A question for Senator Warren…

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13 responses to “A question for Senator Warren…

  1. Off topic kind of. I couldn’t resist.

    “Pow Wow Chow”
    Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Plagiarized Cherokee Cookbook To Prove Ethnicity

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  3. She’s got Indian blood as I am a red headed, blue eyed, freckled faced woman whose forefathers came in the Mayflower from Ireland. Hahaha.

    • Yep. The really sad part is that she used this to get her teaching position. She would have claimed herself a left-handed, herniated, Hopi Indian for a little loose change.

      Then as “Hawkmoon” says, she writes a cookbook. “This is the food of my people”! Wow! Senator “Lieawatha”.

  4. This POS protects her agenda and the left ONLY.

  5. Hatchet Face!

  6. Instead of trying to tie herself to a group of indigenous people she should try proving she has more than 1/1024th interest in caring about all American citizens.

  7. Brilliant meme!

  8. Elizabeth Warren Probably Never Expected THIS Video To Come Back And Haunt Her! (Thorough debunking of her “family lore” lies)


  9. Being a hypocrite is terrible enough, but Elizabeth Warren is so sanctimonious about it, she has become supercilious!

    In other words, she wants to win, so she cheats. But then she cries foul when we discover she’s cheating. So instead of waiting for our reaction to THAT, she uses her neurolingual programming to lecture her so as to control our response! HEY DIRTY RAT! YOU’RE TRAPPED! ADMIT IT!!

    • Ha! Her husband founded a DNA testing company. One could say that she could have checked her facts anytime she liked. Of course, she would probably come back with the conclusion that her DNA proves she’s the “messiah”.

      On the other hand it isn’t rare for a lawyer to enter politics. That’s always open to those who don’t know both their parents.

  10. I am so thankful that FINALLY, one of the federally recognized tribes spoke out against her BS. They should have challenged her years ago…..Most people in the USA today…including Elizbeth Warren….know or care SQUAT about the recognized tribes (who are classified as autonomous, yet “dependent” NATIONS within our USA nation). Each tribe sets its membership requirements by blood quantum and Elizabeth Warren doesn’t even amount to a WHISPER of relationship to any recognized tribe, let alone any tribe of which we can speak historically/in general. There is great variance between tribes in blood quantum requirements to be recognized…like, the Northern Utes require 5/8 blood quantum….but the Eastern Band Cherokee require 1/64 (and these can change according to tribal voting/laws….). No matter, Elizabeth Warren STILL doesn’t understand or even pretend to study the native tribes of this country and their present-day lawful standings within our country and she is a Freakin’ SENATOR in the US GOOBERMENT????? These things are a matter of the Congressional RECORD….laws recognized by her own legislative BODY…….Not only is she a fabricator in her own interest….but, she is a SLACKER in her present job…….


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