A Riddle

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Posted by Mr. Right on IMAO, April 23, 2010:
The Democrat National Convention is held at the New Orleans Superdome. Every prominent Democrat politician, donor and activist is there along with many of the Hollywood glitterati, high-ranking progressives from the world of academia and many, many prominent labor leaders and personal-injury attorneys.
The adoring media, of course, is packed in alongside them all to provide us with wall-to-wall coverage of every minute and tell us all how wonderful they are.
Suddenly, there is a great shaking, and the earth opens up and swallows the entire stadium, which disappears without a trace. Despite a mighty effort on the part of the emergency crews, they can manage to find only one survivor.
Who was saved? (scroll down past this pic)

New Orleans Superdome

A: The United States of America!
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3 responses to “A Riddle

  1. Epic! I love riddles with a happy ending.

  2. God is merciful after all.

  3. Too bad we can’t send 95% of the repubs with them.


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