A reminder of how funny Ronald Reagan was

He didn’t just help bring down the Soviet Union and, with that, communist party-ruled Eastern Europe.
He wasn’t just the most conservative and best President in our lifetime.
Ronald Reagan was also very funny.
Here’s a great compilation of his jokes!
The one about the 3-legged chicken, beg. at 9:30 mark, is , and you’ll just love the end. I promise!
H/t FOTM’s very own Mike

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5 years ago

Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
Regan was one of the truly great leaders of the twentieth century.

5 years ago

We sometimes forget what a truly great man Regan was; particularly when compared to that numbnuts Obama.

Steven Broiles
5 years ago

Some people are mere comedians, wanting you to laugh at what they say; Ronald Reagan wanted people to be amused at what he THOUGHT. He was more the humorist than the comedian, and that took his wit to the next level.
I fail to find ANY humor in Washington these days.

5 years ago

John Nissen
5 years ago

OMG….a True American Leader. Never once pointed a finger of blame, just dug in and solved problems.

5 years ago

Yes he did… I was in the US Navy under peanut humper (Carter) and Reagan, world of difference. Trashed under peanut humper… world power under Reagan…