A progressive bastion: Cynthia Nixon promises to make New York a "real" sanctuary state

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cynthia nixon

Candidate Nixon wants to work hard for illegal aliens/Instagram photo

It’s the demorat way…
From Daily Mail: Cynthia Nixon has promised to turn New York into ‘a real sanctuary state’ for undocumented migrants illegal aliens in a swipe at Andrew Cuomo, her rival for the Democratic nomination.
The ex-Sex and the City actress areas including New York City for already adopting so-called ‘sanctuary’ legislation but blamed Cuomo, the current governor, for failing to take it up on a statewide level.
This and similar pro-immigrant measures would help turn the state into a ‘progressive bastion’, Nixon said during a speech in Rochester on Thursday.
‘All of these things that we should have done and that New Yorkers want us do, that’s why I am running.
‘Times up on progressive change and waiting for progressive change in New York,’ Nixon said, according to a report in the New York Daily News.
In the same speech Nixon also demanded more money for schools and renewable energy, and new laws to create a single-tier health system.
The New York Assembly passed sanctuary state legislation last year, but this was thrown out in the Republican-controlled senate.
Cuomo has been accused of preventing sanctuary legislation from going through the Senate by allowing a controversial power-sharing deal between Republicans and a breakaway group of Democrats.
The Independent Democratic Conference joined Republicans in a ‘majority coalition’ in return for leadership positions and lucrative stipends. It lasted for seven years before ending earlier this month.
New York City passed a bill in October 2017 ruling that no state money would be used to help enforce federal immigration legislation.
Other areas that have adopted similar legislation in the state include Albany, Ithaca, Wayne County, Omondaga County, Franklin County and St Lawrence County.
Cuomo hit back against Nixon’s criticism, saying: ‘I think we have the most progressive record in the country in this state.’
Sanctuary legislation has been heavily criticised by Republican legislators.
At a roundtable on the issue in March, President Trump accused cities that fail to cooperate with immigration authorities of putting the nation at risk by releasing ‘thousands of criminal aliens’ who should be deported. ‘In many cases they are very bad actors. We have gang members, we have predators, rapists, killers – a lot of bad people,’ he said.
Earlier this week, Iowa became the latest Republican-led state to propose legislation which would withhold money from local governments that don’t comply with federal immigration laws.
A bill outlining an expansive immigration enforcement plan is expected to receive final legislative approval this week.
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0 responses to “A progressive bastion: Cynthia Nixon promises to make New York a "real" sanctuary state

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Really baffled by her (and all too many others) interpretation of “progressive”.

  2. Cynthia Nixon has a net worth of $60 million, thanks to the “useful idiots” who watched her “Sex in the City” TV series and movies, written by homosexual men who portray women as sluts like gay men are.
    Have Nixon and her “wife” Christine Marinoni sheltered any illegal alien in their swanky Manhattan apartment that they bought for $3.25 million in 2012? Friggin’ hypocrite.
    Nixon is an outlaw in more ways than her “sanctuary” policy that violates federal immigration laws. In 2017, Nixon’s charitable foundation illegally donated $5,000 to the socialist Working Families Party. Charity groups are not supposed to make political donations.

  3. Progressives are trying to out-do each other in their race to the bottom.

  4. Another one suffering from cranial neuropathy.
    Liberalism/Progressivisim/Socialism = Mental Disorder
    Thanks. But no thanks.

  5. She has lost all common sense if she had any in the first place. Has she not been watching videos of what is happening in LA, where miles and miles of illegals and homeless are living all over the place. Defecating anywhere and bringing disease and crime to the state in massive numbers, making Ca. A very dangerous place to live. And now she wants to do the same for NY. Go ahead and run on that platform and your opponents will run those videos 24/7. Does she really want that for her children?
    And with her 60 million dollar worth, that $5000 donation was not much more than a slap, telling me her heart isn’t fully in it.

    • Glenn47 . . . . Bravo! I agree with every word. This woman is strictly repulsive, even including that stupid hat she is wearing. She is one of many who are dragging down our society. I find that I consider her to be a traitor to our nation, with beliefs such as she spouts.

      • Hello Auntie,
        Did you see where a few days before your state governor said she wasn’t going to send the NG to the border. She took a large sum from Soros? He is doing this all over the country. I can’t wait for the day he is stopped.

        • That will be the day I celebrate in the streets and dance and I don’t dance.
          But will if that happens.

        • Glenn47 . . . . Yes, all these Progressives in high office are standing there with their hands out, waiting to receive their allowance from Soros. This is such a travesty. Out here the Progressives are just like the Eveready Bunny, they just keep going, and going, and going . . . .

