A prayer for Steve

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This morning, my beloved friend and FOTM’s intrepid co-founder Steve will go under a general anesthesia for an arthroscopy on his right knee.
Steve says it’s nothing major, just a tear, but a general anesthesia always carries certain risks.
Please say a little prayer that all goes well — that whatever repairs the surgeon must make are minor, and that Steve recovers swiftly!
Thank you!

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0 responses to “A prayer for Steve

  1. Your on my list, Been there done that. Now my right knee reminds of when the weather is changing…

  2. I’ve placed him in my Prayer Book and you can bet he’ll be OK, lots will be praying for him. I’ve gone through four on my back and any time they cut on you, it’s a big deal. He’ll be in a great place with you as his prayer warrior! God’s Speed Doc…

  3. Steve~
    I’ll be praying for you and for your doctor and nurses! Enjoy being pampered while getting back on your feet! You are in my prayers.

    • Steve, you know I’m in your corner! Your encouraging emails and the prayers of everyone here at FOTM, got me through my own knee trauma last fall. I’m praying for a quick recovery for you and strength and patience for your family because I know what a whiny, demanding so-and-so I was when I couldn’t walk. LOL! All the best, my friend.

  4. Now Steve, ‘fess up and tell us just how old is that photo you sent Eo? You look to be maybe eight. Don’t be shy now, you’re amongst friends. When I had the procedure done in 2002, I used crutches and canes afterward; now people tell me you’ll only need a cane for a few days. Just remember that you’re no longer James Bond: no more leaps over cars or 100 yard dashes. Wednesday we hold Meeting for Healing, and you’ll be in it! All best love n stuff, J

  5. Thoughts and prayers for you, Steve, as you undergo this procedure. With your spunk, you will be back in no time. Relax and enjoy having others take care of you!

  6. Steve, you are in my prayers for a successful surgery. May God grant you a careful surgeon and quick healing.

  7. Oooch….makes me wince a bit….and no coffee !!!!
    I went through two room-mates last time I was in the ‘shop’
    who had knee replacements….but I’m still on original equipment ,
    too. Mind the nurse’s and let the wife fuss a wee bit…and
    remember that you’re in more danger going to and coming from
    hospital …. Feel better ,soon. 🙂

  8. Hey Steve, I’m sure all will go well! Thinking of you this am.

  9. Prayers going out for you big guy for a successful procedure and a quick recovery. Don’t be too much of a burden during your recovery, LOL

  10. prayers for you Steve! 🙂
    prayers for your wife and son,for lots of patience. I am already confident everything will be good!! (Cowboy Up!!) ha!

  11. Steve, I’m praying for your speedy recovery, and double praying to give your wife and son patience during the recovery… 😉

  12. I will keep Steve in my thoughts praying to God concerning him. I see the trusting heart of a child in what I see. When you pray pray no one should see you praying. God who sees in secret will reward you openly. If you want to knell close your door behind you. if you put up a prayer when there are humans around don’t let them know you are paying at all. To have humans see you pray is what the godless Scribes, and pharisees did to get the praise of men.

  13. whew at first when i saw prayers for steve in my email inbox the worst case scenerio popped into my head knee surgery while inconvenient and probably painful ( i myself have worn the cartilage in my knees down to nothing from a lifetime of physical activity sports and other things) so anyway hope your surgery had no complications and you don’t gain to much weight from being laid up. drink lite beer. just kidding.

  14. You are on my list as well Steve as I too have been there and done that. I broke my knee when I flew through the air with the greatest of ease without a trapeze! LOL. Lord, please give Steve’s family patience and if not patience…at least tolerance! LOL they might need it! Gett better soon guy!

  15. Get some rest…glad he was able to fix the tears!

  16. Thank you for posting,Steve. I am so glad the surgery went well. The hard part will be keeping your patience through your recovery. Take the pain pills and rest!

  17. OK, alive is good, the best kind of start mode. The pain is relieved by ice packs and the pills you got. Get the swelling down: inflammation causes the pain [pressing on nerve ends]. Then look in yr emails and closely follow the instructions on making my world-famous chili con carne recipe, using red wine. Granted, it requires two bottles of red wine, but very little is wasted in the chili. Write if you get work!

    • Not to worry: the two bottles of good red bingo will sedate him nicely, so he’ll sleep well in the Florida sun…. LOL

  18. Somehow I think Steve is going to be just fine. 🙂

  19. Add some Kaula to the coffee… It helps the pain pills work…
    Glad to hear things went well…


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