A Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked

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Psalm 94:I-IV

Lord, avenging God,
avenging God, shine forth!
Rise up, judge of the earth;
give the proud what they deserve.
How long, Lord, shall the wicked,
how long shall the wicked glory?
How long will they mouth haughty speeches,
go on boasting, all these evildoers?
they crush your people, Lord,
torment your very own.
They kill the widow and alien;
the fatherless they murder.
They say, “The Lord does not see;
the God of Jacob takes no notice.”
Understand, you stupid people!
You fools, when will you be wise?
Does the one who shaped the ear not hear?
The one who formed the eye not see?
Does the one who guides nations not rebuke?
The one who teaches humans not have knowledge?
The Lord does know human plans;
they are only puffs of air.
Happy those whom you guide, Lord,
whom you teach by your instruction.
You give them rest from evil days,
while a pit is being dug for the wicked.
You, Lord, will not forsake your people,
nor abandon your very own.
Judgment shall again be just,
and all the upright of heart will follow it.

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0 responses to “A Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked

  1. Honorable Patriots:
    We have a few things which need to be accomplished before we all become true American Patriots. I have listed some of them in the text below. Before I can align with any organization or individual, these things MUST become reality. I am an armed conservative American Patriot, and there is no room for negotiation. Negotiation is just a way to procrastinate and change the subject at hand. We are facing a financial, racial, civil, and world war. Unless these things are implemented, The United States will implode.
    01 Impeach “President” Obama and incarcerate or deport him. He is aligned with the Union bosses and other big money special interest groups. He is a Muslim and Islam has declared war on the United States – what is the reason for putting our enemy in charge of our country and military? He has been proven to have ties with the terrorist matrix so everything he knows, our enemy knows as well. He entered the country and went to college under an assumed name and illegal passport. He is not even an American Citizen. He has increased the Federal deficit more than all other Presidents combined. Obama’s, Liberal’s, and far left Democrat’s agenda is to bring us down from within and make the citizens subjects of a Marxist Dictatorship rather than free men represented by honest men who have our best interests at heart. He ignores the constitution, Congress, The Bill Of Rights, and the people. He lies to the American citizens on a regular basis. I could go on and on, but the heart of the matter is that he is neither eligible, fit, nor has the morals to be “President”. He has the morals of a goat. Repeal all changes to our constitution, laws, personnel, and Obama care – null and void since he has been in power.
    02 Disband and make illegal the Unions which are murdering thieves and Electoral College – elect State and federal officials by popular vote only. They buy the Presidency with big money in return for legislation which benefits them making voting a joke. Big money, The Union Bosses, other big money interest groups, and foreign factions are running our country. If the unions were not in power Americans would pay at least 1/3 less for what they buy. It all goes to the bottom line.
    03 Replace the Supreme Court with honest, educated, and unbuyable Judges which are not placed there by bribery and greed. Existing and future corruption must be eliminated.
    04 Close and defend all the borders to all immigration, patrol the Mexican border with Apache and Cobra helicopters – illegals make good fertilizer, and deport all illegals and Muslims – again, Islam has declared war on the United States. Let no one in on incoming aircraft or watercraft that is not a legal American Citizen or official envoy. This would help stop the influx of undesirables and terrorists.
    05 Eliminate all forms of gun control. Criminals do not acquire guns at a legal store but in the black market. Under gun control, the only people with firearms would be criminals and the Military leaving the citizens defenseless and easily overrun by the Feds. or other potential enemies.
    06 We have an oil reserve from the Canadian border through Colorado but are not allowed to drill for it because of the “tree huggers” worries about environmental issues. Oil companies now have technologies to prevent any environment damage. Where would the Middle East be with no American dollar brought in by the purchase of oil? That money could be used to reduce the deficit, and the price of fuel would plummet.