  6. Left/libtards will need to build another wall to keep people in.

    • That is my only fear about the border wall with Mexico- walls keep people in too. If lefties ever gain total power this will be like the Soviet Union and people will be trying to escape any way they can. Would have been better to cut off welfare to the leaches and place the military and drones on the border with orders to shoot to kill. That would solve the problem real quick.

      • Lana . . . . You are right on the money, NO LEGAL OR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT should be receiving any type of Welfare, or any assistance, not food stamps, not rent assistance or HUD, not WIC coupons–NO TAXPAYER funds should be allotted to anyone who comes here in search of a better life. The fact that we have thousands, upon thousands of these peoples who immediate become a ward of the state is beyond belief! What sane people would agree to the draining of their substance, and having it go to foreign citizens? Only those who are crazy or Demorat.

      • Nobody discusses Mexico’s obligation to their own people. We have a trade agreement with them, NAFTA. It is total garbage. It takes jobs from us and gives them to Mexicans. Still, they starve.
        There is no work so they push them across the border. We should stop subsidizing them and force them to do what they need to do.

        • lophatt . . . . That is such a sane answer . . . yet, we are blocked from implementation by all the dillweed Dems, who just cannot see how crazy NAFT, and the illegal immigration long our Southern boarder truly is. Anyone who is in favor of NAFTA, or that type of trade treaties is a traitor to this nation!

  7. Bankruptcy and Anarchy in the State.

  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Sometimes the need for an admiring audience continues after a career in show business.

  9. Who is funding her?

  10. It’s because many in that area use them as laborers; gardeners, painters, bussers, etc..
    In truth, and I’m sure much to the chagrin of most here, I have much more of a problem with those, “Americans,” in suits, throughout all genre’s, across this country. As, they’re THE only ones who have ever brought myself, and my family serious harm.
    And yes, I’m talking about everyone within the establishment; lawyers, judges, politicians, Freemasons – via gang stalking, even the g a y mafia (the DuPont circle qu**rs and their east coast posse – alefantis, Brock, etc.).
    Those are the people whom I know of, personally, who have been involved in trafficking OUR children, for pornography, sex, defilement all around. They may not use guns, but are just as much of a danger, if not more so.
    You guys should be livid about this chit, imo. Because those kids, the ones who survive, will be all of our problem one day.
    God help them, God help us, and may God help the USA, because it seems like we are truly f***ed. Not by illegals, but by US – inside to out.

    • While I agree with you that “establishment” elites are a greater threat than illegal aliens, may I suggest that it is a logical fallacy to present this as an either/or binary (false) choice. Why must we choose one or the other? BOTH are threats to America’s well being.

      • They are doing what their owners tell them to do. They give them millions of “dollars” and in return, they do as they’re told. There is absolutely no legitimate reason why ANYONE would want to open the borders. It makes no sense.
        But, universally, we see this happening. With these Hollywood types it is their job to promote this to losers who live vicariously through manufactured role models. Look at what they’re modeling. You mentioned it in your comments. Her “husband”, etc.
        The Plan is well known. It hasn’t changed much, if any. These people are easy to spot. If they were ineffective we wouldn’t be seeing them. Instead, those who own all the media (we know who you are), push their Plan through models like these.
        Inviting illegals is as smart as jumping in front of moving trains. But, I realize we have people who would do that. Maybe we should let them. We certainly shouldn’t cooperate with things like this. We should demand that they go away.

  11. “Cuomo hit back against Nixon’s criticism, saying: ‘I think we have the most progressive record in the country in this state.’
    So in other words he’s saying he’s trying harder than anyone in New York to break the bank and become California East. that’s a GREAT claim to fame. Years from now,people will say,”Cuomo? OH,YEAH-he’s the guy who single handedly made NYC a ghost town by going Socialist with it.”

  12. Cañifornia, New York, Chaicago, and the rest should ceased the Union and go each separate ways and try to make it on their own, Wash DC sever ties and let them see if they are really so progressive the establishment can manage without help, after all they hold the money, do They?

    • We need to invest in fencing companies. That and hemp production. We’re going to need a lot of rope.
      While we’re on the subject, we don’t need anymore laws. They are already in violation of several. All they need to do is enforce the ones we have. Of course they should withhold their funding. They should have already arrested the violators.
      We should just fence these areas off and declare them “sin zones”. Don’t let anybody or anything in or out. It’ll take care of itself. If they want to live “on the edge”, fine. As long as they’re not allowed to harm us I’m ok with it. It isn’t up to me to stop them from sinning. I hope their gonads drop off and they collapse from incurable STD’s. This is the new leprosy.

