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  1. She sounds to me like she has what it takes. All that’s left is to stick to her guns.

  2. True Christians would never judge or condemn her, for our God is a forgiving God. The others do not matter.

    • Sorry Glenn but you just preached the ‘New-Age Waavy Gravy’ Theology lie that has Christianity to the point of irrelevance in Amerika. We are to judge one another, hold each other accountable: ‘Fruit Inspectors’. Many call themselves ‘Christian’ when in reality one would be hard pressed to find the evidence.

  3. If when you hear the Hollywood folk, politicians claim Jesus, then you examine their actions like supporting Sodomy – Lesbianism, Abortion – Eugenics, Perpetual Violence (under the mask of war) for profit, do you not ask yourself What Jesus is that?

    • traildustfotm

      Yes, and for the moment, she seems to be in support of abortion, LGBT, and a number of other things that can never be reconciled with God. The one hopeful note is that many people I’ve known, myself included, got saved by faith in Christ, and then subsequently changed their positions on many issues. In the case of everyone I know, the changes in political views came over a period of years. So I hope for her, that she will stay with the Lord, and deal with her previous assumptions over some time.
      On the other hand, her conversion may be shallow and false. We don’t know yet.

  4. “These destroyers of our churches appear to be as content with their work as monkeys with their mischief. ” -C.H. Spurgeon

  5. How sad that, in a country founded by Christians where even today Christians comprise the majority of the population, that a person would characterize her converting to Christianity as “coming out.”

    • traildustfotm

      Very good point, Dr. Eowyn.
      In her circle, admitting to faith in Jesus Christ may be as big a social offense as publicly “coming out” as a gay. It was definitely that big an offense at my art school in the 1970s when I spoke up for Jesus. I was an immediate social outcast. One good thing is that a very dear friend from the same school followed me, and we are both Christians to this day. And another couple of our friends at the school followed us, encouraged by our actions, one of whom is now a pastor.


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