    07 Audit Obama and find out where all the extra money, (over $70,000.00 a month), is coming from and find out where the missing trillions of dollars went. Also audit the Fed. And treasury to find out where all the money is wasted and if there is any gold which belongs to us in Fort Knox, and if any is missing, where did it go. Hold those responsible to trial and use punishment befitting the crime. No favors or parole.
    08 Legislate no special rights for queers and lesbians. They can keep things to themselves and live by the same rights that those of us who know the difference between the sexes live by.
    09 All Americans have the right to work without the bullying of the Unions or requirement to have a card to interfere with that right. Legislate no laws to diminish those rights.
    10 Sell no more of our land to the Chinese or any other foreign interests. Buy back any land already sold or void the transaction and run them back home.
    11 Vastly downsize Federal Government control and let the States take care of their own territory. Use the money saved to reduce the deficit.
    12 Stop printing extra currency to make things look better, it is but a ploy to fool the people and will eventually burst the financial balloon in the near future We already have more paper out than we can back up which is devaluing the dollar.
    13 Stop the ridiculous policy of making it illegal to mention the name of God or Jesus Christ or display Christian symbolisms and philosophy. In God we Trust.
    14 Stop the removal or defacing of Christian symbols or displays. It is a crime against God and Country.
    15 Stop using contractors to accomplish Government projects and recruit the unemployed and welfare individuals to accomplish the work free of Unions and at great financial savings which could be applied to the deficit. The Federal Government got us where we are, now let’s see them get us out using apparently extinct common sense in Washington DC.
    16 Tax highly the companies who outsource jobs to other countries and buy cheaply made foreign goods just for a high markup.
    17 Freeze all taxes to the 2012 rate on the citizens who make less than $250,000.00 a year for the next four years and possibly extend it from there.
    18 Stop paying Congressmen and all other Federal lawmakers after they leave office. It is a job, not a career and make all Federal personnel subject to the same medical and social laws which the people they represent have to live with.
    19 Freeze all Government wages indefinitely. Any raises must go to the people and be approved by popular vote only. The better they serve us, the more they will make.
    20 Eliminate the concept that we work for you when the fact is that you work for us.
    21 Take care of the elderly and disabled. Why should they have to fear that the Government already spent their own Social Security money that they worked their whole lives for, and there will be no more deposits to their accounts? The Government is stealing from the people.
    22 Take care of our veterans. They carry the horror of war and death the rest of their lives, yet we don’t thank them, help them reintegrate into society, or help them get jobs when they leave the Military. It is an outrage!!
    23 Eliminate all foreign aid. What country comes to our aid when we have a disaster? Let the bastards dig themselves out of the hole. The money which is covertly sent to other countries is just being used against us. Use those billions on the deficit.
    24 Ask our people to volunteer to vacation within our borders. Why spend all that money into foreign economies?
    Respectfully submitted,
    Mark E. Wheeler (Nickname Ozzy)
    18859 Santa Fe Trail
    Leavenworth, KS 66048
    Home phone: 913-651-3543
    Cell phone: 913-775-2078
    Email: markwheeler5@att.net

  2. Mark E. Wheeler, millions agree with you but don’t know where to turn. I worry that patriots such as yourself will end up like Andrew Brietbart. The sad thing is that most politicians and the media are involved in this systematic destruction of America. Those who want to speak out are threatened or blackmailed, such as Gen, Petraeus. I had great hopes in the Tea Party because the government feared them so but they seem to have hit a brick wall built by the crooked polititains in both parties. There is so much surveillance of the citizens by the government that serious fighters will eventually have to go underground. The battle for America may already be lost so we pray for the citizen’s souls.

  3. I wonder what the DSM iv code is for people that believe there is a old man w/ a long beard in the sky that controls everything on earth?

    • I wonder what the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV‘s code is for Suzanne of Oregon, who is so stupid she actually thinks the omnipotent almighty Creator, with no beginning and no end, is “an old man w/ a long beard in the sky,” and so arrogant and full of rage she goes out of her way to make gratuitous insults on a privately-owned blog. Tsk, tsk.


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