A Preview of Obama's State of the Union

also known as:

How to Say Nothing in 4:02 Minutes


Reminds you of anyone?
It’s the “bwah bwah bwah” teacher on Charlie Brown!
H/t New Zeal and beloved fellow May

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9 years ago

If Dave were giving the SOTU speech: My fellow Americans, the state of the union currently sucks, and it sucks worse as each day (hour?) passes. The state of our union will continue to deteriorate until Barack Hussein Obama has been bounced out of office, and his hideous policies have been reversed in their entirety. We can either do that now, or we can wait until November of 2012 comes around, and hope we will have acted in time to save this republic as it was founded. This is one case where good things are not going to come to… Read more »

9 years ago

Must See!!! Breaking!! Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate! Exposes fraud!! Wake up people its HERE!

mary Johnson
mary Johnson
9 years ago

He says, ‘we’ve created over a million jobs.’
Oh did you now. How did you do that?
He’s lucky any one of us agrees to participate in this convoluted ruinous economy at all.

9 years ago

Corporate profits are healthy? Yeah, that’s why I haven’t had a raise or bonus since this clown took office. Guess that’s why are revenues have been stuck at 07 levels since he took office as well.
Will skip this SOTU address… I’ll be working to make sure our firm’s profits can even be in the black.