A real conspiracy: Churchchill & Stalin made secret pact to give Eastern Europe to Soviet Union

This post is for all who deride “conspiracy theorists” as tinfoil-hat-wearing crazies, at best, and at worst, “agents of Satan,” which a former friend, R., accused me of when I sent him my January 8, 2019 post, “More evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School had moved to Monroe, CT before the shooting massacre,” with documentary evidence from Wolfgang Halbig showing Sandy Hook Elementary School had moved to Chalk Hill Middle School in nearby Monroe, Connecticut, months before the December 14, 2012 mass shooting.

Instead of disputing my post with evidence or reasoning, R. called me an agent of Satan for trafficking in conspiracy theories, which he dismisses because he doesn’t believe in conspiracies and because so many conspiracy theories implicate Jews.

Churchill & Stalin share a private joke

Izzy Lyons reports for The Telegraph, April 2, 2019, that in October 1944 during a late night, whiskey-fuelled meeting in the Kremlin, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin, the respective leaders of Great Britain and the Soviet Union, made “a nominal agreement” on how they would carve up (“spheres of influence”) Eastern Europe after Hitler was eventually defeated and the Second World War ended.

Prime Minister Churchill jotted down on a slip of paper that he referred to in his memoirs as the “naughty document,” his proposals as to how various East European countries would be divided among the Allies, down to percentages of influence:

  • Roumania would be apportioned 90% to Russia, 10% to the others.
  • Greece: 90% to Great Britain; 10% to Russia.
  • Yugoslavia and Hungary would be divided 50/50?
  • Bulgaria: 75% to Russia and 25% to the West

Stalin appears to have approved Churchill’s suggestions by scrawling a big blue tick across the top of the “naughty document”.

Churchill-Stalin secret pact

Beginning April 5, 2019, that “naughty document” is now on public display for the first time at the British National Archives’ Protect and Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed exhibition.

Mark Dunton, chief curator of the exhibition, said Churchill called the paper his “naughty document, not for public eyes” because he and civil servants were aware of how it could come across as “callous”. Dunton said:

“This was the result of late night discussions between Churchill and Stalin, they both had a fair bit of whiskey. They were trying to make a nominal agreement about the spheres of influence after the war. I think it’s important that this document is going on display because there’s so much significance in that little square of paper. It’s potentially incredibly significant – the fate of millions being decided with the stroke of a pen as a result of a casual meeting. An official later said that the figures could have looked very cruel and callous if they were seen by the public. I think Churchill was very aware of that. It obviously didn’t quite pan out like this, but it is nonetheless a powerful document and an amazing piece of history.”

World War II Today has Churchill’s account of his secret pact with Stalin:

At ten o’clock that night we held our first important meeting in the Kremlin. …

The moment was apt for business, so I said, “Let us settle about our affairs in the Balkans. Your armies are in Roumania and Bulgaria. We have interests, missions, and agents there. Don’t let us get at cross—purposes in small ways. So far as Britain and Russia are concerned, how would it do for you to have ninety per cent. predominance in Roumania, for us to have ninety per cent. of the say in Greece, and go fifty—fifty about Yugoslavia?”

While this was being translated I wrote out [the percentages] on a half—sheet of paper….

I pushed this across to Stalin, who had by then heard the translation. There was a slight pause. Then he took his blue pencil and made a large tick upon it, and passed it back to us. It was all settled in no more time than it takes to set down.

Of course we had long and anxiously considered our point, and were only dealing with immediate war-time arrangements. All larger questions were reserved on both sides for what we then hoped would be a peace table when the war was won.

After this there was a long silence. The pencilled paper lay in the centre of the table. At length I said, “Might it not be thought rather cynical if it seemed we had disposed of these issues, so fateful to millions of people, in such an offhand manner? Let us burn the paper.” “No, you keep it,” said Stalin.

These percentages which I have put down are no more than a method by which in our thoughts we can see how near we are together, and then decide upon the necessary steps to bring us into full agreement.

As I said, they would be considered crude, and even callous, if they were exposed to the scrutiny of the Foreign Offices and diplomats all over the world. Therefore they could not be the basis of any public document, certainly not at the present time.

