A Prayer For Tom in NC's Mom

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My Mom is doing better, she got 3 units of blood yesterday and her H&H has greatly improved, her CAT Scan was negative and now they are keeping her under observation to make sure her H&H levels don’t drop again.
Thanks for all of your prayers, I know they haved helped her and me and my wife as well.
Tom in NC

Fellowship of the Mind’s powerfully plain-speaking writer, Tom in NC, asks us to pray for his 84-year-old mom.
She was taken to the ER this morning with chest and back pain. Her H&H (Hemoglobin and Hematocrit) is low, which indicates internal bleeding. She’s been given one unit of blood and will receive two more tonight. She had a CAT Scan of her abdomen and pelvis this evening, but the results are not yet in. They have also put an NG (Nasal Gastric) tube into her stomach as a precaution since they are unsure where the location of the bleeding is.
The dear lady is resting comfortably now and in the hospital’s observation room.
Please take a moment to say a prayer for Tom’s mother.
Please also keep our LowTechGrannie in your prayers. She’ll be seeing the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to find out if surgery is warranted.
May the loving and compassionate God send His mighty Angels to comfort and protect them….

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0 responses to “A Prayer For Tom in NC's Mom

  1. All my best wishes and prayers… stay strong.

  2. Prayers for Tom’s mom.

  3. Prayers your way Tom.

  4. Tom,my heart and prayers are with you and your mom. She must be a very special lady to have a son with such values,respect and morals such as yours.

  5. I’m a wicca warlock … I have cast a dark magic spell against you conservatives/birthers.
    You will be inflicted with much more misery in the coming months.
    I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  6. Adding my prayers for Tom’s mom, those caring for her, and Tom.

  7. Prayers for Tom’s mother! May she be touched by the Almighty with mercy and healing and comfort…and will pray for Tom too! 🙂
    Remembering to pray for LTG as well…. Get better SOON LTG, we miss ‘ya!

  8. prayers winging their way to Tom’s Mom, and Tom , too….& LTG, as well.

  9. Much prayer for Tom’s mom, and some more for Lowtechgrannie!

  10. Tom, hope your mom gets well soon!!! Prayers and thoughts your way!!!

  11. Thoughts and prayers for your dear Mama!!

  12. Tom, glad to hear she’s doing better and negative CAT.

  13. Tom, I have sent anxious prayers to Our Lord for the healing of your mother, and have asked His Blessed Mother, Mary, His angels and His saints, to help her in every way!
    tbm, I reiterate and incorporate the same communication to you that I made on Grannie’s post. I prayed for your personal conversion to Our Lord today and will do so every day.

  14. I’ve been gone all morning, so I only just saw Tom’s Update.
    Praise be to God!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. Tom,
    Glad to hear it.
    Hope things keep getting better.


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