  13. These people aren’t Democrats. They are ignorant, morally bankrupt, philosophically challenged, reasonless crusaders for a cause they can not comprehend beyond the range of an immature child. They don’t understand why laws are created and why they exist nor do they begin to comprehend the damage they do by enticing people to break the laws put in place by authorities endowed by God just for that purpose. Creating sanctuaries is not only a violation of laws, it is a moral violation which goes much deeper than a law book. It is enticing someone to sin making it an affront to God. Does that aid anyone in the long run? Maybe in the terms of earthly existence but let’s look at the sitiation from the only stance which does matter. What does God say about such behavior? It violates 2 commandments right away; stealing and bearing false witness. Both are required to stake an illegal claim to residence because it violates possession (they are not legal citizens) and they are making a claim to a right they do not possess. Of course leftists only care for the here and now and are feeble enough to believe this is all there is to man.

    • Mad Celt . . . . Thank you for such a forthright explanation of why “immigration” is morally wrong! Good job.

    • Yes, language is important. By subtly skewing phrases they have “promoted” illegal border crashers into honored guests. Many of the same people who are out screeching about this can’t afford to rub two sticks together.
      They think the momma sow is going to grow more teats to feed everybody. It is infantile. We now have a whole class of people who are utterly mindless. None could reason their way out of a wet paper bag.

  14. Take a good look at the UK and see the mess we are in and see and watch what our Politicians are doing, or not doing and how so many of them in both Houses have connections with those Muslim Groups that are dangerous. The British People have been thrown away to look after themselves. “Must not offend the Muslims” but (excuse my language) “sod the British People they will have to put up with it all”. Well we won’t, we fought back in 1939 and we will fight back again. Those damn “do gooders” are destroying everything, bleeding heart liberals. The Labour Party under Corbyn wow they must be kept out, Corbyn speaks on behalf of Terrorists, when he defends Hezbollah and their Flag, a banned flag, waves behind him, its disgraceful. “Speakers Corner” once the place where Free Speech could be spoken not now it seems. Muslims lay out their prayer mats as an insult, at “Speakers Corner” and nothing is done. Bet you if a group of Christians were calling for people to Pray the Police would arrest them. Welcome to England, welcome to London where Murder Rates are higher than New York. Khans London, the worst Mayor of London there has ever been. Don’t fall for these Extreme Left Wing Marxist People, they say “don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

  15. Apparently, there is no shortage of looney, lugubrious, leery, leftist, LITTLE LEMMINGS OF DOOM!
    Vote for more crime!
    Vote for more DWI collision deaths!
    Vote for more Cloward & Piven!
    Bury the Rule of Law!
    Mario Cuomo was bad enough. Then we had Howdy Doody, George Pataki, who OUTSPENT Mario the Schizoid Dialectician! Now we have Son of Cuomo! Now let’s get ready for the Bride of Frankenstein!
    Somewhere in a smoke-filled room the deal-makers are laughing themselves to death! The looney, lugubrious, leery, leftist LITTLE LEMMINGS OF DOOM are on the March!!!

  16. I hate to tell her, but she’s a little late to the party.

  17. In response to the “hate speech”, we British have always taken for granted (which of course we should not have) our “Free Speech”, but these days here in the UK words like Black/Muslim are trigger words. “Free Speech” is now a Hate Crime, you can be arrested, fined, even imprisoned, its watching our Ps and Qs. We are watched, we are listened to, the internet usage is monitored. I have heard from several people whose work is removed from the internet. I used to work in London and enjoyed doing so. I used to go up to London from where I now live and go around the Museums/Galleries and thoroughly enjoyed doing so, but now even if health permitting I could, I would be too afraid to do so. Government/all authorities are bending over backwards to the Muslims, not the right type of muslims. There are muslims who are scared of their own. The Indian community when it arrived here in the UK settled in, mixed and have never caused any trouble. But now its a case of certain Muslims wanting Sharia Law in this Country for ALL, they operate it for their own it is so terribly wrong and should not be allowed, they want to end the Christian Faith in this Country.
    We have a massive battle on our hands in this Country and it is one that only the People will be able to fight for, because I can’t say the same about the Government/Police etc being on our side – its odd how the Army know and accept the truth. Europe is in chaos, thanks to Angela Merkel, but they are fighting back, and we must do so. At least Hungry made the right decision.
    If I may would it be alright to use your “Sadiq Khan’s wonderful welcome to London” poster. I will ask my Son to do the necessary, I’m not too good with internet workings. Enjoyed all you wrote.

  18. How long before we have the same thing here? When conservatives get tried of the fight it will happen. GHU all only hope im not around to see this country handed over to the likes of this. ☻


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