They might however be a good guide for the conduct of our affairs. If we manage these affairs well we shall perhaps prevent several civil wars and much bloodshed and strife in the small countries concerned. Our broad principle should be to let every country have the form of government which its people desire.

We certainly do not wish to force on any Balkan State monarchic or republican institutions. We have however established certain relations of faithfulness with the Kings of Greece and Yugoslavia. They have sought our shelter from the Nazi foe, and we think that when normal tranquillity is re-established and the enemy has been driven out the peoples of these countries should have a free and fair chance of choosing.

It might even be that Commissioners of the three Great Powers should be stationed there at the time of the elections so as to see that the people have a genuine free choice. There are good precedents for this.

The New Observer noted that:

As events transpired, the Soviet Union seized even more territory than this, taking 10 percent of all the countries listed (except for Greece, which remained free of Soviet occupation) and included Poland, Czechoslovakia, eastern Germany, and the three Baltic states.

Millions of people were displaced, killed and tortured under the Soviet rule during the next four and half decades in Eastern Europe. At least three major uprisings against communist rule followed: In 1953 in East Germany, in 1956 in Hungary, and in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. All three were suppressed with force by the Soviet army.

H/t Voat

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I’ve always had the impression that the annexation of E. Europe by the Soviets was a fait accompli, the conventional wisdom being that FDR “gave away” those countries at Yalta. FDR was failing at that point and this indicates that Churchill was more the pointman for the allies. Either that or you are peddling conspiracy theories as an agent of satan, but I’m pretty confident we can rule that out 🙂 The casualness and cynicism here is not surprising and in that context “A large tick” seems an apt description for so many world “leaders” throughout history


“They saved Europe from speaking German, so now it can speak Arabic.”

WWII was planned far in advance, as is the coming WWIII, between the fake Judeo-Wahabbi muslims, and the Masonic Zio-Christian West. Thats a large part of why the importation of Muslims into the West

Who was Albert Pike? (((The 33rd Degree Freemason Confederate General who has a statue in Washington DC that they do not want or allowed to be torn down)))

Albert Pike and Three World Wars


Oh yes, many years ago I read a book that had this information in it. It was about General Patton. He was furious about it. He was poised to liberate most of Eastern Europe but was told to stand down. They had already agreed to give it to “Uncle Joe”. The murders and rapes that ensued alone were shameful. Some things never change. The leaders then are no different from the leaders now. They had zero concern for their constituents. People argue about where the “buck stops”. Some think it is “The Royals”, some say “The Jews”, I have my… Read more »

Steven Broiles

It’s all about perception, and thanks to Dr. Henry Makow, David Icke and others, and now FOTM, we can see more clearly how devious, duplicitous and diabolical Churchill was—a dirty rat traitor, a dirty rotten conniver in Her Majesty’s service. I can think of no other nation on Earth that has caused as much grief and suffering to all of humanity than Great Britain, and Gandhi proved that the only way to get at them is to make them look at themselves. Yes, the British government cannot be made to look bad before the world, but they can be made… Read more »

m walker
m walker

“The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.” Winston Churchill to Truman. Fulton, USA March 1946 Winston Churchill’s original Sandhurst file, for example, described him as an idle layabout and a confirmed sodomite who was a menace to the younger boys. [2011 Oct] Death of a Showman: Jimmy Saville 1926-2011 by T Stokes “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German… Read more »


You come up with some of the most amazing reads on the net. Thanks, J.C.


You can clearly see, the leaders are NOT enemies… It’s all an act folks…

m walker
m walker

Well, as it turns out, back when Europe was still at peace, on May 11, 1939, the Sulzberger-Ochs Family’s NY Slimes ran front page stories about how the war-hawks of Britain were heavily pressuring Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to bring Stalin’s Soviet Union into a Franco-British-Polish anti-German alliance. The front page also confirms that (brace yourself) the Vatican and Germany wanted to sit down and hold peace talks with the Allies, but the warmongers of the UK flatly refused.


Having the author/producer of this on his show and promoting it, and his production of the “Revolutionary Holocaust” which was about the 60 million Christians “holocausted” by the satanic Bolsheviks, got Glenn Beck fired from (K) Fox News (IMO).

The Soviet Story