A Revolution is Looming

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Bloodsucking Capitalists: Emotional Reading of Excerpts at Tucson School Board Meeting From a Book Used in the Controversial Ethnic Studies Curriculum for Grades 3rd – 12th (Content Warning)

For anyone who still thinks that liberal/socialist indoctrination does not go on in our schools, you’d better wake up. They are turning our children against us and against this country, this crap has to stop, I don’t care what it takes.
Our ancestors fought a revolution 235 years ago against a tyrant for far less reasons than we have today, again we have a tyrant, a government trying to take over our lives in almost every aspect, an economy on the brink of total collapse.
A military stretched to the breaking point, unsecured borders, high unemployment and inflation.
I’m sickened by what I am see happening in our country and I’m willing to wait until 2012, but mark my word, if there are any improprieties, any voter fraud or intimidation at the polls, we won’t be just taking pictures or videos, we won’t even bother calling the police. We are just going to take the problem in hand ourselves and we are going to solve the problem with frontier justice, and if you’re unfamilar with that term:
Frontier justice (also called vigilante justice[1]) is extrajudicial punishment that is motivated by the nonexistence of law and order or dissatisfaction with justice.[2]
Let this be a warning that we are fed up with the status quo and we have so far been law abiding but if we have to take the law into our own hands, have no doubt we will and damn the consequences. WE WILL NO LONGER BE PUSHED AROUND AND BE THE BUTT OF LIBERAL JOKES.
Tom in NC

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  1. For years, this kind of thing has been allowed to seep into our schools. Before, it was under the table clandestine style ; but now it is out in the open, and the perpetrators don’t even care that we know. They think we will take this lying down. But they are WRONG. These people have no right to do this, and if this school board in Tucson does not take this matter seriously and stop this kind of thing, and fire those who were usign this material; then they need to be hung in the public square so to speak.
    Linda in Tx

  2. Mad Angel is on FB

    Mexican American Studies
    Using the transformative curriculum model, the Chicano/Latino voice, experience, perspective, and history are moved from the margin to the center of the curriculum. This approach is supported by research by Banks (1995), Nieto (1999), Phinney & Rotheram (1987), and Yasso (2002). The Mexican American Studies Department has found that its curriculum, because of its inclusiveness and its critical nature, offers all students the opportunity to engage in a learning process which transcends the depth of any previous experience.
    ***Influenced by the work of scholar Paulo Freire, our lessons follow the framework of critical pedagogy, popular education, and the related participatory action research. The key premise holds that students should be equal partners in the construction of knowledge, identification of social problems, and implementation of solutions to these problems. Freire’s concept of “critical literacy” encourages students to adopt “an attitude of creation and re-creation, a self-transformation producing a stance of intervention in one’s context” (Freire, 1998, p. 86).

  3. Note from Eowyn: I’ve retrieved this comment from our Spam folder to show everyone who the enemies of America are. The commenter is AdamL, who’s been banned from this blog for his threats of violence.
    You won’t stop a damn thing. Our revolution has 2 goals , destroy conservatism in America and destroy capitalism worldwide. You will have to go door to door and kill each and every one of us to stop us.

    • “You won’t stop a damn thing. Our revolution has 2 goals , destroy conservatism in America and destroy capitalism worldwide. You will have to go door to door and kill each and every one of us to stop us.”
      That makes it even easier, stoopid commie puke, as all we have to do is drop daisy cutters on government housing projects all over America.
      LOL – Think of it as mooch, leech, and tick eradication, all rolled into one.

  4. Mad Angel is on FB

    GOOD CALL Eowyn….. there it is…

  5. Home school your kids. You decide what they will learn & when. Yes, as the home school mom I’ve given up many things I’d rather do during the day. I home school so my kids can learn my morals & values. We don’t have new cars, take vacations in exotic places or live in a big fancy house. My kids know who our Founding Fathers are & what they stood up for!~
    Make the sacrifice~ home school your kids!

  6. A friend of mine found out that his sons school was teaching him about the ‘peaceful organization’, the Muslim Brotherhood. After my friend found out, just through hearing his sons chatter, he had to show him, via the internet what they really were about. The kid is so confused now as to why his teachers who he respected, lied to him. We really do need to make them accountable to the parents. So very sad.

  7. lowtechgrannie

    A friend of mine has a relative who is a teacher on the curriculum committee of the Bellingham, WA School District. She fought the Muslim curriculum that was being considered and was able to get it on the “unacceptable list”. She said it was obviously intended as a recruiting tool. Thank God there are some good teachers in the system. Most of the young ones are asleep at the switch and have absolutely no critical thinking skills whatever.

