be facing Sandy-cide, too.

  7. I have just been on FOTM’s corrupt USA/World and many of the articles are absent especially re: pedophilia. Wonder why????

    • The links don’t work because a month ago, on Aug. 15, 2018, WordPress burned our blog down — nearly 9 years of work, tens of thousands of posts, many of which involved original research and genuine investigative journalism.
      Although we are back on another hosting server, the posts that we were able to retrieve must be re-published one by one, each with a new URL. FOTM writers are not paid because there is no ad revenue. I, as the owner and administrator, have finite time and energy, which means that in all likelihood, many of the links will NEVER be restored.

  8. Thank you for your work. Where can I donate to help?


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