  8. If we keep letting this happen we will definately loose our country! This whole thing is much deeper and if you have just joined in to the fray? Please see my condensed reference links, videos & notes.
    PG#1 – America has been hacked. Uncontested Proof “The USA” on an unsustainable path
    PG#2 – Connecting the DOTS between Terrorism and illegal immigration.
    PG#3 – I ask all Patriots 2 things.
    PG#8 – 4 ideologies teach their followers to “Kill Americans – if necessary”.
    Issue #17) Illegal Immigration & How bad it really is #1
    Issue #18) Illegal Immigration & how bad it really is #2
    Issue #20) “Illegal Immigration is Against Americans + Aided by U.S. Government
    NOTE: Section B is being developed. Some of this stuff is the reason AZ 1070 happened & more info is being developed to present to other states so we can get it to congressmen.

  9. call it like it is

    There’s a lot more going on here than people are seeing. I’m a Bible believing conservative who used to love the USA until the system started letting me down. There is a lot of hypocrisy on both the right and the left, and if conservatives refuse to look at the whole picture, they are doomed to be caught up blind-sightedly in a loosing battle. For one thing, yes, these books are terrible and need to be burned. Yes, there is a lot of Muslim and Mexican attack on our morality and values. But why? I submit it is the hypocrisy that is rooted in the US and which needs to be addressed. The US is founded on the blood of the original inhabitants. The Indians were not the bad guy depicted in the westerns we were all indoctrinated by. The whites were the bad guys. So, we won, and now we’re being attacked and we yell revolution. Maybe it’s time to try to right things with our native American brothers and sisters, and then our enemies might be weakened. The moral backbone is being lost in the US even without the attacks from foreigners; our own citizens have become blinded by greed and their own visions of morality, which is anti-Bible. The gay rightists, the abortionists etc. etc. are setting a negative morality which threatens to tear down the US. The infrastructure- banking, court system, legal system etc.- are corrupt. Even if a person wins in court against an immoral opponent, there is no enforcement of court decisions, so against a lawless opponent who refuses to follow the court’s decision, the win is meaningless. In short, the US, founded on the Bible but quickly changed to a might-makes-right basis, now has a shaky foundation. We need to start fixing it from the bottom up, through repentance, and then G0d will help with the rest.

  10. Mad Angel is on FB

    Why do people keep trying to relate what’s been happening the last 10 to 20 years to events over 200 years ago?

  11. Mad Angel is on FB

    OOPs….I wasn’t talking about your comment STEVE 😉

  12. Home schooling is the only solution in this controlling nanny state.
    Our fundamental rights and historical heritage have been discarded like a used Kleenex. I am saddened to live in this time because all of our institutions are corrupted. The majority of Americans are apathetic, ignorant, trash TV watching zombies. When did things go wrong so quickly?

  13. I thought we’d eradicated all the conservative trolls from America, then I stumble across a website that’s been put together by uneducated hilljacks who rail against a liberal America, love capitalism and hate the idea of change. Our ancestors were liberals, if they’d been conservative, we’d still belong to the Church of England, be supporting a king who had “divine right” and eating fish and chips for Sunday dinner. I’m a hard-working, Anglo-Saxon business owner who hates the ignorance being purported by you and your zealous bigots. We’re entering into a Corporate welfare state, giving Corporations subsidies and tax breaks, letting them rape us like they were some damn Mongolian and yet you’ve let yourselves become blinded to this fact and hate a “black” president, but not because he’s black, albeit. You lame ass, old rednecks need a better agenda and better leader. Oh, I forgot, Gingrich has god on his side now. Puke.

    • “We’d eradicated all the conservative trolls from America”
      Liberals are hilarious
      You must have been in a coma all these years, poor Kenny. Haven’t you heard of the TEA Party revolution? Tsk, tsk.
      As for your other rantings, all you’ve done is demonstrate to the world your abysmal ignorance by:
      1. Confusing today’s welfare state “liberals” with the Classical Liberalism of the Founding Fathers. You obviously know little to nothing about the beliefs and ideals of the Founders (try reading The Federalist Papers!). If you had, you’d know that today’s Conservatives and Libertarians are the most similar to the Founders’ Classical Liberalism; whereas you welfare-state Liberals have more in common with Karl Marx and Vladimir I. Lenin than with James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, et al.
      2. You’re also confusing Conservatives with the Republican Party, esp. with its RINOs. Gingrich is a RINO. This blog loathes Gingrich and other RINOs. I myself am not even a registered Republican, but a nonpartisan Independent.
      As for your tired tired old canard of racism, can’t you come up with some new insult to hurl our way? Y.A.W.N.
      Kenny the Commie Liberal

  14. liberals immigrated from england? and here i thought the puritans who immigrated were very conservative… wow never mind Kenny you change history anyway that will ease your simple little brain.


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